Typo Ethics: I Feel A Little Better Now

The above headline appeared in Jamestown, New York Post-Journal over a feature on actress Julia Roberts.

This sets new lows in press incompetence. How many people had to see this botch before it went out to the world? In the case of my stupid typos, at least I have the solace of knowing it’s only me, and that I have other pressing responsibilities other than publishing a blog.

It’s something, anyway.


Pointer: Instapundit.

8 thoughts on “Typo Ethics: I Feel A Little Better Now

  1. A law partner of mine brought down the house in a client meeting by assuring the clients she “had an ace up [her] hole.”

    Who knows, thanks to ebay and the rest of the internet destroying classified ads, there may be only one person working at the Post-Journal. That person may even be an upaid intern. Or the owner.

  2. Are we sure this is a typo? Given the state of our union, this could be what was intended.

    Technology has made it easier for this sort of thing to get out: fewer people touch the draft, and fewer eyes look at the product before it is laid to bed.

    Remember when computers were supposed to save paper, and therefore trees? Computers made it easier to write reams of crap that I have to print anyway… My computer screen was getting too dirty with my editorial markings in red pen and yellow highlighter!

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