Ethics Quote Of The Week: Ann Althouse

“There’s the Muellermania paradox — a highly emotional reaction to the way Trump seems to have been highly emotional. (Have you heard he said “I’m fucked” when he found out they’d appointed the special counsel?!!! That seems like a perfectly normal reaction to me but a lot of people are hyperventilating about how cahraaazzzeeee it is. Are they hyperventilaters mentally sound enough to be trusted?)”

—Bloggress and law prof Ann Althouse, commenting on the Mueller Report freakout.

I’m sitting here trying to get the Red Sox out of their slump, and Friday traffic here, as usual, has slowed to a trickle in the afternoon, and I tried to post a link on Facebook, encouraged by a commenter here who said  he had been successful, only to be, once again, told by Our Social Media Masters that I am unworthy, so I’m going to put up uncharacteristically brief posts as they occur to me.  The all-time record for posts here is seven. I should be able to beat that. I’ll read them.

The Red Sox are already losing 2-0.

Ann is essentially apolitical, but frequently annoyed, as I am, at the irresponsible, unfair and biased attacks on the President. Democrats are embarrassing themselves, pundits are embarrassing themselves,  “resistance” celebrities (like Rob Reiner–what made you this way, Rob?) and my Facebook friend bitter-enders are embarrassing themselves.

But are you embarrassing yourself when you act like as ass and everyone you hang out with is behaving the same way and thinks its fine?

It’s like whether you are really blogging when nobody can share your trenchant ethics analysis on Facebook….a tree falling silently in the woods…

9 thoughts on “Ethics Quote Of The Week: Ann Althouse

  1. Trumps reaction to being notified that a special prosecuter was appointed is absolutely normal unless you are regular participant in the criminal justice process.

    What do blacks feel when simply pulled over? Dont they feel like they are going to be “F’d” by the police? I know that I get flustered when I have been pulled over. I once got pulled over late at night and the officer claimed ” there was an air of alchohol about me” (who talks that way, is it taught at the academy?) Given I do not drink I should have been totally at ease but instead I was nervous. Forced to perform the usual physical stunts to demonstrate sobriety in the rain and on an incline I knew I was failing and that I would be crucified in the media for a DWI arrest. I knew my professional career was shot. These were all irrational feelings in the immediacy of the event.

    We all have our preconcieved ideas about being caught up in the criminal justice system. We are being taught that we must be able to prove our innocence. If we simply accept that many professional drivers install dash cams to protect themselves against claims and some use them to record the events of a basic traffic stop, then we must also accept that there is a perception that justice is not always the goal.

    If Trump felt that his agenda was threatened by what appears to be a political hit using the criminal justice system, saying he is F’d is in my opinion a very tempered response.

    For those that subscribe to the theory that says if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to worry about, you will feel very differently when the authorities come a callin’.

  2. The shock around Trump’s language does lead me to wonder whether we’d find that language more or less shocking than if we found out that Trump had chased his secretary of treasury, Steve Mnuchin, out of the oval office while brandishing a pair of red hot fireplace tongs. And then that might lead me to question whether people would be shocked to know that James Monroe had, in fact, chased HIS secretary treasurer out of the oval office while brandishing a pair of red hot fireplace tongs. And finally, I might be led to wonder whether Donald Trump’s temperament is, in fact, MORE or LESS like presidents of yore than somebody like Barack Obama who appeals to a more politically correct type of person. Whose twitter account would be more profane, Andrew Jackson’s or Donald Trump’s? Andrew Jackson did not have a twitter account, but he did have a parrot that he taught to cuss so loudly and vehemently that it had be removed from his own funeral service after it’s profane exclamations shocked the gathered mourners.

  3. Was it shock regarding his vulgarity? I thought the hyperventilators were labeling the comment suggestive of his guilt. That was my take on the resistances punditry.

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    Considering what we’ve heard about “shadow-banning” & other tricks, you may have some specific block on your particular account. Perhaps a few other people could try and weight in…

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