Monday Ethics Lockdown, 9/28/2020: Wait, CNN Reporters Are Challenging Democrats Now?

I locked it down so securely that it took until Tuesday to open it…

1. Does the Democratic Party’s 2020 ticket constitute the most irresponsible nominations for President and Vice-President in U.S. history? I think a strong case can be made that it is. The patriotic duty of a political party is to give the American people the best possible choices of competent and trustworthy leaders to cast their votes for. In 2020, the nominee for President is mentally declining into incompetence, and the nominee for Vice-President appears to have no genuine objectives other than her own voracious ambition, and will say anything to achieve that. Recent evidence:

  • It was missed at the time, and the 77-year-old Biden had more marbles left then, but during a town hall event last October before the South Carolina Democratic primary, video shows Biden claiming, “I got started out of a HBCU, Delaware State,” he told pupils at Wilson High School in Florence, founded in 1866 by the Freedmen’s Bureau for black children seeking an education. Delaware State is a traditional black college. Yesterday, Delaware State University confirmed  that Joe Biden was never a student there.

Did Joe really misremember where he went to college? Does he think he’s black? Was he lying? Who knows?

  • Kamala Harris appeared at the virtual NAACP convention last week, and, CNN commentator Angela Rye asked Harris who was the best rapper alive. “Tupac!” she answered.

Tupac Shakur has been dead since 1996. Harris, as is her habit, tried to giggle the gaffe away, and then was given another chance. “There’s so many, you know?” she huminahumina-ed. “There’s some I would not mention right now because they should stay in their lane.”

Sure. You know, I have never listened to a rap station or to a single rap song all the way through,  and I can name at least six. Heck, just add almost any adjective to “Ice” and you’ll probably name one by accident. And I’m not even sort-of black.

It’s not that Harris is faking it all the time, it’s that she’s not smart enough to do a convincing job faking it.

2. Wait, another CNN reporter refuses to let a Democrat get away with spouting nonsense?

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal has repeatedly said and tweeted that he regarded the nomination of Amt Coney Barrett as “illegitimate” and a “sham process.” When he was interviewed on CNN by Wolf Blitzer, he must have been shocked to find himself being asked exactly what he was talking about.Blumenthal repeatedly returned to his claim that the nomination is “illegitimate” and a “sham.” After the Senator repeated the accusation, Blitzer asked,

“What are the Republicans doing that is illegal or illegitimate? The Constitution says the president has to nominate Supreme Court justices; the Senate has to advise and consent and confirm. So what what is illegal about what the president and the Republicans are doing? You say it’s illegitimate.”

Blumenthal answered that “the vote on this nominee will occur literally at the end of October, a handful of days before an election.”

Blitzer wouldn’t let him get away with it. “Where does it say that’s illegitimate in the U.S. Constitution or in the law?” he asked. “Where does it say that what they’re doing … is illegal?”

Blumenthal muttered, “Illegal it may be not under the Constitution. Under the norms and traditions and unwritten rules of the Senate, it is illegitimate.” Wolfe still wasn’t buying it. “What I hear you saying, Sen. Blumenthal, it may be inappropriate, it may be wrong — especially so close to an election — but you agree that there’s nothing illegal or totally illegitimate as to what they’re doing,” Blitzer said.

“It may not violate the letter of the Constitution,” Blumenthal admitted. “It violates the spirit of the Constitution.”

Oh. That undefined spirit that is essentially what ever Democrats say it is, and those “norms” and unwritten rules.

Good for Wolf. I guess it was too much to ask that he deliver the final coup de grâce, and say, “So you’re admitting then, that it is legitimate, and that by saying otherwise, you’re deliberately misrepresenting the issue to the public.”

Or better yet, “So you admit that you’re full of crap, right?”

15 thoughts on “Monday Ethics Lockdown, 9/28/2020: Wait, CNN Reporters Are Challenging Democrats Now?

  1. “The patriotic duty of a political party is to give the American people the best possible choices of competent and trustworthy leaders to cast their votes for.”

    It’s all down to vanity now. There are millions out there who have been acting like mental cases for four years, from the pussy hat parades to the burning of cities, who are complicit in all of it – and now they have Joe Biden in front of them. They’re in too deep, though, and can’t admit that Biden nomination is proof that their movement was not populist, but directed from above, and that they have no idea who is actually running it or what they plan to do.

  2. We should ALL find that article or clip and COMMENT on it letting Wolf know we APPRECIATE him having integrity in that moment with that guest because CNN of late has been so misleading and dishonest its refreshing to hear him not accept misleading answers which make him look dishonest as a reporter.

    Praise him for it and encourage the character and ethical values he displays.

    Maybe it will appeal to his heart and he’ll do more. Eventually those with conscience are going to jump ship and knowing they have a place to land to catch them when they are cancelled by everyone in their life will be needed for some to jump out or “walk away.”

    I read stories daily from people leaving the left in a Facebook walk away group. Gays, blacks, minorities, and more are leaving and most all losing their friends and family. The stories are almost unbelievable.

    Some get over 15k likes and thousands of comments.

    jack, I’ve seen you “walk away” sorta… not sure you were ever Democrat, but you sure weren’t for Trump at all. You seem to be leaning there like the hundreds of thousands in this group because the actions of the left are out of control and Trump has carried on and kept promises, he has also accomplished a lot of good a great things that barely get a mention if ever in most cases.

    The Middle East silence loudly said “we won’t tell you good things that may actually help you sleep better at night.” No, instead they continue selling fear, hate, anxiety as written for them by their producers, the ones who need to keep their bosses who provide the “Wellbutrin “ and Zoloft ads in between segments.

    Anyway… I rambled… and think we should go leave a nice comment for Wolfe. We have no idea where those in that industry are in their journeys. A few have left and Joe Rogans podcast is full of people talking about this subject daily.

    A recent one went after NPR and NBC and all the lies and millions and millions listen to him… people are speaking up cuz they’re scared shirtless.

    What do you think?

    • Jack was strongly against Trump as the nominee from the get-go, and briefly on favor of Hillary, before he decided she was not worthy of his support either. I was also against Trump as the nominee, I thought he’d be a disaster for the GOP, although I was never going to vote for Hillary, who I thought was an unethical proto-tyrant.

      Wolf didn’t do anything other than what a reporter is supposed to do. The fact that that’s considered noteworthy says more about journalism than it does about him. Poppy Harlow of the same network threatened to shut down an interview with deputy press secretary Brian Morgenstern when he said he thought the NYT had colluded with the Democratic Party on this recent attempt to gin up a tax scandal. I only wish she had, just to prove again what most of us already know.

      I’m afraid myself, but I’m not afraid of four more years of Trump, who built a great economy and started to right the ship aggressively. I’m afraid that the same people who view ordinary working people as pawns and cannon fodder to be thrown to the wolves as needed, will attain real power. Do you really want Keith Ellison as AG? Do you really want Elizabeth Warren, or worse, AOC, as Secretary of the Treasury? Do you really want a bunch of diehard Democrat US Attorneys who will dismiss the prosecutions that did come out of this summer of flames? Do you really want to be totally at the mercy of these mobs, just like ordinary folks in the South were totally at the mercy of the KKK and related groups? That’s where this country is headed if Biden gets elected.

      • I am still “against” Trump as a leadership type and appropriate Presidential model, while “supporting” him as President because we elected him President, and a leader is owed his nation’s support. This dichotomy is apparently beyond the Trump Deranged’s comprehension. I decided that while he was not a desirable President by my analysis, the entire Democratic Party, symbolized by Hillary’s spectacular dishonesty and Machiavellian practices, is an existential danger to our democracy and institutions.

        Unfortunately, I was more right than I ever could have suspected, as demonstrated by what has occured since the 2016 election.

  3. On the Blitzer/Blumenthal exchange, Blitzer could have pushed just a little bit further and pointed out that the situation Blumenthal is describing has happened before. Eight times. And they weren’t all Republicans.

    What’s getting my back up more and more is that the “return to normalcy” message, one I have a whole lot of sympathy for, is being spouted by people who aren’t acting normal and who seem not to know what normal is. This is a normal SCOTUS confirmation process. They might not like it, but that does not make it abnormal. Hell, nothing could possibly be more normal than usual functions of government sending progressives into vapors.

    • That is a fascinating observation. I have seen it, too. “Progressive” is supposed to mean “moving forward” but the Democrats and the Left want to move “back” to state control of the country. They, and probably the Republican Establishment, can’t abide a disruptor like Trump mucking up the way things have always been done.


    • I find the “voters should have a voice” complaint objectionable, as if their Senator just dropped into that seat from outer space. They voted and that Senator was the one elected, chosen by the voter(s) for a job that includes certifying treaties negotiated by the Executive and passing (advise and consent) on nominations of judges. That is the voice of the voter.

  4. Sen./V.P. nominee Kamala Harris said, “There’s some I would not mention right now because they should stay in their lane.”

    What does that mean? “Stay in your lane” means “mind your own business; keep moving straight ahead and don’t veer over into my personal affairs”. The phrase is used as a term of admonishment or advice against those who express thoughts or opinions on a subject about which they are viewed as having insufficient knowledge or ability.


        • She’s an abomination and she’s not the sharpest pencil in the drawer. All I see when I see her or read her words is her despicable, amateurish, churlish, would get you an F in trial practice, smarmy, denigrating, grating, smirk-filled, condescending, awful cross examination of Brett Kavanaugh during the Senate televised hearings. Frankly, she seems to be pretty low energy as well. She also seems to be just mailing in the campaign. I’m not sure she really gives a shit about much of anything. Nearly everything seems to be beneath her. She makes Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama appear to be the salt of the eart.

          • She may also be demented. Maybe it’s catching. Check out this response to a question on MSNBC. Either she’s demented or can’t even manage a huminah huminah, or doesn’t even care to:

            Sen. Kamala Harris gave a confusing answer when asked if Joe Biden would be in favor of expanding the Supreme Court in an interview Monday night with MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell.

            “If Judge Barrett and the Democrats have control of the Senate next year, and the White House, and the House of Representatives, should the Supreme Court be expanded?” O’Donnell asked.

            “You know — first of all, I think Joe’s been very clear that he is going, uh, to pay attention to the fact and I am with him 1000%, pay attention to the fact that right now, Lawrence, people are voting. They’re voting,” Harris responded.

            WHAAAAAT? Was she reading from a defective teleprompter? A bad connection?

  5. I’ll put here, on the record, that my favorite rapper alive is Vanilla Ice, and I’m not even 100% sure he’s alive, but he had a home improvement show on HGTV.

    See, it’s not that hard. You may give me crap for it, and deservedly, but I am NOT lying.

  6. 2. I think Dopey Dick Blumenthal simply misread his talking points memo or was using an old one: “Trump’s presidency is illegitimate, Dick. Remember? That’s been talking point number one for three years plus. We haven’t used that word on the Supreme Court thingy. Wake up, buddy.”

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