CNN Bias And Competence Test: What’s Wrong With This Report?

Here is the transcript from a report  shown today on “CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto.”

Do you notice anything strange?

RYAN NOBLES: A Mississippi town is still reeling months after a series of massive workplace immigration raids. Families say they’re living in fear and businesses are struggling to stay afloat after nearly 700 mostly Latino workers were arrested on the job back in August. CNN’s Nick Valencia has more on the economic impact of what was described as the largest workplace sting in at least a decade.

(Begin videotape)

NICK VALENCIA: (Voiceover) Like so many others here, Sofia Hernandez is worried. Three years ago she used the money she saved while working at the local chicken plants to buy this Mexican market. But now with business crippled by the ICE Raids in August, she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to keep it open. She’s had to cut the hours of her employees.

SOFIA HERNANDEZ: [Speaking Spanish]

VALENCIA; Yes, you’re worried?

HERNANDEZ: Speaking Spanish] Yes. some because we don’t know what’s going to happen.

VALENCIA: (Voiceover) Latinos make up nearly a quarter of the more than 3600 residents in Morton, Mississippi. But looking at the streets, you wouldn’t be able to tell. As rumors spread of another raid, most have chosen to spend their days in hiding.

In the nearly four months since the raids on chicken processing plants across six Mississippi cities, Miguel Tambrez’s wife is among the dozens still detained, leaving him to care for their three children alone. Their daughter was just four months old when it happened. She was still nursing.

MIGUEL TAMBREZ: [Speaking Spanish]

VALENCIA: “She cried and cried,” he says of his baby. “There were days when I was in such despair, but I had to keep on fighting for her,” he says. He’s physically and mentally exhausted, and so is his wife. Recently while in custody, she signed voluntary deportation orders. Soon, the family will be reunited again, but not in the United States.

TAMBREZ: [Speaking Spanish]

VALENCIA: “It’s not that it was hard for me. It still is hard for me,” he says, about the financial burden of being the sole breadwinner, and now, sole caretaker.

(Voiceover) Those who were released from ICE custody with court dates were let go on the condition they couldn’t work. And that makes it hard to pay the bills, which means they’ve had to rely on the kindness of others, including churches like this one. But even they don’t know how much loner it’ll last.

Sheila Cumbest had only been pastor at the United Methodist Church in morton for four weeks when the raids happened. Her life and church have been consumed by the event ever since.

SHEILA CUMBEST: Just in Morton alone we’re helping 110, 115 families. Paying bills is expensive. So far the money we’ve spent is around $151,000 since the first week. Every day it’s just facing the same sort of despair in people’s lives. And wondering what’s next.

VALENCIA: (Voiceover) Even the Mayor says the town has changed since the raids. He tells us the plant raided in Morton accounts for 45% of the city’s revenue. A business powered by Latino labor. Despite what happened, he says, Latinos are still welcome in Morton.

MAYOR GERALD KEETON, SR.: Regardless, I mean, whether they are documented or undocumented, you should have compassion for your neighbor.

VALENCIA: But for the Latinos still left, the life they once saw for themselves here may no longer exist. Nick Valencia, CNN.

(There isn’t a single mention in the report of why the “Latinos” are being rounded up and arrested by ICE. The words illegal immigrants or even “undocumented” are not mentioned. )

Was this accidental? If so , it is wildly incompetent and irresponsible. Was it intentional, and an effort by CNN to make U.S. efforts to enforce the law appear to be fascist government persecution of ethnic groups? I strongly suspect that it was.

At very least, CNN has worked so hard to support the Left’s open border agenda  that it no longer regards accurately explaining the legal status of those being detained and arrested as necessary information.


Pointer and source: Newsbusters


13 thoughts on “CNN Bias And Competence Test: What’s Wrong With This Report?

  1. I wonder if Poppy Harlowe would be as sympathetic if her Identity and Social Security number was being used for employment and credit purposes by an undocumented chicken processor in Morton Ga.

  2. Let’s do a thought experiment and change a few things.

    Let us suppose that the United States successfully banned the possession and sale of “assault rifles.” Instead of ICE doing the raid, it is the BATF, and they have arrested similar numbers of gun owners for illegal possession of banned firearms.

    Can you imagine a report like this under the circumstances I mention above? The same problems would exist, but the reasons for their arrest would be something that CNN is okay with. Can you imagine CNN bemoaning the incarceration of so many “illegal” firearm owners?

    I can’t. I’ll wager neither can you, even though emotional strings at least as compelling are available.

    The left lives for emotional entanglement coupled with obfuscation. They don’t mention the Latinos in that community live in fear because most of them are here illegally, in violation of US law. Why don’t they mention that? Because they want people to draw the erroneous conclusion that ICE is simply persecuting Latinos because they are from Latin America, and no other reason. Once they’ve pulled you into the web of feelz, even if you discover that ICE is doing their job under federal law, the emotional hooks are set too deep for that explanation to serve.

    Knowledgeable people who have at least a nodding relationship with current events know why the Mississippi Latinos are being arrested, but as we know all too well, that is a shockingly small minority of the American population. So CNN is simply driving their political agenda nakedly and shamelessly.

    • They need to scare everyone enough to get them to vote for their own enslavement. When Democrats took over Virginia, what is the first thing they decided to do? Did they try to boost businesses? Promote employment? Fix the roads? Try to get the schools to educate children again? No, they didn’t want to do any of these things. They want to take traditional American rights away from traditional American citizens. They want to go after the last group of Americans that believe that the government is supposed to serve the public, not that the public is ruled by the government. Neutralizing this group is their #1`priority. This is why they went insane when Trump was elected. They thought they had indoctrinated enough leftists at college. They thought they had brought in enough ‘refugees’* who believe in totalitarian governments. They thought they had brought in enough hispanics who long for the perfect socialist state. They thought they had the votes to take over. That is why Hillary Clinton thought it was OK to talk about the New World Order she wanted to bring about. That is why Beto O’Rourke thought it was OK to say that he would take away your guns, your cars, and forcibly relocate you closer to work so you could walk. That is why Alexandria Cortez thought it was fine to print a “Green New Deal” that would have placed every business in the US under the direction of the federal government. That is why Michael Bloomberg thinks it is OK to talk about the many good reasons the government has to take away your rights. They thought they had the votes to do it, and they almost did. They thought they had the election rigged, and somehow Trump neutralized it. Roughly 1/6 of the US population may be composed of illegal aliens or the children of illegal aliens. We have hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ with no knowledge of representative democracy and freedom. We have cities where Sharia Law is practiced and US rights are unenforceable. Most of our public universities have denied their students their civil rights for 40 years. Our publicly funded media is wholly totalitarian as is our MSM. The internet now operates on a Chinese Social Credit-like system. They thought they had finally reached their goal and they could do away with the last free society on earth. They wouldn’t have to pretend to believe in free citizens anymore. They almost achieved this goal and they still might.

      It is reported that the Governor of Virginia is drawing up plans to enable him to cut electricity, cell phones, and all other communications county by county. He wants to do this to make it easier when he sends the National Guard to confiscate weapons county by county. The governor has not denied these rumors. It just shows how far we have gone that the majority of the people in Virginia approve of such tactics. They got enough people to vote for their own enslavement.

      • It is reported that the Governor of Virginia is drawing up plans to enable him to cut electricity, cell phones, and all other communications county by county. He wants to do this to make it easier when he sends the National Guard to confiscate weapons county by county.

        Well, a couple of things. First, the gun laws will be challenged in court the instant they are passed. I imagine at least one federal judge will issue an injunction until it gets to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, where the injunction will probably be lifted.

        During that brief interregnum, we’ll see how it will go. If Trump is still president, then it’s possible he may federalize the Virginia National Guard if Northam actually attempts to use them to confiscate firearms.

        There is also a complicating factor — Virginia is one of 22 states with an active state defense force, which explicitly cannot be federalized. This group consists of “over 1000” people and are not allowed to carry firearms unless authorized by the governor.

        So Northam could call on them to supplement the police, but they are not equipped by the state and are not trained in arms by the VDF. Most are former military, though, which means they doubtless have some training and personal arms, and they are organized into military-style formations. The VDF is also a purely voluntary force. Some would obey the order, many and maybe most would probably demure rather than enter armed conflict with their fellow Virginians.

        But this is all speculation. The 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement has alerted the Left in Virginia of the potential opposition they face. It’s easy to put on a brave face when someone types “Molon Labe” in all caps on the Internet, but when faced with sending in armed men on house-to-house searches, I suspect they don’t feel confident enough to give that order whatever their rhetoric. I could be wrong, but I hope not.

        I don’t want to minimize the danger — Virginia is currently the most likely flash point for violence and an outright insurrection. I just think that likelihood, given the current national mood and transparently loony nature of the current Left, is not terribly high — yet.

  3. In a town of 3600 residents, the United Methodist Church has spent $151, 000 paying the bills of 115 families over a period of four months. Is that money coming the larger church denomination because I can’t imagine a church someplace that small getting that much in offerings. That’s $328 per month per family, assuming 115 families.

    • The United Methodist Church has been involved in actively supporting illegal immigrants and sheltering them from arrest, etc.. Just Google “United Methodist Church assists illegal immigrants” and you’ll see how widespread this is.
      As to where the money comes from, churches aren’t required to disclose the identities of their donors. So it is entirely possible that some leftist group could be using the church to “pass through” money to the illegals in a way that they will not be directly involved. Kinda like money laundering.

  4. Here’s something wrong with the “report:” What’s so frightening about being sent back to Mexico? It’s got so much going for it. First and foremost, it’s not the United States! It’s not run by Trump! It’s diverse, almost everyone there speaks Spanish! Heck, in America, hardly anyone speaks any language other than English. I’m sure there’s some report somewhere that lists income inequality there as less than in the United States! It is predominantly a nation of people of color! Recreational drugs are abundant and their use is not prohibited by law. The police hardly enforce any laws, being in the pay of the criminals! Wouldn’t Chicago be safer if this were the case there? The oil company is owned by the federal government there so everything’s peachy on that score. Do they even have a stock exchange? I doubt it. So there’s no Wall Street to rape and plunder the population. Heck, Carlos Slim, the guy who is the only telecom in the entire country, has to go to New York to buy companies with all the money he makes from every single cell phone in Mexico! Much of the country doesn’t have electricity. They are still on the Original Old Green Deal! No need for a new one! Why on Earth would these people want to live in a segregated, discriminatory, super poor, uneducated place like Mississippi? What are they thinking? Latin culture is vibrant, people love their families and even go to church! Why would they want to leave Mexico to live in a fascist country where the government is run by radical people who go to church? Haven’t they ever seen “In the Heat of the Night” on Netflix or anything? The entire premise of the report is wrong!

  5. That CNN report reminds me of the New York Times this week, publishing a story about a shooting in Chicago at a memorial party for “a man who was killed in a carjacking”. It wasn’t until the correction was published later that we learned that the memorial was for the carjacker, not the person whose car he was trying to steal at gunpoint.

    Gee, I just can’t understand why people don’t trust the media anymore…

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