Stop Pushing Chinese Propaganda: Giving A Chinese Name To The Virus Is Appropriate And Ethical

Incredibly, reporters asked President Trump multiple times yesterday to account for a rumor that one of his aides had referred to the Wuhan virus, aka “Century 21”,  or something like that, as the “Kung Fu Flu.”  (Heh. )

A. It isn’t “racist” if someone, or many people, did use the quip, and B. Why is that even worthy of discussion? I may be wrong, but as the news media’s efforts to use Big Lies to impugn the President are based on slimmer and more trivial excuses, I expect the majority of the public to eventually figure out what’s going on.

Axios just released a time line, based in part on a new study of how the virus took hold in China. It introduces its work this way:

Axios has compiled a timeline of the earliest weeks of the coronavirus outbreak in China, highlighting when the cover-up started and ended — and showing how, during that time, the virus already started spreading around the world, including to the United States.

Why it matters: A study published in March indicated that if Chinese authorities had acted three weeks earlier than they did, the number of coronavirus cases could have been reduced by 95% and its geographic spread limited.

This timeline, compiled from information reported by the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the South China Morning Post and other sources, shows that China’s cover-up and the delay in serious measures to contain the virus lasted about three weeks.

The study, by Southhampton University, is here.

The information indicates clearly that China is accountable. China is responsible for the severity of the pandemic. China deserves to have that responsibility recognized, and those trying to use race-baiting and linguistic stunts to assist in the cover-up are assisting a brutal totalitarian regime. Those who are doing this out of animus for the President are beneath contempt.

No, China should not be asked to pay reparations for its unfortunate role in the crisis, though a recent poll asserts that 42 percent of Americans “feel that China should pay at least some of the world’s coronavirus bills.” This kind of disaster could happen to any nation, though, as you can see in the chart above, it keeps happening to China. It is more likely to happen in a nation like China, that obstructs the free flow of information. It still didn’t intend to infect the world.

I assume.

However, China should accept responsibility, as well as the shame of having a pandemic named after a Chinese starting point.

30 thoughts on “Stop Pushing Chinese Propaganda: Giving A Chinese Name To The Virus Is Appropriate And Ethical

  1. “This kind of disaster could happen to any nation, though, as you can see in the chart above, it keeps happening to China. It is more likely to happen in a nation like China, that obstructs the free flow of information. It still didn’t intend to infect the world.”

    Can we be sure that they did not intend to infect the world as part of their global domination plan? Given the propaganda coming out of China that suggests US soldiers brought it to China, and that Trump seems to be unwilling to let them continue stealing US intellectual property or undermining US manufacturing competitiveness through government manipulation of its currency, one can make a reasonable assumption that China would prefer negotiating with Joe Biden at the helm; and, that any event that makes that more likely would be welcomed.

    • I listened to someone who said that if the virus had been *engineered* that those who analyze such things genetically would know. And the report is that it was not engineered.

      Could they, and would they, have infected their own people as a starting point? It seems that if they had wanted to simply start a contagion-pandemic they could have had agents that planted it in other countries. How easy would that have been? Quite easy it seems.

      I am not qualified to make geo-political assessments or decisions (about the relationship of the US with China economically). I am aware of arguments and narratives being circulated now that are extremely unfavorable for continuing in the same structure of relationship to China as we have had, and which we allowed (constructed in fact). Who constructed this? Who put ‘globalization’ in motion? Who gave such power to Communist China? Who designed it and built the present system? If I am not mistaken this is vey largely an American project. And it stems, very directly, from the Postwar planning about how to control and incorporate the various world-regions into a larger economic system.

      Therefore, if the whole virus-infection story gets out — that it happened because of their negligence — this will not function in China’s favor.

      I have to admit to a visceral reaction on my own part: I hope the régime suffers horribly. And I hope that the US divorce itself from China through choosing rational policies that bring industries back to America especially, and Europe (and other parts of the world) secondarily.

      • I haven’t looked at the latest analyses, but initial ones said this one had several genes not seen before in coronaviruses and they were similar to genes found in HIV. Now, they could not tell if these genes had occurred due to natural DNA addition or by human manipulation, so to say it WASN’T engineered doesn’t seem appropriate. It also isn’t clear that it was engineered. This is a definite maybe.

        Of course, the fact that the University of Winnipeg sent a bunch of viruses including Ebola, HIV, henninavirus, and coronavirus to a Chinese bioweapons facility piques the interest. Sorry, the last part isn’t well supported by the links below. I found it in a CBC article that is now gone. The National Post article wasn’t as long or involved.,000-times-more-potent-

        • I examine those sources with some skepticism, as I am sure you do, too. But there are a few things to be noted:

          All information these days quickly becomes politicized by persons and groups with specific interests. So, while there is a struggle going on within two poles of government in the US (I am no longer certain how to refer to this except to use the common terms *Democrat* and *Republican*) each side still shows itself interested and capable of bending facts and truths to suit their purposes and further their agenda.

          The reference to *AIDS-like mutations* and other innuendos seem to me the sort of paranoia-mongering that it is best to avoid. By avoid I mean for thinking people to avoid and not fall into. It will definitely happen that these paranoid, innuendo-based narratives get put out there and distributed (I deliberately seek them out because hysterical thinking, hysterical reaction, paranoia and all the rest often cloak ‘legitimate sentiment’ that needs to be paid attention to) and they will have their effect, but they definitely cannot be taken as ‘truths’. They seem more like *imposter-truths*.

          It has become clear, hasn’t it? that the US has declared a sort of war against China. This is very odd to me because it was the US, exclusively, that built the globalized world. The sources I reference indicated that it was strictly and absolutely what we could call *Republican* interests (big business, big manufacture) that created the China-monster. Now, all of a sudden, it is in their interests to radically shift this position?

          The larger geo-political games cannot — this is my opinion — be revealed nor presented in their raw form. Especially in the Postwar years, when mass-propaganda was recognized as so potent and useful for mass-mobilization, what we refer to as *spin* became the central method, not a mere tool. I assert that an average person cannot know *the truth* but can only receive fragments or simulacra of *truths*. For this reason we indeed live in a sort of ‘shadow-world’.

          I think that people understand this, basically, and no longer give their unqualified trust. But because they live in a shadow-world, and yet still have to interpret their world and try to arrive at ‘statements’ about it, they (and we) have no choice but to engage with *conspiracy-thinking*. By that I mean we cobble together interpretations so that we have some kind of certainty, even if it is quasi- or semi-certainty. If we did not have some sort of *certainty*, even if wildly false, I am not sure how we would get on. You need some level of certainty just to get out of bed in the morning!

          So, with that said, I think we struggle within the minutiae, but yet we can grasp, accurately, the larger power-struggle. So for example: there seems to be a massive power-struggle going on within government and business in the US. The ‘Deep State’ vs what exactly? The populist Donald Trump? With his mini-army of Republican lieutenants? Something is going on, but what is it? Who can explain it in realpolitikal terms without out any partisan ‘spin’? One has to ask Cui Bono?

          So, we can see (grasp) the larger picture but not necessarily decipher all the minor elements. We can grasp machination but not understand the details. Similarly, the Battle Against China is now being set in motion it seems to me. But wait! They engineered the whole thing from the start! China is America’s creation. And if this is so it must lead anyone, any observer, to doubt the *narratives* that we are given constantly. (And in this context let’s remember that the US made a terrifying pact with Communist Soviets that was said to be for the purpose of *defeating Nazi Germany*. The reason I mention this is simply to illustrate that though we are presented with *narratives*, and we absorb them and then ‘debate’ them among ourselves, in fact I think we debate within shadow-realms.

          Generally speaking on this blog all that I expect, and most of what I receive, is the Superficial Vision. The surface-reading. Now why is this, I ask? I have a number of different answers but they are all, and they can only be, speculative. All interpretations (it seems to me) have to be speculative.

          Is it wise to *know the truth*? Is it helpful? Nietzsche, speaking about other epistemological domains, said that it was not. Sometimes, it is much easier and potentially ‘better’ to internalize the lie than to know the truth.

  2. Commies don’t have shame or accept responsibility. They round up those assigning blame to them and make sure they keep quiet one way or another. If you are a citizen of a foreign country they fear capable of blaming them on a global scale, they “quarantine” you or force you to leave the country as quickly as possible and make sure your VPNs do not function on your way out.

    Afterward they rewrite history. (As the leaders in Beijing are currently trying to do.)

  3. Marburg, Ebola, West Nile, Dengue, MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome), Zika, eccetera, eccetera, eccetera, will all need to be renamed to be politically correct.

  4. Want to see how the world is changing? Here are the concluding paragraphs from a *Brookings* senior fellow that was published in *The Atlantic*!!! Is the sun going to rise in the west tomorrow?

    “Those American critics who raise the racism canard are themselves inadvertently collapsing the distinctions between an authoritarian regime and those who live under it. Too many also seem comfortable drawing moral equivalencies between the Chinese regime and Donald Trump. This attitude is hard to take seriously. Trump didn’t block the media from reporting on the coronavirus; he did not disappear his critics. The nature of a regime matters. And this is why I, for one, am glad to live in a democracy, however flawed, in this time of unprecedented crisis.

    After the crisis, whenever after is, the relationship with China cannot and should not go back to normal. Nothing, in any case, will go back to normal after the sheer scale of destruction becomes clear. Of course, the rest of the world will have to live with the Chinese leadership as long as it remains in power. But this pandemic should, finally, disabuse us of any remaining hope that the Chinese regime could be a responsible global actor. It is not, and it will not become one.”

  5. I think Ken Burns did a piece on the 1919 Influenza epidemic. There seems to be some legitimacy to the idea that the flu originated in a huge pile of mule dung at Fort Riley in Kansas. This was at a time when armies hauled most everything with mules. The G.I.s contracted the flu at Fort Riley, were shipped “over there” and the disease spread from there around the world killing millions in total and hundreds of thousands in the United States. “Pale Horse, Pale Rider” is a very good, but haunting, book about a young Army guy (the author’s fiancé) dying from the disease.

    • excerpts from Public Health Reports

      The U.S. Military and the Influenza Pandemic of 1918–1919

      By the War Department’s most conservative count, influenza sickened 26% of the Army—more than one million men—and killed almost 30,000 before they even got to France.2,3 On both sides of the Atlantic, the Army lost a staggering 8,743,102 days to influenza among enlisted men in 1918.4 (p. 1448) The Navy recorded 5,027 deaths and more than 106,000 hospital admissions for influenza and pneumonia out of 600,000 men, but given the large number of mild cases that were never recorded, Braisted put the sickness rate closer to 40%.5,6 (p. 2458)
      . . .
      By May 1918, … hundreds of thousands of soldiers were crossing the Atlantic each month to build a combat force of two million by November. This transport of an army to another continent and back was one of the great achievements of World War I and demonstrated the power of the American government and economy. But such triumph also carried danger because as the doughboys traveled “Over There,” they did not travel alone.

      Influenza sailed with American troops across the Atlantic and when it exploded in late August and September in Europe and the United States, medical officers found themselves on the front lines of an epidemic worse than any of them had ever seen or imagined.

      Some years ago, while doing some research on the 1918 flu pandemic for a nursing article, I found a website that had many of the first-hand reports and photographs (fiery letters from doctors to Washington or among each other; soldiers and sailors’ lurid descriptions of the “deathwatch” state of the barracks and the ships that carried them to similar barracks in Europe where they were destined never to participate in the Other War at all.
      [The website exhibiting the first-hand evidence has since disappeared. If anyone knows of its whereabouts, please let me know.]

      I commented at the time that the decimating influenza could just as well have been called the Kansas Flu. That’s where it “began” – just like Wuflu. I have no objection to the current description of Chinese government practices posted here. They deserve all the flak thrown at them. I don’t see any racism involved in using the name either. My objection to insisting that the city of Wuhan must forever take the name for something their national leaders were responsible for (at the very least in purposely delaying reports of the virus) is simply that it is unfair and incorrect. Wuhan, itself, by the way, is definitely not the original “source” of the virus, which is most likely to be an animal vector.

      We have been given a simple, scientific name for the current novel coronavirus, not difficult to remember: Covid-19. That’s what it is; that and nothing else. Just because people in the past have labeled epidemics after whatever name some clever journalist devised doesn’t mean it was ever the right thing to do.

    • I doubt that that is completely true though it might be partially true, at least in some areas. It seems to me that everyone has to be careful about the kind of statements we make about all these weird things going on. A national health care system may very well be in America’s future BTW. And that is mostly what Sanders advocates for.

      The *narrative* that is circulating as people face this crisis seems to be in favor of more socialized policy. This is not something I want or need personally. But this does seem to be what is developing among a large population in the US. Despite the alarm about socialism, real or exaggerated.

      Another odd thing is that though the Chinese government suppressed the outbreak, when they might have acted differently and the present spread might have been avoided, what is rather horrifying is that their centrally-planned and dictatorial system allowed for the draconian measures to then contain it. There is a terrifying irony in this.

      • China did pretty much the same thing with ASF (African Swine Fever), which has wreaked havoc on their swine herds. Hide the truth, cover it up, lie about it, obfuscate, deny, delay, divert,…

        And let’s be clear, Bernie Sanders does want to run our country like China.

        • ‘Being clear’ involves being realistic, fair, and balanced. If I base what Sanders would do on what he says he would do I do not think it possible to say that he would “run our country like China” since it would be next-to-impossible within our political system for a leader with dictatorial powers to govern. But if Sanders has plans and aspirations that are invisible, well, then you can ascribe to him any particular design and no one could oppose it.

          So — to use your phrase 🙂 — let’s be clear as I said that “I doubt that that is completely true though it might be partially true, at least in some areas”.

          But what is more relevant here is that there is a rising social will which will become more and more apparent toward socialized medicine and other such social benefits.

          There is a struggle going on to define and redefine the political center in America, and to hold power it will happen that sacrifices and concessions will be made to that rising demos (and demographic).

          Now, what of this will you challenge?

  6. “It is more likely to happen in a nation like China, that obstructs the free flow of information.”

    Yeah, that ain’t really the problem. Them being filthy dog-eating barbarians is the real problem. I’d respect them more if they were cannibals but instead they eat tiger livers to cure their micropenis. And I know nobody wants to blame the poor chinaman but I assure you y’all would have plenty to say if this started with some West Virginia Cletuses frying up some possum nuts.

  7. Beside the point that calling it the Chinese Virus, Chinese Wuhan Virus, Wuhan Virus, Wuflu, what have you, doesn’t even reference race. Wuhan is a city in China. Chinese is a nationality. There are several races within the Chinese umbrella.

    I am surprised to hear Reps. Omar and Pressley praising President Trump, Senator Sanders agreeing with the President’s response in general, and Sen. Schumer and Speaker Pelosi trying to push measures that are economically right to what Republicans are wanting. This must be the craziest year we’ve had for quite a while.

  8. Earlier I guessed that in a couple of days the media would try to call this the “Trump Plague”, I may push this prediction back as the Enemy of the people media will first have to transition through China’s talking points to work on the narrative claiming that this originated in America since it seems like they are all in on tanking Trump even to the point of supporting the most wretched regimes on earth.

  9. It is a conflict between the 1st and 3rd Niggardly Principles.

    At this point, I get emails daily about “Covid19”. I drive by electronic highway signs and billboards giving advice about Covid19. Public authorities in the Tri-State/Quad-State area (NY,CT,RI,MA, etc) have committed to at least a consistent name for giving health information. There is really no doubt what to call it up here.

    I am terribly disappointed with how they are rolling out ever increasingly restrictive measures (either they have no idea what they are doing OR they know exactly what they are doing – neither is reassuring). My main concern is keeping track of what is happening on the US end. While I don’t think “Wuhan Virus” is racist (After the Gulf of Mexico incident, even Obama pointedly blamed British Petroleum), I don’t necessarily think it is helpful. When I log in here, I actually have to stop and remember “Wuhan Virus” is the same as “Covid19” (I am a bit fried by all the restrictions and endless coverage). I momentarily wonder if there two diseases and I am losing my mind. It is one thing to stick it to the censorious; but it is another thing to provide factual commentary without distraction.

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