On Top Of Everything Else, Hillary Clinton Is A Coward

(but we knew that…)

After the former Secretary of State accused Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset (along with Jill Stein) in a podcast, she abruptly backed out of the Fortune magazine “Most Powerful Women Summit” in Washington, DC. that will take place next week. Clinton aides cited a scheduling conflict—how rude to schedule something else after you have agreed to speak at an event!—because this decision had nothing to do with the fact that Gabbard would be there, and Hillary would have to stand face-to-face with the woman—and military veteran– whose patriotism she impugned. No really, nothing at all. Nope. Not a factor. Really.

One of George Washington’s 110 Rules of Civility is “Speak not evil of the absent, for it is unjust” (#89). I’m pretty sure one of the rules he personally followed was “If you do speak evil of the absent, at least have the courage and decency to say it to her face at the earliest convenience.”

I have never for a nanosecond regretted my last minute decision not to vote for this awful woman and the party that continues to laud and enable her.

14 thoughts on “On Top Of Everything Else, Hillary Clinton Is A Coward

    • Because the US doesn’t like to prosecute politicians after they lose elections, because it smacks of political prosecution and totalitarian governments. This is oine more “norm” Democrats want to sacrifice to punish Donald Trump.

      • Of all the norms and traditions they’re willing to sacrifice to punish Trump, that may be the one they would regret most, as it has the most potential to backfire in spectacularly personal ways on future Democrats.

        • If they survive the process prosecuting Trump will start.

          I predict a run on hunting rifles followed by an emergency ban on carrying one within two miles of a Democrat Elitist Swamp dweller.

  1. The investigation didn’t even cover the thousands of emails Hillary purposefully obliterated when she knew a subpoena was incoming. Which, one can assume, would have been the worst of the lot. But sure, she’s squeaky clean.

  2. Ah yes, the omnipresent “scheduling conflict.” If I had a nickel for every time I cited one or had one cited to me I’d be a very rich man. Still, there’s a big difference between an ordinary lawyer coming up with a non-excuse to dodge or delay a proceeding, and a headline speaker dropping out of an event, with very little time to go, leaving everyone involved scrambling. Of course it had nothing to do with HRC wanting to avoid TG, just like the time I told another lawyer I couldn’t possibly make that hearing had nothing to do with me wanting to get one more brief in that was going to win it for me, but being unable to get a necessary signature in time. It’s just like the time you told your brother-in-law you don’t particularly like that you were going to be out of town the weekend he wanted you to come by and lend him a hand with some project. It’s also just like the time your cousin that you can’t be bothered with was in town for one day, but darnit, you were just busy to meet him for lunch and the house was too much of a mess for him to drop by for coffee.

    The fact is that life is difficult enough as is without confrontations that really aren’t going to change things for the better, and most of us are willing to tell little white lies to gain an advantage or avoid something we don’t want to do without provoking one. If I told the other lawyer I was adjourning to get a certification that would shoot his motion down, he’d fight me tooth and nail. I might still get it, but only after a draining argument. You could tell your brother-in-law to get lost, you have no interest in providing unpaid labor, or your cousin honestly that you were not interested in meeting because you find him annoying, but you could bet you’d be hearing about it at Thanksgiving or the next family event, and some of the family just wouldn’t see it your way.

    Hilary is like those family members, except in her case it’s a whole political party as well as a cadre of loyaler-than-loyal followers who won’t see it any way but hers, no matter what.

  3. Everyone needs to remember that everything the Clinton political machine does has an end goal and it’s all properly spun to help achieve that goal. I have no idea what the current Clinton political machine goal is but I bet we’ll all know sometime in the next six months.

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