Ethics Quote Of The Month: Politico’s Matt Latimer

Wait—there are idiots out there who think the news media tilts right??

“How have we reached a point in this country when nearly half the voters of a U.S. state so mistrust, and even revile, major media outlets that they are willing to brush aside credible evidence and elect an accused sexual predator simply out of spite? How have we reached a point where a president of the United States can just declare ‘fake’ news he doesn’t like—and largely get away with it?”

—Politico writer Matt Latimer, in his recent post blaming the news media for the increasingly likely election of the objectively terrible Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate. (Lattimer does not give proper credit to the wave of accusations of sexual misconduct against Democratic elected officials, Hillary Clinton donors, left-leaning journalists, NPR executives, and Hollywood Trump-Haters.)

Latimer is far, far too mild in describing the answer to his question, but he is correct. The mainstream news media has been so arrogantly, blatantly, unethically and unprofessionally partisan and biased for more than a decade that it has forfeited any claim to be trusted or believed by anyone who does not ascribe to the political and ideological agendas of those who most journalists have decided it is their duty to promote, as opposed to their real duty, which is to practice objective, fair and competent journalism.

Ethics Alarms has documented this disastrous development, which naturally was denied by both journalists themselves and those who benefited most directly from their biases . I also stated exactly what would be the inevitable result of the “free press” becoming , instead of the public’s source of essential information about their nation and its government, a partisan tool of manipulation and deception. The result is an ignorant, cynical, distrustful public. The result is malfunctioning democracy. The result is elected officials of warped character and rotten ethics, who are at risk to betray the public trust for their own gain. The result is a dangerously divided society that acquires its information from the sources that signal that they share or support tribal biases.

The result is Clinton, Reid, McConnell, Pelosi, Pence, Waters, Bannon, Trump, and Roy Moore.

A fool could see it, except so many fools would not.

Many voices, and I have been one of them, warned journalists that the inevitable consequence of their abandonment of the core values of their profession would be exactly what they have now. By abusing their influence and power,their power and influence is decreasing. The way to avoid this catastrophe—and a democracy lacking reliable, competent, objective journalists is facing disaster—was for reporters, editors and broadcasters to simply do their job the way all the ethics codes of their profession said it had to be done, and had been saying so for a century.

And yet they wouldn’t do it. Even after their obvious and unconscionable bias helped elect Donald Trump, they doubled down, actively allying themselves with an unprecedented effort to undermine an elected President from the moment he was sworn in, and even before.

Roy Moore is nothing compared to the horrors to come. Latimer’s essay equivocates and betrays its own biases, but provides a lumin of hope that maybe, finally, American journalists are waking up to their profession’s terrible miscalculation, and will dedicate themselves to regaining the public trust.

Let us pray they are, and that it isn’t too late.


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23 thoughts on “Ethics Quote Of The Month: Politico’s Matt Latimer

  1. Just who is accusing Trump of being “an alleged sexual predator?” Of course it’s jerks like Matt Lattimer with their “progressive” agenda. Is it any wonder that half of the country distrusts the mainstream media. Perhaps Lattimer should get a job working for Hillary who covered up the behavior of a proven sexual predator!!!

  2. Reporters don’t seem to understand that when they inject bias into their reporting, it waters down the reporting. Two local journalists recently did some fantastic shoe-leather reporting and uncovered some dirt on area police departments — but they wrote the story with their opinions sprinkled throughout the text, and it actually took away from the facts they revealed.

    I’m a small government guy, but perhaps it may be time to re-institute the Fairness Doctrine. Because what’s happening now is a disgrace to what should be a noble profession.

  3. We have all watched the press transmogrify from respectable guardian of democracy to untrustworthy enemy of the Constitution over the years, but the last decade has been an accelerated decline that I would never have expected.

    When Obama was elected, I think a fair number on the libertarian-leaning right and even some on the establishment right hoped maybe he would rise above his party to at least some degree. Unfortunately, the worship-words of the press directed as his ascension to the presidency are probably largely to blame for the fact that rather than rising into a transformative figure, he descended into “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.

    Perhaps the fawning press does not deserve all the blame, but I figure it was a major contributor to the difference between Obama’s conduct and rhetoric as a candidate. Certainly, it gave him all the cover he needed to eviscerate presidential norms in terms of executive power, alienate everyone opposed to big-government programs, deceive the American people about something very personal to them — their physicians — and provide both the impetus and cover for the Republican establishment to fight him tooth and nail every inch of the way, culminating in the Senate “pocket veto” of Merrick Garland and paving the way for Donald Trump.

    Since then, the press has reacted with such unadulterated fury to Trump’s election and every utterance, it’s impossible for anyone to see through their abject hatred of Trump. Even if some or even most of their reporting were fair and accurate instead of transparently agenda-driven, it would be hard to get past the obviousness of their bias in order to rationally justify accepting their reporting as neutral and competent.

    As God said tom Moses on Mount Sinai “Go, get thee down; for thy people … have corrupted themselves.” So it is with the press, and alas, Latimer’s tepid alarm-raising will never be mistaken for what Moses did.

    You want more Roy Moore? This is how you get it.

  4. “[M]aybe, finally, American journalists are waking up to their profession’s terrible miscalculation, and will dedicate themselves to regaining the public trust.”


    The reaction is actually, “TRUMP! These are not normal times! We have to double down on educating these racist, bigoted deplorables who don’t agree with us! Resist!”

    The traditional, mainstream media are toast. There are one or two generations of college graduates running media now. They will never, ever go back to staid, fact based reportage. They’re in the indoctrination business. Thank goodness for the internet and voices like Ethics Alarms and The Manhattan Contrarian and Victor Davis Hanson for being reliable sources of healthy doses of skepticism, common sense and rationality that used to be standard fare in newspapers and on television in the middle of the last century.

  5. ”The traditional, mainstream media are toast”

    Oh Ye of little faith! There unfolds an earnest attempt to restore confidence in a 4th Estate that sorely needed something…anything…to steady the Media Freighter that had been listing dangerously, and to no one’s surprise, aport.

    Salvation has emerged in the form of an issue of monumental impact, #piegate #fakepie, the contrivance of Mensan Brain Trustee April Ryan, et al, whose staggering imbecility continues apace.

    Yet again, Lefties (most, not all) effortlessly clear the lowest possible bar.

  6. Thing is sport that unlike Clinton, Reid, McConnell, Pelosi, and Waters who have actually committed corrupt criminal acts hidden by the MSM………… VP Pence, Bannon, President Trump, and soon to be Senator Roy Moore are decent American men targeted by the lying MSM. BTW, the author joins in the Lies with his vile attempt to make the guilty and innocent equivalent.

  7. Other Bill. Agree, as long as “net neutrality” doesn’t choke off a percentage of the population who can’t afford a more cable like internet access service. That, plus the potential censorship fallout from the Russian Kabuki theater fiasco…sprinkle on some “fake news” filtering, and the threat that a greater number of people will rely on the scripted talking points from FOX and MSNBC is all too real. Rigged???

  8. Just who are 20ish percent of people who actually think that media outlets lean conservatives, and why haven’t they fled to the greener pastures of Venezuela by now?

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