Now THIS Is Child Abuse—So Why Is A Texas Jury Enabling It?

That’s James’ father with him on the left, and his mother, after dressing James as “Luna,” on the right.

A jury in Dallas, Texas jjust ruled against Jeffrey Younger,  who is trying to stop his son’s’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas,  from “transitioning” him—his current name is James–into “Luna,” a female. Dr. Geogulas now can start the boy on puberty blockers and eventually cross-sex hormones.

Eleven of the twelve  jurors rejected James’ fathers petition to be granted sole conservatorship over his two sons. In this bitter custody fight, he argued that his ex-wife is “transitioning” James against the boy’s will.

I neglected to mention that James is seven years old. He cannot meaningfully consent to being chemically and eventually surgically transformed into a female at that age. It is astounding that this is legal in Texas or anywhere else. It is child abuse. It is an abuse of parental power. It is abuse that political agendas and cheerleading from the popular culture is inflicting on innocent children without adequate research or cause.

Dr. Geogulas also demanded that James’s father be forbidden from calling his son James, and that he be prohibited from bringing James around people who do not “affirm” James as a girl. Those requests alone should have been sufficient to signal that the mother is a politically-addled fanatic, and one who doesn’t grasp basic constitutional principles. Just try to punish an American for not calling someone—son, daughter or anyone else—an approved name. 

At issue in the trial was a doctor’s controversial diagnosis that James suffered from gender dysphoria, thus requiring that he begin preparing for puberty blockers. Yet some studies indicate that when dysphoria occurs in the pre-puberty child, the problem will resolve itself in 80-95% of patients  after they naturally pass through puberty. It shouldn’t matter if the percentage is only 50%, or 10%., or 2%.  No child should have his or her life changed forever by sex-change treatment dictated by a parent without informed consent.

During the trial, expert witnesses testified that a child such a James was unable to fully comprehend the consequences of sex-change therapy. An expert was needed for this? Who would argue otherwise? A seven-year-old can’t consent to having sex, but he can consent to having his sex eradicated? Why would any jury accept such a self-evidently absurd argument?

It’s difficult to established all the facts in this case, though for me, James’s age should be enough to settle any ethical questions.. One source claims that James’ mother decided that he was really female because he liked “Frozen.” Gee, I liked “Frozen.” There has to be more to the controversy than this.

Jeffrey Younger writes on his website “Save James,” that

When James is with me, he shows no signs of wanting to be a girl when given the choice. Even when in female company, away from me, James rejects a female gender expression. This suggests that the diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria should be reviewed by an independent psychologist. James has never had an independent second opinion.

Really? And a jury still handed over control of the boy’s body to his testicle-hating mother? I don’t get it..

Last week, protesters called on Texas  to pass legislation making it illegal for anyone under 18 years of age to begin a medical transition. That seems like a reasonable restriction, but no U.S. laws currently restrict the use of puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones or dictate minimum age for such treatment.

This is yet another story that the mainstream news media isn’t reporting. It is also one more issue that I would love to have Democratic Presidential candidates asked about during a debate. I’m sure the public would find the answers enlightening.

50 thoughts on “Now THIS Is Child Abuse—So Why Is A Texas Jury Enabling It?

  1. Last week, protesters called on Texas to pass legislation making it illegal for anyone under 18 years of age to begin a medical transition. That seems like a reasonable restriction, but no U.S. laws currently restrict the use of puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones or dictate minimum age for such treatment.

    And this is different from prohibiting conversion therapy for children under 18 because….

  2. In my opinion, I don’t believe parents should be allowed to forcefully mess around with a child’s gender – one way or the other. Let nature take its course the way it has since the beginning of our species. Once the person is of legal age, then let THEM decide. The mother and the people encouraging and enabling her abuse of her son are evil. I don’t know if the father has the ability to appeal this obviously idiotic ruling but I hope he does. This is one of the few times that I would not fault a parent for taking the law into their own hands.

  3. Anything that the mother or father said regarding what the child wants can be disregarded. The fact that he is 7 and the research for it is dubious for conversion therapy, should have been enough to make sure it was stopped. I really want to know what those 11 were thinking.

    • I don’t know… If the father in this case was just as interested in having a daughter as the mother was, then perhaps little James as the sole voice of reason, pleading for the doctors not to cut his penis off, ought to be taken into account.

  4. God. I hope this is reversed on appeal. Brutal. The mother’s license should be yanked. She’s nuts. d-d, what’s your take. You’re the EA staff psychologist and also licensed north of the Rio Grande and east of the Pecos.

    • First, either of the “combatants” had to have requested a jury trial. Family court is normally a Judge, only. There also should have been an independent advocate for the boys interests (and his opinion should have been asked). However, this is Dallas. And, since 7 is well below the states age of consent, I’d virtually guarantee that this will be reversed on appeal. However, that’s not what you’re asking. The technical diagnosis for this mother would be “Crazy As A Hoot-Owl”. Seriously, there are several diagnoses that would fit her behavior at this point, but without speaking with her, I couldn’t pick one. What is clear is that the boy needs to be evaluated or assessed by a competent psychologist.

  5. For what it’s worth…

    It appears to me that the Mother and/or the Father are using the child as a weapon to undermine the opposing divorced parent. One or both of these parents is intentionally manipulating the child and the child is trying to please both parents. The mother might have actually succeeded at using her position as a pediatrician to unfairly influence the court. I think the mother demanding “that James’s father be forbidden from calling his son James, and that he be prohibited from bringing James around people who do not “affirm” James as a girl.” is signature significant to the mothers obvious “woke” tunnel vision, she is likely the one manipulating but I can’t be sure. The parents should seek individual psychological treatment for themselves, under these conditions they both need it! The court needs to get to the root cause of the turmoil; before this goes any further, the court needs to appoint a guardian ad litem for the child and the child needs to discuss “his life” with a child psychologist for not less than 6 months so that that child psychologist can be another advocate for the child that’s outside the purview of the parents. The parents need to get their shit together and do what’s right for their child and that starts with stopping their manipulation of the child, stop using their child as a weapon, and let a professional child psychologist do their job without parental interference. This is a loose loose situation for any child trying to please both of these parents, psychological help for the child is clearly needed.

    I know a family where both the parents agreed with their child before the child was going into 1st grade to allow the child to start transitioning gender, changed the child’s first name, and the child entered 1st grade as the opposite gender from birth gender. To my knowledge no medical treatments have been started in this gender transition. I’ve know this family since the child was very young and the child seemed to be in conflict with birth gender. I don’t know what’s right for their child but at least they’re all in it together, as a family, all working towards the same end goal, doing what they felt was right for their child. They knew this was going to be a tough choice and I know more than I care to mention here so I’ll end by saying I’m not going to judge them for their family choice and I hope it all works out in the end regardless of which permanent path the child chooses.

  6. I guarantee in this situation I certainly wouldn’t be respecting that ruling. I’d be rapidly figuring out what countries would harbor me and my son and refuse extradition. I would suspect that there are countries more “conservative” in this regard and would ignore their Hauge Convention agreements.

    Hopefully it wouldn’t render only places like Saudi Arabia as the only options… but even that would be worth it.

  7. Who can the child sue in 12 years when he finds out his mother caused him to believe he is a girl. I listened to the Larry O’ Connor show and this was the main topic. Apparently the father has a taped interview with the boy who when asked if he is a girl. He answers “yes”. When asked how he knows he is a girl he answers “mommy told me”.

    Who will be responsible if this child commits suicide because he was led to believe he was a girl.

    I wonder if this a unique case of Munchausen by proxy such that mom wants to have a trophy pseudo girl for attention and noteriety.

  8. There has to be more to the controversy than this.

    Hoo, boy, is there ever.

    Here are a judge’s findings of fact and conclusions of law from the couple’s annulment. The father is the respondent. It sounds like no jury was going to give him conservatorship of an air fern, let alone two little boys.

    • Thanks for that. It’s a terrible thing to read. If true, the father doesn’t seem like a trustworthy or capable parent.

      Of course, that doesn’t mean that his son should be put through gender-reassignment treatments at the age of 7.

      • I’m also grateful for the info found by Davel, but whether the father is a fit guardian or not has nothing to do with the ethics issue at hand, which is a 7 year old undergoing gender reassignment treatment.

    • After reading all that, I am struck by the court’s acceptance of a psychological report ONLY on the father. I gather that neither the boys or the mother were interviewed. However, at this point, I’d question any legal decision that left these 4 children with EITHER parent.

  9. At first look, the ruling seem to be so outrageous that I question whether we have all the pertinent information. I hope the media follows up on the story.

  10. There was an ad litem but it seems the father is a maniac and the ad litem may have gotten steam rolled by the mother’s experts, though I can’t imagine why.

    Also, the mother had testimony from a transadvocate from Dallas, who stated the boy was a girl. It is impossible to tell what happened because there is no objective reporting. Most reports are from sites such as The Blaze, Conservative Review, Life News, etc.

  11. The stage-mother comment above hits a cord. The idea that there is only one way for a girl or boy to act is so against my experience and lessons drummed into me by feminists I’m shocked. Shocked that in the need for “look at me” culture and desire to be woken than woke these parents will sacrifice their children. Imposing chemical “therapy” is obscene.

    • You’ve hit on yet another conflict between transgenderism and feminism. They’re inherently incompatible. We start with the most egregious: Neither those born as a man NOR those who take male hormones should be ever competing in women’s sports. Let’s also add in lesbians, who are quite adamant that you can’t be a lesbian if you have a penis.

      The woke progressives have abandoned feminism, and I hope there is a backlash coming.

  12. “FYI the matter of 7 year old James Younger is being looked into by the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services”. From Gov Abbott

  13. This is awful. But what the hell has it got to do with left / right politics?

    I lean ‘left’ because I support a compassionate ‘care and share’ society. How the hell am I now supposedly aligned with evil child torturing and the grossest imaginable abuse of power?

    • What? Come on, I know you keep up better than that. Democrats have pushed a bill that would require female sports teams to include males “identifying” as female. The LGBTQ community is a primary Left-side constituency. Religious organizations that do not accept all of the advocated rights and privileges these groups are demanding are considered reactionaries and bigots. I have been unable to find any conservative (or even moderate) commentator or professional who supports gender realignment for children prior to the age of consent, but it is accepted ideology with much of the left.

      • Ok, and they didn’t ask me. But where do guys like me go who just want decent benefits for the poor and disadvantaged and might be prepared to pay higher taxes to finance it?

        And “What about the workers”? etc

        “Bosses v Workers” and “Rich v. Poor” was so much a healthier political debate. You could even occasionally glimpse an angle of ‘morality’, or even ‘ethics’….

        • You can always vote with your dollars. If you can’t convince your government to take your discretionary dollars (and your fellow taxpayers to give up their earned money) you can always get into charitable work.

          I know, it’s a lot harder to find the charity that you think has the right mission and doesn’t waste resources and you don’t quite feel like you’re making as big of an impact without a military police force rounding up the resources of your neighbors to ensure the effort is a wild success….but if you truly believe in it, I think it will be worth the effort. You probably won’t be able to solve the entire problem on your own, but to the few lives you can impact, it will mean the world to them.

  14. Did any of you read the transcript, rather than relying on LifeSiteNews and Alec Jones?

    That’s not the way it works.
    That’s not the way any of it works. … 8.facebook

    First, the judge for whatever reason ignored the jury verdict.

    [I] A Dallas jury granted Georgulas, a pediatrician, sole custody.

    But instead of upholding the decision, Judge Cooks restored the parents’ joint custody of the child and the child’s twin brother.

    “The state of Texas has no compelling interest to justify such interference… requiring the father to affirm the child and honor the child’s choices,” Judge Cooks said.[/i]

    As regards the numerous allegations and rumours aired by various idealogues;

    [I]But Thursday, Judge Cooks stated the court found no evidence of child abuse by either party, denouncing any rumors about chemical castration.

    “No Texas judge or Texas court nor the 255th Family Court or any of its judges has ordered the chemical castration, puberty blockers, hormone blockers or any transgender reassignment surgery on this child to become a female,” Judge Cooks said.[/i]

    Such treatment, should it ever be recommended, would not normally* commence for 5-7 years, with irreversible intervention commencing no earlier than 2028. Should it be recommended. It may not be, it’s far too early to tell at this point.

    [I]Additionally, previous court documents filed earlier this month show Georgulas had requested that the court require mutual written consent from both parents before any treatment with “hormonal suppression, puberty blockers and/or transgender reassignment surgery.”[/i]

    So much for the idea of one parent trying to get complete control over medical decisions. So why the lies?

    [I]Cooks also noted Younger created a website that publicized the case and generated approximately $139,000 in donations in support of his cause.

    She also discussed how Younger invited a conservative news crew into his home to interview the children.

    “The father finds comfort in public controversy and attention surrounded by his use of unfounded facts and is motivated by financial gain of approximately $139,000, to which he has received at the cost of the protection and privacy of his children,” Judge Cooks said.[/i]

    And you fell for it, not bothering to check. Even quoting from the scam website, since shut down, run by the respondent’s brother. The respondent has a record of repeated fraud and fraudulent conversion but I have no data about his brother’s complicity in previous schemes.

    [Quote] I neglected to mention that James is seven years old. He cannot meaningfully consent to being chemically and eventually surgically transformed into a female at that age. It is astounding that this is legal in Texas or anywhere else.[/quote]

    It’s not. Of course it isn’t. Gillick competence to make such a decision on hormones would have to be judged many years in the future, usually around age 16, with surgical consent at 18. Medical assessment would be conducted by expert physicians who have actually met the patient unlike those trotted out by the respondent, none of whom had.

    Mking editorial remarks about gullibility would not be helpful, so I will desist. But Jeez Louise…

    * – exceptions are made for children undergoing precocious puberty, whether trans or not. Undergoing puberty starting at age 7 is a Very Bad Thing ™ and has to be delayed for at least 5 years in order to have a physiologically healthy adulthood. It’s from this cohort of patients that we have a 40+ year record of long term effects of puberty delaying gonadotrophin inhibitors.

      • Social transition is recommended in some cases before puberty.
        No hormonal treatment. No puberty blockers. No surgery.

        But adopting the social role of the sex that wasn’t assigned at birth, but is apparently the one corresponding to the patients neurology, has been show to improve mental health rather dramatically. In some cases, the difference between life and death. Even if you don’t understand that, you can observe the statistics.

        So to answer your questions;

        1. It doesn’t. Even if a convicted con artist like the father claims it does, and solicits funds from the gullible to stop such terrible child abuse, satanistic practices etc.

        On the other hand, it’s disingenuous to leave it at that. The patient will be monitored over the next 5-7 years, and the record of response to social transition – should it continue – will inform courts and medical teams as to whether any medical intervention should be permitted at that time. Around 2025. Not before. And neither hormones nor surgery for some years thereafter, after further medical evaluation.

        2. You assume the patient is a boy. That’s unlikely, though at this stage, even a low probability of it is enough to preclude medical intervention.

      • The Endocrine Society weighs in:

        Claims that a transgender child would receive surgical or irreversible hormonal treatment do not reflect the reality of medical practice. The Endocrine Society’s Clinical Practice Guideline, which sets the standard of care for transgender individuals, recommends avoiding hormone therapy for transgender children prior to puberty. The guideline is co-sponsored by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, American Society of Andrology, European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology, European Society of Endocrinology, Pediatric Endocrine Society and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

        As noted in our evidence-based guideline, transgender individuals, both children and adults, should be encouraged to experience living in the new gender role and assess whether this improves their quality of life. Mental health care is recommended throughout this process, and only a mental health professional with training or experience in childhood and adolescent gender development should make a diagnosis of gender incongruence in a child or teenager.

        Transgender individuals who are denied care from a healthcare provider are more likely to report having suicide thoughts and suicide attempts, according to an analysis of the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey of adults released last month. Among individuals who were refused gender-affirming care in the previous year, 62 percent reported experiencing thoughts of suicide and 14.4 percent attempted suicide. Nearly half of transgender individuals who were rejected by their family have attempted suicide, while 33% who were not rejected attempted suicide.

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