Thank God It’s The Friday Ethics Warm-Up, 2/7/2020: What A Week! [ CORRECTED, After I Mixed Up Joe Walsh With Joe Wilson For The Hundredth Time]


This has been more ethics drama than I could stand every week; I sure hope the rest of the year isn’t like this. First the Superbowl is won by an NFL team whose fans do the tomahawk chop. Then the Iowa Caususes self-destruct in an orgy of incompetence and finger-pointing as the Democrats blame white people and Trump. Nancy Pelosi makes Joe “You lie!” Wilson look civil, the Left has a conniption over  Rush Limbaugh being honored, the Senate acquits the President, and most notable of all, the Boston Red Sox named Alex Cora’s bench coach, Ron Roenicke, its new manager.

Since the Sox are under investigation for their own alleged cheating scandal, this was a fascinating choice. The team must have done its due diligence, questioning Cora, Roenicke and others to be 100% sure that Roenicke had no hand in whatever it was the Red Sox were doing to steal signs in 2018, if they were. If they didn’t, they are, to be blunt, morons with a death wish.

1. OK, I’m getting paranoid now, but what the heck is up with the new voice of Tony the Tiger? After decades of the startling bass of voice artist Thurl Ravenscroft growling “They’re GRRRRREAT!” (Ravenscoft is the one who sings “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch!” in “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”), Tony now sounds like an accountant. If they wanted to find a tiger-like voice, or even a Ravenscoft imitator, Kelloggs easily could have, just as Warner Bros. has been able to find passable (though inferior) replacements for Mel Blanc.  Am I being conspiratorial to think this is more woke cultural indoctrination by Madison Avenue, with the kinder, gentler, wimpier Tony avoiding toxic male aggressiveness? In the new Life cereal commercials, you know, “Mikey” is now a girl.

2. “Yet” arrives. In a post a couple of days ago, I wrote that the Democrats and news media hadn’t blamed the President for the Iowa Caucus implosion “yet.” Long time commenter Neil Doerr helpfully passed this along:

Supporters of President Donald Trump inundated a hotline used by Iowa caucus precinct leaders to report their tallies, contributing to significant delays in the final tally, Iowa Democratic Party officials said….NBC News reported on Thursday that the party’s hotline number was repeatedly posted on the online message board 4chan as voting took place on Monday night. Its users, who are anonymous and have trolled and harassed the president’s political opponents, urged others to call in. “Uh oh how unfortunate it would be for a bunch of mischief makers to start clogging the lines,” one user wrote, according to NBC.

4Chan is a pro-trolling progressives group. It is wants to promote chaos, not  Trump. The callers were anonymous; they cannot be called “Trump supporters” just because they wish the Democrats ill. (Nobody knows this mind set better than I.) Moreover, the phone lines appear to have been the least of the Iowa Democrats problems. The DNC has even called for a do-over, and it is beginning to look like there will never be definitive and reliable results. This is the fault of the Democratic Party. Nobody else.

Meanwhile, Nicole Fleetwood, a Rutgers American studies and Art History professor, tweeted on the Night They Tore The Caucus Down,  “Watching the Iowa Caucus is a sickening display of the over-representation of whiteness.”

That’s a irremediably racist statement. If the country is going to get proactive about eliminating ideological poisoning in our institutions of higher learning, insisting on the removal of unapologetic racists from faculties is a modest but necessary start.

3.  At what point will respectable Democrats conclude that Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment? The desperate Democratic party apologists/Trump Derangement sufferers on Facebook were trying to argue that Pelosi’s staged tearing of the State of the Union text was the ethical equivalent of President Trump refusing to shake hands with a woman who has orchestrated ad hominem attacks on his character for years. They are not equivalent: the snub was not staged for cameras, was not part of the official event, and was subtle enough that some even deny that it was intentional. Pelosi’s mimed “Up yours, Mr. President!” was on a different level entirely. It lapped Rep. Joe Wilson’s universally criticized “You lie!” disruption of an Obama State of the Union message, in part because it was a more egregious display of disrespect, and mostly because Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, and has a duty to maintain the decorum of the event. Her conduct was indeed a breach of the House Code of conduct, which begins,

“A Member, Delegate, Resident Commissioner, officer, or employee of the House shall behave at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.”

Far from being chastened, Pelosi is apparently determined to make that requirement a dead letter. In her weekly press conference, for example, she said of the President before his speech, “It looked to me like he was a little sedated. He looked that way last year, too.” Nice.

As long as they submit to being led by an official who engages in those kinds of slurs, the Democrats are estopped from expressing outrage at Trump’s unpresidential rhetoric.

4. Here’s how the poll on the President’s snub is going...

5. Oh, shut up, Your Holiness. Pope Francis lectured participants in a Vatican seminar organized by the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences.that..

“Today’s structures of sin include repeated tax cuts for the richest people, often justified in the name of investment and development,” Francis said, claiming  that  the meeting  “the poor increase around us.” This is a theme with the Pope;  he said last June, that “the poor are always poorer, and today they are poorer than ever.”

This is untrue. A 2018  Brookings Institution report concluded  that the world is currently experiencing “the lowest prevalence of extreme poverty ever recorded in human history — less than 8 percent,” and that poverty is falling every year. Less than 10% of the global population lives in extreme poverty today, when just 30 years ago (1990), 37%  of the world was in extreme poverty.  The global poverty rate has been falling across every single poverty category, whether the bar is set at $1.90 a day or $10 a day.

So it seems that the Pope has chosen to adopt one of the most prevalent BIg Lies being wielded against the President by “the resistance,”  but on a grand scale: Big Lie #5: “Everything is Terrible.”

Boy, if you can’t trust the Pope, who can you trust?


22 thoughts on “Thank God It’s The Friday Ethics Warm-Up, 2/7/2020: What A Week! [ CORRECTED, After I Mixed Up Joe Walsh With Joe Wilson For The Hundredth Time]

  1. Frankie is an Alinskyite commie and liberation theologian. He is also not very bright.

    If he’s the actual Vicar of Christ on earth, I’ll eat his very substantial hat. Either that or he is a monstrously large indictment of Catholic elites.

    • I’ll go with “a monstrously large indictment of Catholic elites,” Jim

      How ironic to have the leader of the original Christian church lobbying the world’s governments on TAXES! Francis may have read a lot of Marx but I guess he missed the New Testament.

        • Had to look that up, Alex. Yep. Pius XII was the photo up on the St. Michael’s School cafeteria wall when I was in K through 8 there. I bailed on Catholicism as soon as I got my drivers’ license and could take off instead of going to church. I could go on as to why, but I won’t bore you. But one reason: guitar masses. Ugh.

        • You should look into the theory that some people are labeling ’Benevacantism’. Apparently there’s a case to be made that Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation was only dubiously valid, and he’s been dodgy on the subject when asked about it.

          Not that I’m one of those. I’m just not not one of those.

  2. 2. I think there are academics who are essentially pushing for a black separatist nation. Hey Iowans, it’s okay to be white. Clearly, the Dems want California and Brooklyn to conduct the first primaries. Why is the Democratic presidential nomination beholden to the voting preference of 13 percent of the U.S. population? A lefty rant, er, article I read this week referred to South Carolina as a “black majority population” state. It’s evidently 26.8% black.

    3. Never.

    5. Francis is a Commie. And like so many clergy, he, I suspect, is a closeted gay guy. A nasty, angry combination.

    • To your #2 point, blacks do make up more than 1/2 of those who vote for Democrat in multiple southern states, I’ve heard numbers in the 60% to 75% range for South Carolina.

      One of the consequences of that is Buttigieg is going to run into a wall in the South. Blacks, especially in the South, are socially conservative. They vote Democrat because Democrats have convinced them Republicans are racist and for little other reasons.

      • “1/2 of those who vote for Democrat in multiple southern states” wasn’t the universe in question. But thanks, Matthew. Your data points sure explain the obsession with “the black vote” among Dems. They seem to consider the South a vote plantation.

  3. 3–“It looked to me like he was a little sedated. He looked that way last year, too.”

    Have her toadies prevented any of the myriad clips of her own stumbling/mumbling/bumbling from crossing her desk?

    5–The left-leaning Brookings Institute? Oooomph; THAT’S gonna leave a mark!

    • I’d be a little subdued and nervous and concentrating if I were addressing the nation on television as its president. Which might make me look any number of things.

      Maybe Nan will pray for him.

      • ”I’d be a little subdued and nervous and concentrating if I were addressing the nation on television as its president.”

        If this is, which would be my most ardent hope, you teasing your candidacy for the 2024 Presidency, you have a built in advantage over the lackluster 2016 democrat offering.

        You not only can find WESconsin on a MAP, you’ve been there!

  4. Having Tony the Tiger sound like a wimpy accountant is the last straw! Personally I’d prefer Sam Worthington to do the voice over work. But no, we can’t have any of the toxic masculinity in our woke society.
    As far as the Pope, he’s a product of Liberation Theology which was widely promulgated during the 1980s and 1990s by the Church.

  5. Those old, white, boomer Iowans have had no problem counting votes for many, many decades. What was different this time?

    Did Iowa get older and whiter in the past 12 months?

    OR, did hipster affirmative-action hires leftover from the Clinton campaign, from California and New York, have a totally awesome, scalable, modern and youthful way to make the caucus more transparent and buzzword-y? And then impose their amateur-hour app on the precincts without proper testing, training, or preparation?

    I guess we’ll never know the truth.
    But let’s just blame those redneck boomers anyway.

  6. One wierd trick to win an election

    A first time election forecaster got lucky in the 2018 mid term, and gets a feature article in Politico (Take a wild guess who she predicts will win handly in 2020).

    Her argument is that any of the Democratic choices will excite enough Democratic sympathizers who fear Trump to overcome the Republican sympathizers who fear any Democrat.

  7. Pope Ben Dover should give an explanation as to why it is that if the poor are getting poorer, why it is that here in our Fascist Capitalist American He11 the main health problem is obesity, and related diseases?

    • Obesity is a major problem in the developing world. For instance, in South America, middle class Americans are buying up the entire Quinoa crop, leaving the locals who used to eat healthy locally grown foods to import cheep junk food to fill the void. Cheep, processed foods have a terrible calorie to nutrient value, contributing to eating empty empty calories and weight gain. These foods also have terrific shelf lives (because insects and rodents reject it), making it easy to ship to impoverished areas.

  8. #1: Ahhh, thanks a lot for adding to the useless trivia clogging my brain. I always assumed the singer was Boris Karloff, who did the voice and narration.

    #2: The dems have run with 4Chan-produced bogus info and scams a number of times now. Should we expect media and social platforms to start depending on them as vetting sources like they do with similarly “reliable” Snopes, et al.?

    #5: A number of people started not trusting the pope around the early-mid 1500s or so.

    • A lot of people thought it was Boris…the second time this happened: a lot of people also thought he sang “The Monster Mash.” (He did, once, on The Hollywood Palace.”) Boris couldn’t really sing.

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