Incompetent Elected Official Of The Week: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx)

Rep. Jackson-Lee is the Chair of the Congressional Coronavirus Task Force. This is how she wears her mask.

Res ipsa loquitur.

I will add that it would be normal and understandable for those who trust and admire the Congresswoman–incredibly enough, there are such people—to look to her as a role model, and would certainly assume that the Chair of the Congressional Coronavirus Task Force would know the correct way TO WEAR A %$#@^&% MASK!

Two brief footnotes:

  • Rep. Lee has quite a dossier at Ethics Alarms, and she deserves all of it.
  • I have photographs of other elected officials wearing their masks the same way. I am ashamed to say this, but I do not have the courage and degree of defiance necessary to publish them at this time, and won’t, until my collection is more diverse. Such is the power of race-baiting in 2020, and the subject of this post, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is one of the primary people responsible for that power.

23 thoughts on “Incompetent Elected Official Of The Week: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx)

  1. The racial undertones of this story, frankly, tick me off. As I should not have to say, the fact that Lee is black has nothing to do with the fact that she’s an idiot. She’s just an idiot, that’s all. The fact that the other photos I’ve found of other elected officials being similarly idiot are also black isn’t my fault, and I shouldn’t have to fear publishing them because people like Lee will say that I’m a racist for doing so. See, if I wasn’t a racist, then I’d ignore the fact that we have elected officials going in front of cameras wearing masks in a way that makes them worthless. Why would I ignore it? Because they’re the wrong race. Why should the race of such idiots matter at all? Because of people like Lee, who exploit race as a shield, by using accusations of racism as a weapon.

    Yet on the other side, I am reading commenters on allegedly respectable conservative blogs making blatant racist comments and jokes about Lee. Again, Lee is an idiot, an especially vile one, and a blight on Congress and the political culture, but her race has nothing to do with those characteristics. They have a lot to do with the fact that she’s in Congress, but that’s another issue. I resent the fact that I can’t present the facts straight and unshaded because of race-baiters like Lee and real racists like those commenters.

    • To clarify: If all the photos I had of elected officials wearing the mask wrong were of white officials, I would post them without blinking, and so would anyone else. But they happen to be black, so I can’t post them. That’s wrong and ridiculous.

      • I understand and agree with your concerns about publishing the photos. Sadly, it means that the progressive’s efforts at censorship are working.

        • I don’t think of it ultimately as censorship. It’s just the second fist in a one-two punch. Imagine a schoolyard wherein the teachers prattle on about how equal two types of children are and go on to equalize all results forcefully and always in one direction. It teaches the children that the equality may not be as real as they’re told but also that they’ll be punished for not playing along. The lesson is that our role is to fall in line regardless of whether or not the orders are obvious moronic lies. It’s a one-two punch directly to the citizen’s integrity.

          Solzhenitsyn had a lot to say about those sorts of things.

      • “To clarify: If all the photos I had of elected officials wearing the mask wrong were of white officials, I would post them without blinking, and so would anyone else. But they happen to be black, so I can’t post them. That’s wrong and ridiculous.”

        I’ve been pointedly talking about this phenomenon, a societal cancer, routinely and now it’s come to Ethics Alarms.

        These are choices and these kinds of choices are being made for the same kinds of reasons every day all across the United States. It’s there in the news, it’s there in the newspapers, it’s there on the streets, it’s in the school systems, it’s in the police departments, it’s in the government, it’s in the businesses, it’s in the store fronts and it’s in the home – all you have to do is pay attention. The choice is a preemptive one to protect businesses and individuals from the irrational emotional perceptions of morally bankrupt stupid people that use their blind ignorance to destroy others and it matter not how illogical, irrational, emotional and morally bankrupt their justifications are; they have shown that it’s a power they will wield and our society is making decisions based on that fact. These “stupid people” know that there is no way to publicly defend against hordes of virtue signaling people screaming RACIST at the top of their lungs in the physical or virtual public square, even if they’re wrong you can’t prove you’re not a racist it’s trying to prove a negative.

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, progressives and social justice warriors have already won the battle of the minds; either a vast majority of the population is willfully consumed by the social justice bull shit or they are in literal fear of it; therefore, our society is screwed. Progressives’ social justice intimidation tactics have won the day.


        Post the photos you currently have regardless of their race – you’re posting facts, openly acknowledge that there are likely other photos out there and make it perfectly clear up front that if someone can find similar photos of public officials or prominent public personalities improperly wearing these kind of masks regardless of their race that you will add them to the photographic list.  This really isn’t about showing photos of common citizens screwing up how they place their mask, this is about the people that we as a society consider “leaders” that are literally NOT presenting the proper example to the public. Unfortunately we know that there is a swath of people in our society that will follow the lead of poor example public figures no matter how inappropriate they are.

        • P.S. In today’s society, no one is immune to side effects of social justice warrior (SJW) intimidation in our society, we either make our choices to avoid SJW confrontations or we make choices that might inflame SJW’s or we make our choices while being willfully blind to the possible SJW consequences.

  2. Jack, for what it’s worth, those masks are pretty much worthless anyway. So it doesn’t much matter how they are worn, anyway.

    • Clearly NOT! NOSE-breathers, yes.

      I was just reminded of a silly skit on the Red Skelton Show, where a novice cowboy stagecoach robber pulled his kerchief all the way up over his eyes, and ran himself into a tree.

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