Friday Afternoon Ethics Jolt, 9/6/2019: Unethical Teachers, Schools, Pundits, Lawyers And Australians

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1. Now THIS violates the Niggardly Principles! Poor, angry, Australian vegan Cilla Carden has filed complaint after complaint with various courts, most recently the State Administrative Tribunal of Western Australia and the state Supreme Court arguing her neighbors cook fish so often on the barbie that she’s been deprived the enjoyment of life.

“All I can smell is fish! I can’t enjoy my backyard, I can’t go out there,” Carden told reporters. Yet her entreaties keep getting thrown out of court, even though she says the neighbors are deliberately trying to nauseate her.

So, naturally, after Carden’s story went viral,someone launched a Facebook page titled Community BBQ for Cilla Carden  promoting an event scheduled for Oct. 19, in which Australian carnivores will descend on  Carden’s neighborhood grilling like there’s no tomorrow.

“Don’t let Cilla destroy a good old Aussie tradition, join us for a community BBQ in protest of her actions, and help Cilla Carden GET SOME PORK ON HER FORK,” the event invitation says. More than 4,500 Aussies have RSVP’d.

2. Of course, many of us knew this from the start. In a video posted to Twitter,  Debra Katz, the lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford says that Kavanaugh “will always have an asterisk next to his name” when he “takes a scalpel” to  Roe v. Wade. This, she says, is “part of what motivated Christine,” and Katz adds,

“I believe that Christine’s testimony brought about more good than the harm misogynist Republicans caused by allowing Kavanaugh on the Court, We were going to have a conservative. Elections have consequences.”

Translation: Blasey-Ford’s objective, enabled by her unthical lawyer, was to smear Kavanaugh to make it easier to impugn his motives when he was part of an entirely hypothetical, opinion overturning Roe in a yet to be filed or accepted case.

I still read ignorant and gratuitous comments on Facebook calling Justice Kavanaugh a  rapist, a sexual predator and a misogynist. I no longer am polite when I respond to these people on Facebook; they are bad citizens and behaving like bad human beings, and I explain exactly why. If my foolish “friends” don’t like it, they can unfriend me. I’ll stick with them until they do, calling them out every time they post such unethical bile. Friends don’t let friends become vicious and stupid without a fight.

3. Fire her. Sue her. Make sure she never gets to abuse another child. Heritage High School (in North Carolina) English teacher Melissa Wilson gave out a “Diversity Inventory”  to her class last week that required students to categorize themselves, their parents, their doctor, friends, and others by race, class, sexuality, religion, and more. Look:

This was the second time Wilson had done this. Students reported that Wilson made them go stand by a sign on the wall that correlated with their sexuality. When the students expressed discomfort, the teacher’s response was reportedly to tell them it was alright because she used to be Catholic and is now a bi-sexual atheist.

The North Carolina Values Coalition found  this school district uses a program called WCPSS Equity,  a far-left “social justice” curriculum created by the  Southern Poverty Law Center. Wilson’s assignment  is taken from lessons found on a website  called, which includes screeds like this:

Equity work is not a one-off professional development training or an office that works in isolation. This work requires embedded and systemic shifts. Diversity, equity and inclusion must be infused within the very fabric of your organization, school or district. The transportation department needs to be operating with an equity lens just as much as an academic department, and so on. While traditional leadership is top-down, equity leadership looks more like a lattice—everyone from families to support staff to educators all the way to the school board  must be in.

You know, if you ask me what “Make America great again” means, one of the messages is to return to a public education system that copuld be trusted not to indoctrinate children with with ideological edicts like this. [Pointer: Megan Fox]

4. Boy, that President Obama sure did a bang-up job improving race relations in the US, didn’t he? Just a reminder: my position is that Barack Obama sent race relations in this country hurtling backwards, and that this, assuming that the history establishment eventually starts being objective again, will be recognized as his primary legacy as President, a truly terrible and destructive one. The latest example: Jamele Hill, the African American reporter fired by ESPN for repeatedly calling President Donald Trump  a “white supremacist” on social media, has been picked up by The Atlantic as a columnist. Her first entry is “It’s Time for Black Athletes to Leave White Colleges.” an article no white journalist could author, and an example of pure racial hostility.

Jonathan Turley, who gets credit for flagging this (since I would no more read anything by Hill than stick my toes in the disposal), writes,

For those who want greater not less diversity in education, it is a call that not only would deny athletes benefits from these academic and athletic programs but reverse gains from desegregation.

Hill’s race-based rule apparently does not apply to non-athletes. She graduated from Michigan State University which is not only predominantly white (67 percent) but has only seven percent African Americans.

5. And now, a poll. These are all awful, awful people, and I’m just curious: who do you think is the most awful of all? If you can, explain why you voted as you did.

23 thoughts on “Friday Afternoon Ethics Jolt, 9/6/2019: Unethical Teachers, Schools, Pundits, Lawyers And Australians

    • The crazy thing about this Wilson nutter is that often times homosexuals are not ready to be outted in high school. She forcing them to out themselves or overtly lie because they are being directly asked. They don’t want to be asked, they want to be left alone on the topic.

      The LGBTQ community should be all over her.

      • And even crazier, how in the hell would I know if my doctor is gay? I’m very open and accepting so it simply doesn’t matter to me, but I can’t think of why it would come up. The reverse? It can matter to a degree so he knows potential health impacts, but no way does his sexuality enter into our professional relationship.

  1. Regarding #4:

    That Progressive President, Woodrow Wilson, re-segregated the federal government. He was a racist or “white supremacist.”

    The insidious thing about progressivism is that it has now convinced black people that they should segregate themselves.


  2. Blasey-Ford and her indoctrinaire lawyer Katz, and the school teacher are vomit-worthy, resulting in a veritable tie. Blasey-Ford had no credibility to begin with but this revelation by her stupid lawyer showed that this was a politically motivated hatchet job. Katz is a Democrat operative and to her kind, the end is all important and the means are merely tools to achieve that goal.

    The teacher, though, is equally reprehensible. She is manipulating her students. It is an abuse of power to inflict this thought control on students. That this is a SPLC program convinces me that the SPLC has no credibility at all. Morris Dees and his ilk can stuff it in his ear.


  3. I chose Katz because Ford is too stupid to dream this up on her own. One person missing is Diane Feinstein who handed over Ford to Katz so that Katz could prepare Ford for how to look like a small child while claiming that the big bad man made her do things that her daddy would not approve.

    Katz made theses statements to students at the University of Baltimore Law School. I did my undergrad work at UB’s school of business. I stopped sending them money when former mayor and progessive Kurt Schmoke was appointed president of the school. Schmoke moved the entire school toward social justice initiatives.

    I was amazed Ford got more votes than Katz given that Katz exploited the opportunity and harmed the reputations of Justice Kavanaugh and Ford.

  4. Intentional indoctrination of children with leftist cant by a public school teacher deserves special condemnation. I understand from published sources that the school system has since dropped the Diversity Inventory exercise. Sounds like time for a full curriculum overhaul.

    • Several deserved these laurels, but the pissed vegan is right up there with the french urbanites suing a rooster because it crowed. For two years. If I could go, I’d send my RSVP too, and I don’t like fish either.

      Jemele Hill is plain old bigotry, which used to be what liberals fought against. That so many cannot recognize it, is a separate problem and she is not even a major player in egging on the mob. That should be her judgment: she’s not the fearless leader, the one to bring enlightenment and force the world to change. She’s small potatoes… a symptom who clings to the bandwagon for her 15 min. Kind of sad she’s pinning her hopes for posterity on pushing hatred.

      Blasey-Ford’s may be more due to envy. Whatever she wanted in life, she didn’t get it and blames some barely known guy. It must be that he ruined her and her future, not anything she did. He is a scapegoat for what she sees as all her missed opportunities, whether he hit on her or not, or details decades later are wrong. At most kind, she’s deluded, at worst cynically evil.

      I hold Debra Katz for more responsible, for amplifying unproven and unprovable accusations. It certainly doesn’t help with any real residual trauma. It didn’t do anything to make up for any missed opportunities. It is now beating a dead horse to claim any victory when you lost. The best revenge is livig the good life, not flailing around salting the earth. She was supposed to represent her client’s interest, but she also has a responsibility to the courts and justice. Heaping more abuse after the hearing has closed down made it clear that she acted on her own bias and not zeal.

      So Melissa Wilson gets the ‘laurels.’ Even the most shallow understanding of the golden rule does not force teens to out themselves or their kin-circle. Neither she nor her administration gave one thought to fairness to their students’ young psyches. The targets of all the other nimrods were adults and would be able to sue, countersue, or have a cookout. The kids were stuck in this adolescent horror show. (“Carrie” would not be much worse) when this teacher thought proving some political point was more important than teaching the kids whatever the subject was. So Ms Wilson, her administration, and the people who made an abusive curriculum get the brass donkey award.

  5. I know the Aussies are violation the 2nd niggardly principal but the plaintiff also complained that cigarette smoke drifted into her yard and she could not stand the noise made by children playing basketball.
    One neighbor tried to accomodate her by moving his grill and basketball court.
    She still took them to court and plans further appeals.

    It appears to me that her compromise would be that everyone do as she demands so I have very little sympathy for her. Knowingly engaging in offensive behavior is not always malicious if the goal is to assert personal rights. If everyone reading that idiotic red hat tweet of Rebekka Mallki the other day and started wearing red hats just to assert their right to do so it too would not be malicious.

    She earned this rebuke

  6. Cilla Carden needs some progressive vegans to set up a “safe space” for her so her senses won’t be assaulted by the smell of shrimp on the barbie. She is of course a classic narcissist who must infringe on her neighbors benign activities and rage until she turns blue.

  7. I voted Blasey-Ford, because she tried to singlehandedly destroy the institution of innocent until proven guilty, due process. Of course there was a lot of people behind the whole affair, but at the end of the day, she had to give her positive consent to continue the charade. She is a bad citizen, doesn’t care about the health of the country, and would let the world burn if it meant getting her side slightly ahead. To modify a quote, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world, but for Kavanaugh? She and the Dems made a Faustian bargin, and they lost badly. Though it seems like half the country is ready to make a similar bargin as well…

  8. Blasey-Ford was my choice. This reporting indicates she made a story up out of whole cloth and then lied about it under oath, all to smear a man she probably didn’t even know because she feared he might affect her “rights.”

    Not only did she defecate on the Golden Rule, she did it in the service of a “right” Jesus Christ himself would no doubt find abhorrent in the extreme.

    My protestant raising will never recover from this assault. Talk about being triggered! 😮

  9. #1 In a world full of carnivores Cilla Carden is a snowflake and an imbecile, she made her bed now she has to sleep in it. I have no sympathy for her.

    #2 I think Ford is a liar, but eventually I think Ford is going to gain a conscience and sing like a canary telling the world about all the political colluding that took place behind the scenes both before and during her testimony and the political left will be forced to publicly tar her as a liar.

    #3 Melissa Wilson should be fired. Melissa Wilson and the school system she taught at should be sued. Melissa Wilson should be barred from being a teacher at any public school in any state. Photos of Melissa Wilson’s face should be plastered all over the United States as the poster child for 21st century indoctrination of children. In practice; if you can indoctrinate them when they’re children, you’ll have them forever, that’s been an underlying drive of absolutely every totalitarian fool and every totalitarian government. It starts off as “politically correct” pandering of children with participation trophies and ends up with Hitler styled indoctrinated youth and brainwashed countries like North Korea.

    #4 It’s becoming quite clear that the “Change” that Obama inspired was that the United States of America is racist and evil and must be destroyed. His Change speech was the proverbial pebble in the pond.

    #5 Although what Debra Katz and Christine Blasey Ford did was terrible is many ways, I had to choose Melissa Wilson as the awfullest person on the list. She’s the one that is in a leadership position of children, supposed to be teaching children English, and has chosen to actively engage in indoctrination of children. This is subtle and not so subtle brainwashing of the next generation(s). This is a totalitarian actively abusing their position of power with the most impressionable segment of our society and I think confirms and vindicates what many conspiracy theorists have been claiming about children being indoctrinated in public schools.

    • #2 I think Ford is a liar, but eventually I think Ford is going to gain a conscience and sing like a canary telling the world about all the political colluding that took place behind the scenes both before and during her testimony and the political left will be forced to publicly tar her as a liar.

      From your lips to God’s ears, but I don’t think it will ever happen. Blasey-Ford is to invested, and has rationalized that lying can sometimes be good if it helps the causes she favors.

      She’ll be like Anita Hill and double down later in life.

  10. Melissa Wilson one’s forcing students to out themselves is truly reprehensible to me, as someone who was forcefully outed and who has dealt with a lot of vulnerable children for many of whom sexuality was a source of great distress.

  11. I voted for the English teacher Melissa Wilson, because the incident hit home for me.

    In sixth grade–in an English class, no less–I recall a “values clarification” exercise where we were given a sheet with a bunch of personal questions. (To be honest, the only question I specifically remember was “What are your values?”) After spending some class time writing down our answers, the teacher starting going around the class asking us to read our answers.

    I remember that I started a chain reaction because I was the first to say “I’m not comfortable reading this to the whole class. It’s very personal.” After I did that, almost every classmate answered the same way for one or more of the questions.


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