And Now For Something Completely Stupid: “Upbeat,” Unethical Website Of The Month,

Stay away from upbeat, Bart!

Let this incompetent, sloppy, website stand for all of its ilk across the web.

This is a pop culture site initially aroused my ire by tricking me into a slideshow. These are unethical devices used to artificially inflate traffic statistics; it would be like Ethics Alarms breaking every post into ten or more chapters that every view had to click on individually. The clickbait headline was “Hollywood Actors That Don’t Get Cast Anymore,” and the intro suggested that they all had been “blacklisted” for one reason or another. This itself is misleading and sloppy: when “blacklist” is used in reference to Hollywood, it means THE blacklist, the secret list of artists who the studios conspired not to hire because of the reality or rumors of Communist associations, sympathies and activities. To confound things, the slide show mixes in, as padding, I suspect, some figures who were blacklisted for alleged Communist connections.

There is no formal “blacklist” today, though some actors with conservative leanings claim, with some plausibility, that they have struggled after being placed on the bottom of the metaphorical pile because of Hollywood’s ideological intolerance. Communists, ironically, would be welcome in today’s leftist Tinseltown. Among those actors who picked the wrong era to be conservatives are James Woods, Patricia Heaton and the late R. Lee Ermey. Even they, however, couldn’t credibly claim to be blacklisted.

“Upbeat” doesn’t bother with these interesting cases, however. It would rather just make stuff up. Of Brendan Frazier, it says, “Fraser claimed that he had been sexually assaulted by [Phillip Burke] ..the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association… and whether the allegations were true or not, Fraser has not appeared in a film since. He now spends his time in his mansion outside of NYC, raising his kids and horses.”

He also has spent his time making a lot of TV series and movies, with three of the latter in post production. Frasier, previously an action movie hero and leading man,  suffered a mid-career slump mainly because he got fat.

That’s just the beginning of the list. Appearing later on the list of Hollywood actors who “don’t get cast any more” are writer Dorothy Parker, who wasn’t a Hollywood actor or an actor at all, and Orson Welles, Sondra Locke, Lloyd Bridges, and Josephine Baker, who are all, like Parker, dead, which explains why they aren’t cast any more.

When not fabricating facts—Jim Caviezel, we are told, alienated Hollywood with his portrayal of Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ,” and has only had small roles since—well, except for some leading roles in several films and the lead in the TV series “Person of Interest, which ran for seven years, making him a fortune—-the site ignores its own topic. Of rapper Snoop Dogg (who is also not an actor), it says, “Snoop has never been blacklisted from acting, but he has been blacklisted out of a few countries for smoking a bunch of weed. He was recently banned from Norway for trying to bring weed in through customs.”

Sending false information into web is an offense to the culture, and such sites should be torn down by furious cyber-mobs, and have virtual salt sown into their domains.

9 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Stupid: “Upbeat,” Unethical Website Of The Month,

  1. These website take an article written 10 years ago (by someone else), present them as a slideshow today (because that inflates clicks), and never update them (because that costs money). Even if the article were mostly accurate when written, the decade since has completely voided them of value

    My least favorite take early examples of trick photography, and pass them off as “unexplained” and/or “paranormal” photos from a century ago.

  2. A few years ago, I would have agreed that death is a pretty significant barrier to overcome if one wished to get a role in a movie. But as the recent Star Wars films showed us, actors, who have been dead for a decade or two, can still get minor roles.

  3. My favorite are the history quizzes that show you two famous historical figures and have you pick which one is which from a multiple choice selection of answers.

    These are fairly common historical figures (Kennedy, Gandhi, etc) and the results are supposed to determine what level of education you’ve had.

    Anybody who gets out of high school not knowing who these people are has been failed by their school system.

  4. [Brendan Frazer] now spends his time in his mansion outside of NYC, raising his kids and horses.

    According to IMDB, if I’m counting right, Frazer has appeared as an actor in 4 films and 41 TV episodes in 2018 and 2019 alone. He has played a recurring character on four separate TV series during those two years. Not bad for an actor who’s been blacklisted. With all of the work that he’s been getting, I certainly understand how he can afford a mansion outside NYC, but I can’t imagine how he finds any free time to spend there.

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