Incompetent Elected Official Of The Week: President Donald J. Trump.

As readers here know, flat learning curves on the part of leaders, and certainly Presidents, drive me crazy. Leadership is hard, and the leader who refuses to learn the right lessons when his or her conduct when a particular act or decision has disastrous results is  seriously and perhaps irreparably flawed, as well as untrustworthy.

President Trump has displayed so many flat learning curves in his tenure as President that is tempting to say that refusing to learn from mistakes and disasters is a conscious stylistic choice. Or perhaps that’s not what’s going on; perhaps the problem is not flat-learning curves, but rather the President’s well-established recklessness, his what the hell attitude that no matter what he does, he’ll come through it all right. In this latter interpretation, he has learned, but the wrong lessons.

At this point, I barely care. The problem, whatever it stems from results in incompetence. Like his idiotic tweet about the members of “the Squad” going “back where they came from,” teeing up the “Trump is a racist” ball for all of his foes; like the still ongoing controversy about his trivial statement about a hurricane hitting Alabama,;like his provocative bravado during the 9/11 commemoration reviving his disputed boast about going personally to Ground Zero, like too many careless and embarrassing appointments to list, this latest fiasco was a self-inflicted wound that was completely needless and yet has real, serious, potential consequences….like making people wonder how wise and safe it is to be governed by an executive who presides over perpetual ineptitude, laziness, and stupidity.

Christopher Grant, a 50-year-old Texas resident was one of 11 Americans who was to be honored last week by President Trump for their conspicuous heroism during the attacks in the El Paso or Dayton, Ohio.

Grant gave an interview from his hospital bed, telling reporters that he threw soda bottles at the El Paso gunman to distract him from shooting others, thus  prompting the gunman to shoot him. It was a lie. El Paso police  have reviewed video surveillance and concluded that it debunks Grant’s account.

When Grant arrived at the White House to receive his honor, the Secret Service stopped him; there was an outstanding warrant out for his arrest. Yet the President went ahead with  the ceremony as planned, giving a certificate to Grant’s mother after lavishly  praising her son. No, President Trump didn’t know at that point that Chris Grant was a fraud, but he did know that the Secret Service had detained the “hero” and that there was warrant out for his arrest. For anyone paying attention, that would be a giant red flag.

Moreover, the President did appoint the aides and staffers who, in a competent administration—when was the last one of those, I wonder?—would have made certain that an unverified, self-glorifying account by a dicey character like Grant would not be sufficient to make him the focus of a publicized event until it had been thoroughly authenticated.

Every time the President’s arrogant, sloppy, inept inattention results in such episodes, it becomes more difficult for him to prevail in the argument that even he, as awful as he is, is preferable to giving power to a party that has announced that it no longer believes in democracy, the Constitution, individual liberties, due process and the rule of law, not to mention the viability and worth of the United States of American itself. Because winning that argument is crucial to the future of the nation, it is detestable for Trump to undermine his own credibility and trust by such easily avoided humiliations like this.

Oh, one more thing, Mr President. If you can’t smile more convincingly than that, don’t.

10 thoughts on “Incompetent Elected Official Of The Week: President Donald J. Trump.

  1. I recall cringing SOOOO many times ~ three years ago, all the while hoping against hope that it would at some point cease.

    • I will vote for someone (as I did in 2016) but not either of the two major parties’ nominees. Professionally, I can’t and maintain any integrity. I do know who I will be rooting for to LOSE however, also as in 2016.

  2. “giving power to a party that has announced that it no longer believes in democracy, the Constitution, individual liberties, due process and the rule of law, not to mention the viability and worth of the United States of American itself.”

    Not to mention a few other bad things. I agree the stakes are that high, but anyone that has trouble making that decision should not be voting in the first place. The Presidents foibles I can handle. An outright assault by Democrats on the foundations this country was built is intolerable. I do not believe anything the President has done or will do would convince me to turn our country over to a party hell-bent on destroying it altogether. Trump may come mighty close to burning the house down due to negligence, but as long as the foundation remains, we can consider it just smoke damage. We lose the tenets of our democracy outlined above, the whole house will be a loss. The choice is an easy one to make.

    • You can’t say its easy to vote to keep power in the hands of someone with the personal and professional flaws of a Donald Trump. It shouldn’t be easy…anyone should hate it, and being placed in such a terrible position. Yes, I agree that the choice should be clear, but its a truly nauseating one.

    • Yep. Some will say that Trump is destroying the civility of national discourse and destroying the customs we’ve developed in politics. I think Trump exists because those were already thoroughly trashed by the Left about halfway through Bush the Younger.

      Nope, Trump is a complete buffoon, but our system is designed both to survive buffoons and to mostly carry on fairly well in spite of buffoons, while we would prefer fairly serious people in charge.

      But no, he’s not destroying anything truly institutional and certainly not destroying anything constitutional. So he’s already light years ahead of the *entire* swathe of Left wing options available, who openly hate the value set our nation espouses and which our nation has proven to be successful.

      But, I too still am not sure I could bring myself to vote for him. Though each passing day of watching the Left in full assault mode makes it easier and easier to justify.

      I voted, but not for either main candidate the last go around. This is still likely, but…keep it up Dems, and well, we’ll see next November.

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