Unethical Quote Of The Month: A Reporter At The Press Conference By Dr. Ronny Jackson,The President’s Personal Physician.

“Did you tell the current president about his predecessors’ exercise routine and does this president ask you about how he could follow his predecessors’ example to be as fit as Barack Obama was?”

Unidentified reporter at today’s press conference by Dr. Ronny Jackson regarding President Trump’s physical.

It doesn’t matter who this particular biased, incompetent, unethical journalist was. It is impossible for an objective individual—that is, one who is not totally  unhinged by the Trump Presidency like the “resistance” fanatic who told Nancy Pelosi  at her Q and A session over the weekend,

“The idea that we are going to put all our eggs in the basket of the 2018 midterm election is seriously delusional…[he is] “threatening the whole world with nuclear weapons, right, plundering our precious ecosystems, now opening up our coastline right now, accepting the fact that we are going to have a white supremacist in power for four years and Nancy Pelosi has said impeachment is off the table.”

—to have retained any respect for or trust the rotting profession that has so obviously abandoned all shreds of its traditional ethics. If the idiot who asked that question of Dr. Jackson was an outlier, or an imposter, or a performance artist, one could ignore it. But the assembled journalists didn’t laugh, or jeer. They probably all thought it was a fair question. It wasn’t. It showed that the news media’s absurd and crippling infatuation with Obama is still choking its collective brain by the stem.

Obama is a decade and a half younger than the President, so one possible answer to the query would be,  “I told him to find Doc Brown’s DeLorean.” There is also scant evidence that Obama was especially fit. Unlike Trump, the President was (and perhaps is still) a smoker. He used recreational drugs, and he uses alcohol, none of which are activities that Trump ever engaged in. Unlike Obama’s predecessor, President Bush, he was not a conspicuous exerciser. He was younger and thinner than Trump, that’s all, and his medical condition was as vaguely described to the public as Trump’s was. Based on family history, Trump is a good bet to live longer than Obama. “It’s called genetics,” Jackson said.  “Some people have great genes. I told the President if he had a healthier diet over the next 20 years, he might live to be 200 years old.”

The translation of the foolish question that I highlight today is, essentially, “We all like Obama much better than Trump. Why can’t be more like our idol?” That’s all. The news media should be embarrassed, but they are not.  In 2013, Barbara Walters told an interviewer regarding Obama,

“We thought that he was going to be – I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime, but – the next messiah. And the whole Obamacare or whatever you want to call it, that Affordable Health Act, it just hasn’t worked for him and he’s stumbled around on it, and people feel very disappointed because they expected more.”

The translation of THAT statement is “I and my fellow journalists are naive, gullible, biased, partisan, historically ignorant and not very bright.” There was never a valid reason to expect an inexperienced but arrogant community organizer without any executive record or apparent skills to be a competent President, much less a “messiah.” Even now, after eight feckless years of dithering, obfuscating and dividing the nation are in the book and increasingly harder to spin,  journalists are still in denial, and mourning the loss of their darling. This has rendered them incapable of doing their jobs competently, and it shows in questions like the Quote of the Month.

The whole press conference today was a wince-fest. The reporters weren’t trying to get facts or a balanced picture from Dr. Jackson. They were straining to bolster the narrative for Plan E, that the President is unfit for office and must be replaced. The questions included,

 “Just to make sure we’re clear on this. When you analyze his cognitive ability or neurological functions, that’s not the same thing as a psychiatric exam?”

“There have been some questions as part of your examine, the president’s mental fitness. He’s pushed back on that. Can you assess the president’s mental fitness for office?”

“There was an incident recently where the president appeared to slur his words while giving an address. Did you look into what the cause of that might have been at all?”

“Could you just elaborate in layman’s term as possible …what you ruled out in these cognitive tests? There have been reports that president has forgotten names, repeating himself. Are you ruling things out early onset Alzheimer’s, dementia?”

“Given the president’s age, he’s somewhere like where President Reagan was. Can you say that there’s scrutiny of what was overlooked at the time with president Reagan in terms of A.L.S. And things he was then known to — Alzheimer’s and things he was then know to — known to suffer from. Can you say whether the tests you ran would exclude some of those things and what the possibility of overlooking something like that would be? How can you tell the American people that this time you’re certain?”

[President Reagan did not have ALS; this crack reporter was apparently confusing him with Lou Gehrig. Nor was he suffering from Alzheimer’s in office, but this is a popular anti-Reagan talking point.]

A follow-up on the philosophy of the fitness of the President; a lot of people in the country have been talking about it contemplates a group of Senate confirmed layman will see if the president will discharge the duties of the office. Given some thought during your role, on what basis would you — this is just a philosophical question — advise the cabinet that the president is not able to discharge his duties?”

“Are you part of the decision-making process on handing over power to the Vice President or whoever?”

You say that the president was the one who requested that cognitive tests — that it wasn’t necessarily needed for someone of his age. Did you — did he tell you why he wanted it done? There’s been a lot of speculation out there about his cognitive state. Was he upset with some of that talk? What were the discussions that you had from when he told you this is why I want to do it, why did he say he wanted to do it?”

“What is your take of doctors all across the country that they see symptoms of” dementia, another reporter asked. The doctor responded that the American Psychiatric Association has warned against this brand of “tabloid psychiatry.” 

“Give us an idea of what the cognitive exam involved in that half-hour. And does that rule out any further psychological exams?”

“Did you make any recommendations against mental burnout? Medication or other things?” 

“A question about the really the exam and other mental exam. They’re pretty good but they’re not great for someone high functioning. They’re not good at finding early stages of dementia. If the president is worried about it, would you recommend more extensive exams?”

“You mentioned a whole bunch of doctors that participated in Friday’s exam. And there are other questions about the president’s emotional health. Is there anyone on the president’s medical team such as a psychiatrist or a psychologist whose job it is to monitor the president’s emotional state or watch for potential psychiatric problems or indicators?”

“Because of his age and continuing his physicals in the future, will you also continue the cognitive testing?”

These are hostile, biased, non-too-bright partisans with an agenda. They deserve no respect or presumption of good will, and any deference or cooperation they receive from this President and his administration is generous, and more than they deserve.

56 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Month: A Reporter At The Press Conference By Dr. Ronny Jackson,The President’s Personal Physician.

  1. Wow!!!! Fear really can make people stupid.

    I’m shocked at the left’s behaviour and am sooooo glad to see I was right about my hunch when I was undecided as a voter.

    The way they treated me when I had honest questions was so mind blowing, there was no way possible I could vote for Hilary.

    This shows they are far more unwilling to seek truth than I ever imagined.

    And, I don’t like most of the way Trump acts. I’ve dug deep to find interviews which were long and where he didn’t act defensive and found him sincere.

    It must be hard being him. Yes, he acts like an idiot often… but I’ve never seen anyone so hated and mocked and treated like he has been.

    All from the “compassionate” party. If they truly thought he was mentally ill, where is the love, concern and compassion for him?

    The more they do this, the easier it is to see who really is hateful. Wow.

    • Car,

      What we are witnessing is the unmasking of the left. This series of questioning exposes the media as progressive operatives. Nothing matters he must be destroyed. Unfortunately for the media, Trump does not shrink from a challenge. They had hoped they could exploit what they thought was his need to be loved. They think they can get him to crack with their unrelenting attacks. Most people would quit if they faced the ridicule and unforgiving commentary on their tenure as president on a daily basis. Why continue when so much hate is hurled at you every day.

      For me it became obvious in 2000 with the contentious election of Bush 43. Nothing mattered except to portray him as a bumbling draft dodging buffoon. Bush was laid back and too polite to defend himself. Bush is not Trump and he acquiesed to the pressure to be a progressively compassionate (sucker) president instead of an effective leader and policy driver. He caved on regulating the federal mortgage insurance industry to those pushing sub prime mortgages to low income borrowers. That is but one reaction to the relentless bullying he got from the media.

      I believe Trump’s popularity as well as the hatred toward him is that he projects an impenetrable emotional fortress. He does not carry yesterday’s stresses into the next day. His doctor said as much. His supporters love him because they see he is not cowed by the progressive bullies who shame people into compliance through labeling. He shrugs off the labels because he is confident they don’t apply or knows he cannot have his professional career destroyed by any accusations – true or false ones. He is the champion of those who no longer feel they can speak their mind witbout risking everything.

      Conversely, his detractors see him as all four horseman of the apocalypse. He frustrates them, he responds defensively, he never surrenders. In short, they cannot change him so he must be shown as deranged.

      This is not Trump’s first rodeo. The harder the media bucks him the deeper his spurs will dig in. My money will be on Trump. I expect within a year Jim Accosta will be quivering in a rubber room.

      • The Left and the media have absolutely no idea how to deal with President Trump. Pres. Trump’s negotiation strategy is aggressive, blunt, and take-no-prisoners. They don’t understand that. They came up in the age of reconciliation and conciliation – “I give up something and you give up something and we all get something we want”. It comes from the “Getting to Yes” mindset of Roger Fisher and William Ury. Pres. Trump’s style goes against everything they have been taught. Pres. Trump is not constrained by policy positions, and schooled politicians are scratching their heads. Sen. Lindsey Graham is confused because Pres. Trump’s negotiation strategies don’t include bombing the bejeezes out of someone.

        DACA, for instance, is a perfect example. Pres. Trump declared he would end and/or rescind DACA in six months and encouraged Congress to present him with a bill that includes DACA and other immigration reforms. You would think that Pres. Trump had signed a death warrant for each and every DACA recipient. For the last six months, the news media

        Did anyone listen to what he said? He said he thought DACA was not a bad idea but that the Executive Order was wrong – that it should come from Congress in the form or legislation. What is so horrible about that? Doesn’t the Constitutional framework mean that Congress writes legislation, votes on it, and presents it to the Executive Branch for signature or veto? And then, the Judicial Branch gets to decide if it passes Constitutional muster. Pres. Trump says immigration reform should include DACA, border security, and a host of other provisions.

        According to CNN and MSNBC, Pres. Trump’s “shithole” comments have scuttled any chance of immigration reform. Why? Because he thinks that other countries have more to offer than Haiti? El Salvador? Has anyone read the Obama Administration’s State Department country reports? Check out Honduras, for instance. A failed state is generous. Some idiot on MSNBC decided to talk about the “shithole” comment. The unbelievably impressive analysis included a geography test to the tune of “Do you know where Norway is? It is in northern Europe. Do you know what Norway is next to? Russia (cue Jeopardy buzzer for wrong answer, but hey, why let facts get in the way of a good diatribe). Do you know who live in Norway? White people? (cue videos of happy white Norwegians enjoying pickled herring and walks on the pebbled beaches,)”

        Then, you get idiots like Sen. Corey Booker accusing Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen of complicity with Pres. Trump’s racist agenda. Here is a beautiful video of Sen. Booker screaming at Sec. Nielsen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xswrcQEy_-M

        Anderson Cooper is wholly unhinged at this point. Elevating Sen. Booker’s stupidity to the lofty heights of Bluto’s rousing speech to the Delta Tau Chi frat boys, Cooper decided to chide Sec. Nielsen for her response about Norwegian racial demographics. In his Ridiculist segment, Cooper gave us all a lesson on ancestry.com. He broke her name down into to its respective parts, openly stating that she must be an idiot (or lying) because her first name has a silent “J” in it, just like “fjord”. We all know what fjords are, right? Breeding grounds for white supremacists. You think I jest? Check it out at 1:33 to 2:45: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZE1aMz_iqQ

        • “Then, you get idiots like Sen. Corey Booker accusing Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen of complicity with Pres. Trump’s racist agenda.”

          Cory Booker is an ethics villain.

          That episode was pure empty grandstanding and chance to yell at someone who had to sit and take it.

          Lower than a schoolyard bully.

            • Yep. I would have had to resign because I would have violated the sanctity of the chamber letting him know how his playing at Senator was a complete degradation of the office and the body, and it would not have been in high lofty terms.

              • Dealt with the guy myself – no one so in love with the sound of his own voice. I am plenty loud too, and I would have told him in no uncertain terms to back off me with that nonsense. Of course then I would be the bad guy – it’s perfectly all right for leftys to yell at conservatives, and we’re expected to just sit there and take it.

                That said, screaming matches get no one anywhere, and I needn’t remind everyone what happened to Howard Dean after he cut loose.

        • “Did anyone listen to what he said? He said he thought DACA was not a bad idea but that the Executive Order was wrong – that it should come from Congress in the form or legislation. What is so horrible about that? Doesn’t the Constitutional framework mean that Congress writes legislation, votes on it, and presents it to the Executive Branch for signature or veto?”

          Yes, but careful, some will insist that Trump is too stupid to think like that and it was pure anti-Obama spite. Some will work themselves into vapors that Trump is so stupid he couldn’t possibly have hoped that a DACA-like law be passed.

      • By the way, did any Ethics Alarmists witness this weekend’s “Madame Secretary” episode? It was all about the 25th Amendment and removing the President from office because he was declared unfit to serve. Fascinating. It was so obvious anti-Trump propaganda. My son, at the ripe old age of 13, is already a cynic. He openly criticized the show as a launchpad for Hillary Clinton as president. During the episode, he said, “Oh, please. First they wanted us to watch this show so that we could see Hillary as the first woman president; now they want us to watch it so we can see how the 25th Amendment works to remove a sitting president. Dad, let’s go play ‘Grand Theft Auto'”. While I agreed with him about the show, I refused to play GTA. Cool graphics but video games make me crazy.


    • “It must be hard being him. Yes, he acts like an idiot often… but I’ve never seen anyone so hated and mocked and treated like he has been.”

      I think part of their motivation, is they were terrified that he might have ended up being a halfway ok President.

      But by giving him the Caine Mutiny treatment, he’s never had a day where he wasn’t already on his heels in defensive mode.

      • And yet he has been at least a halfway OK President, based on results, which is always a big part of the ledger. I find myself admiring him more as the days drag on, for taking all this, day after day, and doing his job the best he can. And I never admired anything about Trump before. In the end, more and more fair people will begin sympathizing with him and supporting him as the underdog.

        “The resistance” doesn’t understand the country, the culture, or how Americans think and have always thought. They will pay for that.

        • I agree whole-heartedly. And I don’t think the phenomenon you describe is something that pollsters will pick up on.

          I’d go beyond halfway OK. How many important decisions does a president make in a four or eight year term? Four? Five? Six? This president has already told NATO to shape up and stop freeloading on us, scrapped the Paris eco boondoggle, defanged the EPA, slashed corporate tax rates, said “Islamic terrorism” out loud, and expressed a desire to enforce immigration laws. I’d say that’s all at least curiously refreshing.

          And by the way, I suspect Obama’s so thin because he smokes so many cigarettes. Typical smoker’s body type.

        • “The resistance” thinks there is one correct vision of the country, the culture, and how Americans should think and behave, and that vision is their vision. For the moment they are out of power, but, like many determined minorities who are going to have their own way come hell or high water, including the original colonists, according to some accounts (those who wanted to separate from the UK were a minority), they can and will make life very difficult for those in power until they get back in. It’s a mentality not too far from the ruthless lawyer or executive, who says that he’ll work within the law when he can, but work around it when he must, or Hezbollah, who once openly said they will take what they can get at the negotiating table, and then use terrorism to take the rest.

    • Perfect word. The state of US journalism has deteriorated from unprofessional to untrustworthy to disgraceful to abhorrent. I wonder what the next stage will be, and when, or if, the beneficiaries of its betrayal of the public’s trust will have the integrity to admit that this is unacceptable.

      • I donno, if they are in it this far… why would they get out now when they’re this close to breaking the Republic? I mean… at some point it’s hard to keep extending benefit of the doubt….these are thinking people, and the only end day game I see for thinking people going down this route is to break the system.
        Maybe I’m just too cynical.

    • I wish I could count on that. But then, I see the kind of hole California continues to become (not unlike the kind of holes Trump was referring to), and I see the agenda of the new governor of New Jersey, and consider the apparent agendas of the mayors of so many of the biggest cities, and I…see hands on reigns of power already that portend Amerizuela.

      • Your concern points out an advantage of a representative republic with the electoral college. It doesn’t matter how big of a win Hillary had in California; they pad the popular vote tallies, but matter not when it comes to the delegate count. It doesn’t matter if Nancy Pelosi wins by 65% or 90%, either way, a seat is a seat.

        The more progressives concentrate themselves into more extreme enclaves, the less power they have.

        • Maybe there is potential compromise on Amnesty for the so-called “Dreamers”:

          1) Either protect them from deportation, allow them to live and work where they want, but pay no taxes and get NO vote.


          2) Grant them citizenship, pay taxes, vote, but only permitted residency in States like California. Shoot, I’ll even be more generous: Open Amnesty for all 10-12 million Illegal Immigrants if they move and declare residency in California.

          This way they’ll get to stay but they won’t be able to sway elections in states that aren’t already solidly Blue, which is the only reason Democrats want to protect their status in the nation.

        • I wish that were how it worked. The problem is that, once the extreme progressives make a place unlivable, the slightly-less-extreme ones are ejected like mold spores to infect neighboring communities, where they promptly start voting for the same failed policies that caused their previous community to collapse into shitholery. Thus the infection spreads.

          I speak from firsthand experience, as I have seen the way Californians are slowly gnawing away at my beloved Texas.

      • I see California, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Illinois sort of as America’s sacrificial anodes, keeping the rot and corrosion away from the healthy parts of the host.

  2. NBC should have asked, “Can you please say, ‘The President is not crazy” again into the microphone again? But leave a really long space before and after the word ‘not’? Why? No reason.”

    • That really doesn’t seem too far off from a real wartime press conference these days. Ill never forget the time that an idiot reporter asked about whether or not submarines would be involved in the Iraq invasion.

      • Submarines were involved in both Desert Shield/Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. According to “Undersea Warfare”, “A dozen U.S. nuclear-powered attack submarines from both the Atlantic and Pacific fleets – and two UK submarines – played a significant combat role in Operation Iraqi Freedom by supporting coalition forces with a series of Tomahawk missile strikes against high-value targets ashore.” One of the submarines, the USS Louisville, had been the first submarine to launch a Tomahawk missile in combat during Desert Shield/Storm after making a 14,000 mile trip from the Pacific. This happened to stick in my mind because I’m from Louisville and was deployed during Desert Shield/Storm. Undersea Warfare

        • Most likely the reporter knew, but didn’t add in, the fact that US and UK submarines had just recently fired a pretty substantial volley of Tomahawk missiles against Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom, and was asking if they would also be used here. Whether that was a legit question of resources that would be utilized or a question designed to make the allies look like First World bullies launching cruise missiles from untouchable platforms against a “shithole” country is another matter…

        • I had just left submarine duty at that time. I was a corpsman attending preventive medicine school, and we were told that we could get re-routed to field medical service school to deploy with marines. That didn’t happen, but I ended up going to FMSS a bit later after washing out of BUD/S.

    • I miss when Saturday Night live would mock those that deserve it, regardless of which side the aisle they were on. Thanks for the reminder, I loved that skit.

  3. Of course the left is still in denial – their hero is out of office and no heir apparent who matches him in level of coolness has emerged yet. Trump is slowly undoing everything Obama did.

    The news reporting industry is worse than biased and worse than useless. In the post-Watergate and Carter days you’d hear about “rogue agencies” that tried to be laws unto themselves, and that trope can still make for a compelling story: military officers conspiring to prevent a peace, law enforcement officials deciding to off someone they want gone without orders from the top, intelligence officials conducting their own foreign policy without anyone’s approval. Every so often you’d also hear about “rogue industries” – companies using diplomatic contacts to move priceless artifacts that would then end up in some millionaire’s collection instead of a museum in their home country, greasing bureaucrats’ palms so they can dump toxic waste where they shouldn’t, or outright buying officials.

    The press is on its way to becoming a “rogue industry,” except the damage they can do is far greater. They don’t pollute the ground or the water, they pollute lazy minds. They don’t feed addictions, they feed biases. They don’t buy officials, they make it impossible for some to do their jobs and too easy for others to get away with stuff they should never get away with. Worst of all, in the end who is making the decision as to what opinions to push, what officials to lean on and what officials to soft-pedal? Some publisher who’s still living the Vietnam era? Some reporter questing to be the next Woodward and Bernstein? Some anchor who’s more interested in feeling up the interns and hustling the assistants for dates? Forget it.

  4. “Are you part of the decision-making process on handing over power to the Vice President or whoever?”

    They ask this as if they don’t know the answer. The process for the removal of a president and the appointment of the VP (“or whoever”) is codified, clearly, and it does not require the thumbs up of the president’s physician. I’m waffling on whether the “journalist” knew that, and was attempting to coax out a talking point, or he just really didn’t know… Dishonest or stupid, unfortunate ways to go through life.

    • T’were POTUS disabled by illness or injury the doctor doesn’t decide anything but surly would be the person the cabinet and VPOTUS would ask.

      Doc can you wake him up?
      *quick vote*
      Okay Pence you’re it till something changes.

      • That’s actually not true. Look, just for the record and to highlight how stupid the 25th amendment angle is, here is the relevant section of the 25th Amendment:

        “Section 4. Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

        Thereafter, when the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that no inability exists, he shall resume the powers and duties of his office unless the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive department or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit within four days to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Thereupon Congress shall decide the issue, assembling within forty-eight hours for that purpose if not in session. If the Congress, within twenty-one days after receipt of the latter written declaration, or, if Congress is not in session, within twenty-one days after Congress is required to assemble, determines by two-thirds vote of both Houses that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall continue to discharge the same as Acting President; otherwise, the President shall resume the powers and duties of his office.”

        So let’s boil that down for easy understanding. First off: There is no need to consult a doctor, and quite frankly, in the case of this actually happening, I doubt that one would be called upon. No, what happens is this:

        The VP and a majority of Cabinet would have to approach the Senate and say, “The president is nuts, I’m in charge.”

        This would actually be true for about 36 seconds, before the president refuted it and said, “No, I’m not nuts, and I’m still in charge.”

        This would also be true until the VP and Cabinet decided to go to war with Trump, and said. “No, really, he’s nuts, don’t give him back that power.”

        At which point a vote in the House and the Senate would be held, and in order for the president to actually be removed under the 25th Amendment, both the House and Senate would have to vote a 2/3 majority in favor of removal.

        Which highlights the insanity of this plan. First off: It requires Mike Pence to initiate it, which will never happen, then it requires Mike Pence and the cabinet to go to war with Trump, which will never happen, and then it requires 66% majority votes out of both chambers, which will never happen.

        You have to realize: the 25th amendment was designed in the wake of a president who had slipped into a Coma and his wife in effect governed for the last 9 months of his presidency. It was designed for when the President was in a coma and couldn’t dispute his inability to govern or in the case of genuine dementia that everyone agreed was genuinely debilitating, not for partisan showmanship.

        And because it wasn’t designed for partisan showmanship, it’s bad at it. It is harder to trigger, and then the voting standard is higher than in the case of impeachment, where you only need a 66% majority in one of the houses. There is no universe where the 25th amendment is used in this case if for no other reason than had the Democrats had the votes, they’d impeach him first.

        This. Is. Dumb.

  5. Did anyone else catch the neat little Catch-22? First, the media hypes Trump as being mentally unstable/demented/what have you. There are three paths from here:

    – Trump says he’s fine, receives no evaluation: Media uses this as proof he’s scared of what the evaluation may find, and that he’s being protected from exposure as mentally unfit.

    – Trump receives an evaluation at the recommendation of his advisors/doctor: Media uses this as proof that Trump is in denial of his own incompetence; if his advisors recommended the evaluation it is used as proof of discord within Trump’s inner circle and if it was recommended by doctors or neutral parties those doctors are elevated to immediate “profound expert” status and their recommendations are treated as proof of worry, and that worry as proof there’s something wrong.

    – Trump requests his own evaluation in response: This is what it appears actually happened, and multiple quotes above reflect the strategic response- if he’s requesting an evaluation he must KNOW that he’s mentally unstable, he’s worried, a sane man would never want to be evaluated, what’s he hiding, why is he requesting a checkup from the neck up?

    • I think every situation is a Catch-22 for non-Leftists. The Leftwing propaganda machine has had generations to perfect their skill at spinning EVERYTHING.

      Trump could cure cancer and the media would report that under Trump’s presidency employment of Oncology Doctors has plummeted as that service collapses due to his leadership.

  6. Believe independent objective evidence, unless given overwhelming reason to think it’s unreliable.
    Otherwise, that way lies madness.

    Yes, past medics have covered up things like FDRs paralysis. Well, not so much covered up as de-emphasized, with the Press’s enthusiastic co-operation.

    There is no reason to disbelieve this Naval Officer’s statement. That it contradicts my previous beliefs is immaterial. I’ve changed my beliefs to match the evidence. That’s what I do.

    • In FDR’s case, the doctors outright lied about FDR’s congestive heart failure 1n 1944, however, and leading up to an convention and an election too. And, of course, Woodrow Wilson was incapacitated and the his doctor conspired with Mrs. Wilson to pretend otherwise, not just to the public but to Congress too. Those were very different times, but there is justification for some skepticism. The current mes media attitude isn’t skepticism, though. It’s routine contempt.

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