High Noon Ethics Showdown, 4/2/2020: Reality Dawns


Interestingly, the usually busy street bordering on our cul de sac looks just like this right now, except Gary Cooper isn’t anywhere to be seen…

1. What? The U.S. does NOT have more Wuhan virus cases than China? How can that be??? Senator Ben Sasse (R., Neb.), hardly a knee-jerk Trump apologist, who sits on the Senate committee that deals with classified intelligence, said the Chinese Communist Party continues to lie about the death toll from the virus. He has said information he has viewed shows the United States does not surpass China in terms of deaths. This was obvious to anyone not actively trying to use the spread of the illness for partisan advantage, but it’s nice to have confirmation.

“The claim that the United States has more coronavirus deaths than China is false,” Sasse said yesterday. “Without commenting on any classified information, this much is painfully obvious: The Chinese Communist Party has lied, is lying, and will continue to lie about coronavirus to protect the regime. Beijing’s garbage propaganda shouldn’t be taken seriously by the World Health Organization, by independent journalists, or by the American epidemiologists who are going to beat this terrible virus.”

This, of course, further impugns the news media. Stephen Kruiser wrote,

“Every day, they find new ways to reinforce the “Enemy of People” status that they have been earning every day in the Trump era. They’ve routinely scolded anyone who accurately refers to the virus as being of Chinese origin, screaming “RACISM!” as if they were getting paid each time they uttered or typed the word. What has been most insidious has been the parroting of whatever China reports about the virus. Almost everyone in American media has been acting as ChiCom public relations lackeys, taking everything that the Chinese government says and passing it along without questioning any of it.”

Maybe Brian Stelter can explain why that’s unfair.

I’d quote a non-conservative media source, but the non-conservative media ignored Sasse’s comments. Why is that? (It’s a rhetorical question.)

2. More on “Murder on The Fish Tank Express,” or “Murder Most Fishy” or something…When I wrote the first post about the man who died after his wife persuaded him to swallow fish-tank cleaner because, she said, the President had promoted chloroquine, one of the ingredients, as a promising treatment forWuhan virus infections, commenter Joe Fowler suggested that the story sounded she had figured out how to bump off her husband, writing,

Am I alone in finding it suspicious that the couple that consumed the fish tank cleaner is presumed to have done exactly what the wife is claiming? The husband is dead in bizarre circumstances, poison in fact…. The “Trump told us to do it!” nonsense is just too perfect a narrative for the corrupt media, they can’t help but use it.

I joked about how Joe should adapt his theory as a screenplay. Then we learned that far from being a robotic Trump-follower, the woman was, in fact, an active anti-Trump donor. The woman had explicitly blamed Trump, saying, “Don’t believe anything that the President says and his people.” Then she changed her story, saying that it wasn’t the President who convinced her that eating the non-medicinal version of chloroquine, but “media reports.” (Nevertheless, her lie became a new Trump Hate narrative, with reports like this one:

An Arizona man is died of a heart attack and his wife was hospitalized after the couple ingested a type of chloroquine, a chemical that has been hailed recently by President Trump as a possible “game changer” in the fight against novel coronavirus. https://t.co/ItBLKqac8B

— NPR (@NPR) March 24, 2020

Mission accomplished! Now, through the site Techno Fog, the plots thickens:

“Court records show the wife who fed her husband fish cleaner (poison?) has a history of mental illness (paranoia, depression) and had considered divorcing her husband as far back as 2012″The wife had significant health issues. She testified that she had “adrenal gland failure, and steroids and heart medicine are keeping me functioning”

We also learn that unlike in “Let’s see if the fish tank cleaner protects us!” episode, she regularly sought input from doctors. Transcripts in a civil showed  that she sought out an occupational health doctor and “wanted his advice.” She also has has a history  depression, anxiety, and anger. From that transcript,

Q: Did you tell your doctor in 2012 that you wanted a divorce?

A: “Probably. I’m furious all the time.”

None of this means that a woman who says that she talked her credulous husband into poisoning himself and lies about why in fact murdered him. It does mean that the news media was again made stupid by its bias, and that the case deserves further investigation.  Hanlon’s Razor still suggests that the man dies of stupidity rather than malice.

Meanwhile, the FDA has approved chloroquine for tests on human subjects suffering from the effects of the virus.

Andrea Widberg writes of the incident, “Here’s an excellent rule of thumb when navigating stories that are hostile to President Trump: assume that everything you hear is a lie, whether it’s from the media or from the anti-Trump source about which the media is reporting. ”

3. A quick and rueful personal note about double standards…While I was booted as an NPR contributer because the radio host felt that my commentary tried to excuse President Trump (it did not), CNN contributor, Sophia Nelson, referred to the President as “retarded”in a now-deleted social media post that read, “They just always got an excuse to cover for his retarded ass!”


CNN has issued no rebuke, and the tweet has only been reported in conservative media.

She was, however, attacked by the Twitter mobs, not for uncivil and indefensible public rhetoric toward the President, but because she used the politically incorrect “r-word,” which is on the Left’s banned word list.

4. Cause and effect. College Pulse  released a survey of 2,000 college students showing that 60%  regard offensive jokes to be hate speech. This is, of course, an anti-American, anti-First Amendment attitude.  The poll found that 76% of  students who identify as Democrats “believe offensive jokes can constitute hate speech,” but only about a third of Republican students held that view. Of course, only three were surveyed.



Gee, I wonder how this happened? I assume it’s because of indoctrination like this:

The Council of Chief Diversity Officers at the University of California  issued a “guidance document” telling  students to “stop” others from referring to the “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus.”

“Do not use terms such as ‘Chinese Virus’ or other terms which cast either intentional or unintentional projections of hatred toward Asian communities, and do not allow the use of these terms by others.”

College students are being indoctrinated by colleges that are hostile to the Bill of Rights in general and Freedom of Speech in particular. That’s how you get a survey result like College Pulse found.

11 thoughts on “High Noon Ethics Showdown, 4/2/2020: Reality Dawns

  1. It’s like McCarthy and his ilk were right that Communists had infiltrated the educational system and were bent on the destruction of American society.

    So, why are educators so slanted to the left? The reason is that people on the left are mostly bigots and the people on the right mostly aren’t. I am trying to find the study, but it asked faculty if they would hire a person from the opposite political party if they were the best person for the job. Well, ~35% of Republican faculty said they wouldn’t, but ~70% of the Democrats said they wouldn’t. So, after you get about 60% Democrats in a workplace, no new Republicans can be hired. However, if even 100% of a workplace is Republican, Democrats can still be hired. Over 50 years, this results in an almost totally Democrat workforce. It seems that Democrats are just not compatible with tolerance.

    • Who is asking political questions in a hiring process?

      Not actual jobs in the real world.

      Undoubtedly those kinds of questions can be concealed behind legitimate questions in the academic world…

  2. Turns out I’ve wasted my time on the screenplay! This thing is writing itself, including the “I fed him his favorite meal” line that she came up with describing the events of the day he died. Now I’m just waiting to find out how much money she could inherit, and the name of her fiendish male ‘yoga trainer’.

  3. 3. As a child of the 80s my brain still thinks of things as “retarded” and “gay”. I don’t include them in my day to day vocabulary anymore, and understand why they shouldn’t be used, but they are hard-coded into my thinking and always will be.

    • I was born in the 1970s, so I still think of those things too. I had neighbors who had four severely mentally handicapped children who went to someplace to learn “life skills” on the so-called short bus. Us more normal kids openly referred to it as the “tart cart,” the “weirdo wagon,” and the “mental metro.”

  4. 1. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths the ‘#resistance’ will go to discredit the president-even if it means actively believing and pushing fake news, and propaganda being spewed by a totalitarian communist regime.

    Who needs Chinese infiltration and propaganda, when you have an entire media/education/entertainment/tech /political establishment all furiously working to remove the current president by hook or by crook.

    2. Third alternate title for the screenplay adaptation – “Something Fishy This Way Comes”

  5. #1: Note that those who, to this date, have touted the modest attempts by foreign agents to sow dissent and disruption during the last election (as long as such could be falsely framed as “trying to elect Trump”), are now the eager handmaidens of a more powerful and sinister authoritarian enemy pushing even more dangerous disinformation.

    #4: A few small but disturbing words reveal the genuinely totalitarian mindset from which this “Diversity Department” directive emanates: “…do not allow the use of these terms by others.”.

    Never mind whether one accepts the absurd premise of their objection, or the validity of their intent, some other wording would be more appropriate…”discourage”, “object to”, “do not encourage”, even, maybe, “do not accept”. Instead, they assume it’s the prerogative of even a delegated authority to control what others are allowed to say. Come another few inches into the tent, camel.

  6. Joe Fowler: You should watch the British comedy series ‘A Very Peculiar Practice’.

    One of the minor characters is a Literature Professor who is constantly coming up with more and more outlandish plots in the hope of producing a TV series, only to have them actually happen.

    • Thanks Paul, will keep an eye out for it. Incredibly, it’s not currently streaming on xfinity, Hulu, Netflix or Amazon. Saw a bit on YouTube though! Love that sort of humor.

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