Fire Lisa Mars

I usually hesitate to call for anyone to be fired, though there have been exceptions. In this case, however, the call is mandatory on ethical grounds. It is unethical for a school dedicated to the arts to hand oversight to an gross incompetent who doesn’t comprehend the arts she is supposedly responsible for teaching; it is unethical for someone to take on this responsibility who is wildly unqualified for the job; and it is unethical for that individual to act in a way that undermines the mission of the school she heads.

I have just fairly described Lisa Mars, currently the principal at the Fiorello LaGuardia High School, the high school “of music, arts the performing arts” made famous in the movie and TV show, “Fame.”

On opening night of a school production of “The Sound of Music,” she ordered all Nazi-themed props and set pieces struck. They are offensive, you see. Never mind that the show is set during Germany’s take-over of Austria as the Third Reich was expanding. Never mind that Nazi Germany and its officers are major elements in the plot, or that the plot is based on the real-life escape of the singing Von Trapp family from the Nazis. Never mind that theater is a representational art form. Stage deaths are not real killings, stage rape isn’t really rape, stage racism isn’t really racism, and stage representations of Nazi symbols do not promote fascism. Most grade-school actors can grasp this basic principle, but not the head of a school for the performing arts.

“This is a very liberal school, we’re all against Nazis,” one sophomore said. “But to take out the symbol is to try to erase history.” Yes, that too. “Obviously the symbols are offensive,” he added. “But in context, they are supposed to be.”

Make him principal.

Remember, this fiasco is a direct result of the stamp of approval delivered by censorious progressives as they endorsed historical airbrushing, as with the banning of the Confederate flag at Civil War battlefields, the toppling of statutes honoring figures who supported the Confederacy, and the re-naming of buildings, schools and public places because the names  evoked uncomfortable aspects of American history.

Mars has not responded to the uproar her cretinous, “woke,” anti-theater move launched, but the city’s Department of Education quietly over-ruled her, announcing that the Nazi flag would still appear in the show. “The use of this historical symbol of hatred … serves both an artistic and pedagogical purpose, and the decision to include it was made in collaboration with school staff, students and families,” said city education spokeswoman Miranda Barbot.


Now fire Lisa Mars.

19 thoughts on “Fire Lisa Mars

  1. I wholeheartedly agree, but further I think it must be done in as public and humiating way possible, as an educator she should be part of the vanguard protecting history, and artistic interpretation. Censorship is evil when use by the right or the left. If her liberal zealotry causes her to engage in censorship she is repeating one of the first crimes of the nazis she so abhors. Not an example we could be setting for young artists ! The reason her firing must be public, is to send a clear message that Censorship in any form does not belong in the arts. And yes I know that opens the door for the idiots to share their views but as I always say freedom of speech is beautiful as it shows us with the idiots are.

    • Unfortunately, Rip, you’re dreaming. This woman is a mainstream lefty educator. She’ll be praised and probably promoted.

    • nope nope nope nope nope.

      do not publicly “make examples” of people who haven’t committed crimes.

      People who commit offenses that are not illegal but warrant firing do not deserved to be publicly shamed, it serves no purpose other than to gouge supporters and detractors that may have previously found common ground away from each other, at the expense of an individual who made the mistake of believing something other than what you think is correct.

      Yes, fire her. Do it tactfully and without showing off.

      • Ain’t gonna happen. Other Bill is right, I think. The progressive left (including some Jews, I’m afraid) will make a hero of her for trying to erase The Great Unpleasantness with her willful censorship. She is not “believing something other than what anyone thinks is correct” – she is eliminating key elements of a copyrighted work of theater without permission and to the detriment of the real story that is its basis. It’s the theatrical version of “Bowdlerizing,” and it is shameful. The public needs to know that she can’t get away with gutting a production, thus making it a lie. Next, she’d take the whale out of Moby Dick because Peta says it’s cruel to animals. Yup.

    • I think it might benefit them to make sure that kids don’t learn TOO much about the holocaust or the Nazi regime. They might find out that Hitler believed that “the state must be the absolute master,” that people should be vaguely “spiritual” but not Christian, that churches should be subjugated to the State, with crosses and Bibles removed and replaced with State-approved curriculums. Or, you know, that they were socialist. All of that might get some gears turning.

  2. How did it get to opening night? Is she really that out of touch with not only her school but the play itself? Seems like there should’ve been plenty opportunities to voice “concerns” as it were BEFORE OPENING NIGHT.

  3. I’m glad the school system overruled her, but from what you wrote I didn’t fully understand if they only allowed the Nazi flag and none of the other sets or props that presented the Nazi swastika.

    It really doesn’t matter; this is just another example of Progressive’s social justice warrior cult running amuck. As long as the public enables these behaviors the SJW’s will indulge in them.

    I’ll keep saying; the social justice warrior cult has already won the hearts and minds of the general population and “we” are being controlled by fear, it’s a form of society controlling terrorism. We, as a society, have been complacent and it’s now our job to openly and very vocally fight back against this social terrorism and to turn the tides.

    Yes, this teacher should be fired and the story should be plastered everywhere as both an complete ethics fail by the social justice warrior Lisa Mars and a return to common sense and sanity by the city’s Department of Education.

    I’m curious how many of Lisa Mars social justice warrior supporters protested the performances as being racist or publicly smeared the city’s Department of Education as being fascists? Where are the people lining the streets screaming? Where is the national coverage that this city’s Department of Education is promoting fascism? Look at the national coverage from a single photo in Baraboo Wisconsin, that wasn’t on school grounds and that wasn’t “promoted” by the city’s Department of Education? Are there parallels? In my humble opinion; since “most” of the education systems across the USA are dominated by Liberals and Progressives I’m guessing smearing the city’s Department of Education of being fascists will never happen – it would probably be considered counter productive. Maybe I just haven’t been full indoctrinated into the rules that guide the SJWC (Social Justice Warrior Cult).

    • Yes, this teacher should be fired and the story should be plastered everywhere as both an complete ethics fail by the social justice warrior Lisa Mars and a return to common sense and sanity by the city’s Department of Education.

      Sounds like you want to send Ms. Mars to reeducation camp….

  4. I have noticed that such people don’t want history taught because the public might recognize the warning signs of their agendas. Let’s look at France right now. The people of France were told they couldn’t vote for La Pen because she was a Nazi. Then, her opponent (who people were guilted into voting for) invites EU armored vehicles manned by foreigners to take over Paris. We don’t want people to learn about history because if they did, the sight of foreign troops beating French high school students might cause a problem.

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