Ethics Dunce: The American Bar Association

Res Ipsa Loquitur: The American Bar Association  Section on Civil Rights and Social Justice will bestow the prestigious Thurgood Marshall Award on former Obama U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder during the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago on August 4. It has been obvious for a long time, but if anyone needed any further evidence that the ABA is now a full-fledged partisan left-wing organization masquerading as an objective professional association, this is it. Holder wasn’t just a bad AG, he was a political one in what is supposed to be a non-political office. He was also racialist, and obviously so, regularly coordinating with Al Sharpton and his followers, and constructing a Civil Rights division that adopted the position that only whites could engage in civil rights violations.

Holder should have disqualified himself from any professional awards, not to mention his high office in the Obama Administration, when he gave the green light to President  Clinton’s  infamous pardon of Democratic donor Marc Rich (aka. Clinton’s quid pro quo for his ex-wife’s  fat donation to his Presidential library). In fact, it was a defining moment, and having defined himself as a partisan lackey, Holder was exactly what President Obama wanted at Justice. Holder intervened in the Trayvon Martin case to signal it as a race-related crime in the absence of any evidence, and did likewise in the Michael Brown shooting, lighting the fuse of racial distrust and community anger at police. Then he called the United States a “nation of cowards” regarding race relations. The real coward was Holder, who used his race—he was the first black Attorney General—to shield himself from the accountability and criticism his mishandling of his office deserved.

Holder was held in contempt of Congress—and allowed the captive news media to call the action “racist”—after he withheld documents and key witnesses from oversight committees looking at several scandals in which his Justice Department was complicit. Notable among them was the “Fast and Furious” fiasco in which the government allowed Mexican drug gangs to get high-powered weapons, one of which ended up killing an American. Holder actively misled Congress in testimony under oath.ore than once.  He sought significant reductions in privacy and due process protections for citizens—civil rights? Hello, ABA?— and personally announced and supported Obama’s “kill list” policy, in which the President asserted the right to kill any U.S. citizen on his sole authority without a charge or due process.  Holder let his  department apply the controversial Espionage Act of 1917 to bring twice the number of such prosecutions under the Act that had occurred under all previous Attorneys General.  He led the Obama Administration in a campaign against government whistle-blowers. Holder championed warrantless surveillance (Civil rights? Hello?). Most damning of all given the title of his upcoming award, Holder was personally involved in targeting journalists for surveillance and  was the leader of an Obama administration attack on the news media that was condemned by many public interest and media groups. Holder’s Justice Department seized phone records for reporters and editors  at three Associated Press offices as well as its office in the House of Representatives. Under oath, Holder later claimed to know nothing about any of it.

Writes Prof. Jonathan Turley, who has written many searing articles documenting Holder’s disgraceful tenure at Justice,

“Holder’s “contributions” cost civil liberties dearly in this country. If the ABA is to give him this award, it could at least spare civil libertarians and journalists the reference to civil liberties.”


Note: You can read the various Ethics Alarms documentation of Holder unethical words and conduct here.

This one is probably my favorite, from 2014.

13 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: The American Bar Association

  1. Don’t forget that the ABA gave Anita Hill some kind of award for her testimony against Clarence Thomas; it was presented by Hillary Clinton. This kind of stuff is why I quit the ABA over forty years ago.

  2. Maybe the ABA should merge with the ACLU. The ABCLU has a nice ring to it. And maybe add on the Southern Poverty Law Center. The ABCLU, PLC.

  3. Holder should have disqualified himself from any professional awards, not to mention his high office in the Obama Administration, when he gave the green light to President Clinton’s infamous pardon of Democratic donor Marc Rich (aka. Clinton’s quid pro quo for his ex-wife’s fat donation to his Presidential library).

    How is this not obstruction of justice?

  4. I have wondered why people think the scandalous part of “Fast and Furious” was that they let Mexican Drug Cartels get weapons. From what I read, it was much worse. They seem to have approached gun dealers and told them to let illegal firearms sales go through. The dealers refused, but relented when threatened with a loss of their FFL and their business. The idea seems to have been to let the bad sales to go through, track the guns to murders, and then use the murders as evidence that the gun dealers need more regulation. What’s the death of a few hundred Mexicans if it helps us get more firearms restrictions in the US?

    Interestingly one of the ‘straw sales’ the Justice Department ordered to go through was for the terrorists who attacked the Garland, TX “Draw Muhammad Day”. The FBI was aware of this plot, was egging the terrorists on and encouraging them to attack the event, and an agent was directly behind the terrorists when the shooting started. But rather than intervene, he left. He looked so much like an accomplice that the Texas police detained him as such (held him at gunpoint and handcuffed him over a squad car). It wasn’t widely mentioned that the Justice Department intentionally allowed these men to illegally buy their firearms. If you didn’t know better, you would think the FBI and the Justice Department intentionally set up a terrorist attack to get a bunch of Americans killed.

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