At CNN, Bias, Incompetence And Unethical Journalism Earns A Promotion.

You have to understand that CNN’s Chris Cuomo is an irresponsible, reckless and not very bright left-wing hack. Let’s just review the Ethics Alarms Chris Cuomo files from most recent back. Remember, he’s just one small part of what we follow here. If I watched Cuomo regularly, which I won’t, or read his social media blather, which I wouldn’t, this list would doubtlessly be much longer:

  • Here, he breezily asserted that Americans with mental illness should lose their rights.
  • Here, he falsely claimed that the President used “shithole” so children were exposed to the word, as Cuomo wrote it on a whiteboard, exposing children to the word.
  • Here, he told the public that “hate speech” wasn’t protected under the First Amendment, and ordered everyone to read the Constitution, which he obviously doesn’t comprehend.
  • Here, he advocated harassing, intimidating and threatening a private citizen for exercising his right to publicize his views on the internet if the views don’t meet with liberal approval.
  • Here, he cackled over a Simpsons clip that was run on his show solely because it attacked President Trump.
  • Here, he tried to spin an accurate story as false because it reflected badly on the Obama Administration.
  • Here, he promoted a documentary that pushed the false narrative that Michael Brown had his hands up and was crying “Don’t shoot!”
  • Here, he intentionally misresprested a Trump tweet condemning Berkeley’s student riots aimed at shutting down free speech as support for the extremist speaker.
  • Here, and my personal favorite, signature significance for an idiot, Cuomo told viewers that they couldn’t download the Wikileaks leaks, saying—and this guy’s a lawyer!— ”Also interesting is, remember, it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents. It’s different for the media, so everything you’re learning about this, you’re learning from us.”
  • Here, and there are dozens, maybe hundreds of other examples, Cuomo unethically took the role of a partisan advocate to debate a Trump surrogate.
  • Here, despite being a lawyer, Cuomo allowed the term “homicide” and “murder” to be conflated by non-lawyer protesters, who at least have an excuse for their ignorance.
  • Here, he stood by as a guest declared Thomas Jefferson as the author of the Constitution, not only failing to correct the gaffe, but endorsing it.
  • Here, a pattern, he encouraged an advocate of preventing “crazy people” from have gun ownership rights.
  • Here, he pandered to Jorge Ramos, saying that he “respected as a journalist” the  openly activist Mexican broadcaster who was properly ejected from a Trump campaign event.
  • Here, he led an embarrassing, partisan, live laugh-fest mocking the fact that the GOP was “stuck” with Donald Trump as its nominee.
  • Here, he showed his complete ethics ignorance by saying that rules determine whether conduct is wrong. I wrote, as my brains dripped down on me from the ceiling,

What??? STOP. A brief but intemperate rant follows. When a journalist says something this jaw-droppingly stupid on the air, he should be suspended without pay and sent back to school. The rule decides if it’s wrong, Chris? So, for example, slavery was right, as long as there was no law against it? If we suspended the laws against child rape, it would then be right to have sex with a six year old?

You know, a comment like this is almost signature significance for me. How can I trust the judgment of someone who says something this idiotic and irresponsible on the air? No, Chris, you pompous fool, the fact that something is wrong dictates that a rule needs to be made to prohibit it. The rule doesn’t “decide if it’s wrong.”

  • Here, Cuomo managed to be thoroughly out-debated by..Roy Moore! Cuomo lazily did no research, and was schooled by Moore on the law.
  • Here, the dolt called a black Frenchman “an African-American.”
  • Here, he led the CNN gang in mocking Ebola.
  • Here, Cuomo announced that he loved Joe Biden because “his candor is refreshing – and when he is insensitive to something, he owns it. What more can you ask for? Perfection?” Can anyone think of another prominent politician with those exact same qualities that Cuomo now fails to find endearing?
  • Here, he endorsed the “Think of the Children!” appeal to emotion in support of illegal immigration.
  • Here, he played blatant partisan in reporting on an election, misled viewers, and doubled down with a tweet that read as if he wrote it while drunk.
  • Here, he falsely described the Trayvon Martin case.
  • Here he engaged in an outrageous conflict of interest.

Many of these individually, without the rest, would be grounds for dismissal, if a news organization respected its viewers or cared about its duty to inform. The fact that Cuomo survived them all is smoking gun evidence that CNN is not a trustworthy or professional news organization, and that’s just the “Cuomo, Chris” files. Cuomo, along with so many other examples of CNN’s bias and incompetence, should disqualify it from the privileges of a respectable news organization. The Trump administration is being generous to allow its reporters at its press briefing. It might just as well include “the Daily Show.”

Ah, but studly Chris has not merely survived his incompetence, bias, misrepresentation, arrogance, ignorance, laziness, stupidity and absence of professionalism, however. He has prospered from them!

from the New York Times:

Chris Cuomo, the outspoken co-host of “New Day,” who has gained prominence — and received some right-wing blowback — for his coverage of the Trump administration, is set to take over the network’s 9 p.m. slot on weeknights starting in the spring, CNN said on Wednesday.

The move would catapult Mr. Cuomo, 47 — a son of Mario Cuomo, the former New York governor, and the brother of Andrew Cuomo, the current governor — into the highest echelon of cable news, pitting him directly against Rachel Maddow of MSNBC and Sean Hannity of Fox News.

[ Aside:right-wing blowback,” because apparently nobody but conservatives and ethicists care about horrible journalism like the example above. Got it, NYT.]

5 thoughts on “At CNN, Bias, Incompetence And Unethical Journalism Earns A Promotion.

  1. As long as CNN (and others) are financially supported by bundled Cable TV services they will continue this behavior. They get their $$ from every cable subscriber every month regardless of ratings. This is one reason so many of us are cutting the cable cord and just streaming our preferred content.

  2. Mr. Cuomo, 47 — a son of Mario Cuomo, the former New York governor, and the brother of Andrew Cuomo, the current governor

    From the Kennedies to the Daleys to the Browns, to the Clintons, and even European royal families (just to name a few), liberals love oligarchies and nepotism, as long as the oligarchies and beneficiaries of nepotism are lefties (or good looking royals). Strange. I don’t understand the attraction to being dominated by our alleged superiors.

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