CNN Introduces Democratic Presidential Candidate Affirmative Action.

Sorry, Congresswoman, you’re the wrong kind of minority. Besides, Hillary says you’re a Russian asset.

Like all affirmative action, it is discriminatory and unfair.

Last night and tonight, February 6, CNN will host a candidate’s town hall in anticipation of the New Hampshire Primary. Eight presidential candidates were invited to attend: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Yang, Tom Steyer,  Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg,  Amy Klobuchar, and Deval Patrick, the African American former Governor of Massachusetts.

Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii was not invited, which is strange, or suspicious, or typical, this being CNN. She is polling higher nationally than Patrick, 1.8 %  to  0.5 %.  Gabbard is also polling ahead of  Patrick, and Yang, and Steyer in New Hampshire, yet they are all invited  to the town hall.

Gabbard released a statement accusing CNN of  bias (What? CNN biased?) and election interference. That’s hardly news: CNN has been engaging in political manipulation for along time, shifting into a whole new gear in 2015. She wrote,

You can call this by many names: Media bias. Election interference. Political gamesmanship by the Democratic establishment. But regardless of motive, the end-result is that the American people lose. They lose the ability to hear directly from a candidate with a broad, inclusive message for change. They lose the opportunity to show their support and spread the message, about a dynamic, anti-establishment candidate breathing fresh life into the Democratic Party. And they lose the freedom to make educated political decisions without media manipulation. CNN’s behavior is un-American and a betrayal of our democratic ideals.”

Well yes, Tulsi. Why didn’t you speak up about this problem before it affected you?

It seems pretty obvious why Patrick got a Golden Ticket into the town hall: the actual field meeting the Democratic Party’s qualifications no longer has a bona fide African American. This result, according to prevailing woke logic, proves racism. Poor Gabbard is America Samoan and of  Asian, Polynesian, and Caucasian ancestry, but no African DNA in sight, so out she goes.

Why all-white billionaire Steyer is participating  is anybody’s guess: CNN doesn’t have to be consistent. Or fair.

Fortunately, the principled candidates, led by fellow females and and Congress members Klobuchar and Warren, have protested Tulsi’s exclusion.  We have your back, Sister! I’m joshing. They don’t care, as long as they’re involved.

Asked to explain its discrimination, CNN just mouthed some boilerplate about its duty to keep viewers informed,  yada yada. The network has no real explanation because there isn’t one, just a version of comic Lilly Tomlin’s catch phrase when she played the  gleefully incompetent AT&T operator, “Ernestine.”

We don’t care. We don’t have to. We’re CNN.


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15 thoughts on “CNN Introduces Democratic Presidential Candidate Affirmative Action.

  1. I think Rep. Gabbard is the most refreshing face in the list of Democratic candidates, and not just because she’s pretty. I think she actually wants to move the party back more toward the “somewhat left-of-center-Clinton” line on the political continuum. Conservatives might not like that, but it’s FAR easier to work with than Sanders, Warren, and pretty much the rest of them.

    It’s a shame she shot herself in the foot in the House impeachment vote. Landing on “neutral” made her look really weak and indecisive.

    • As I look more and more into her, she reminds me of a Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren. She seems to have whatever belief that she thinks will get her elected. Is she for or against gay marriage? Well, it depends what is more popular with her base. Does she believe in freedom of speech? Well, it depends which speech and if it is popular with her voters…

  2. Watching the Democrats eat their own is causing me to gain weight. Too much popcorn.

    Tulsi, sweetie, whatever made you think you were immune to the sort of treatment you said nothing about as long as it was not directed at you? An old rich white guy bought his way into the debate, but your minority creds just do not cut it when the competition is more… minority. Or something. Because reasons.

    I mean, you knew it was a snake when you picked it up, no?

    This is who your party IS. This is who YOU are. I hope that bed you made is comfy.

  3. I read an article about her background a few months ago. Apparently, she is a follower of some cult/guru guy from Hawaii who has a very checkered past. This is a link to the story in the New Yorker, so take it for what it is worth.

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