2020 Election Ethics Train Wreck Update: Well THIS Doesn’t Bode Well…

spelling problem

That’s the embarrassing first sheet of the more than 100 page lawsuit filed by lawyer Sidney Powell asking that 96,000 ballots (“at minimum”) in Georgia be disqualified. This is apparently the attack on the Georgia election that Powell referred to as releasing “the Kraken.”

Nobody seems to feel it’s necessary to explain that “Release the Kraken” is a reference to the semi-cheesy Ray Harryhousen stop-action film “Clash of the Titans,” which starred “LA Law’s” Harry Hamlin as Perseus, the Greek mythological hero. In the movie (though not in mythology), Perseus defeats the monstrous Kraken, which is released by the bad guys to kill him and Andromeda (it’s complicated). For some reason Perseus, in addition to carrying around Medusa’s head (which turns the Kraken to stone), rides the winged horse Pegasus. Pegasus was the transportation of a different Greek myth hero, Bellerophon. Neither Bellerophon nor Perseus had anything to do with the Kraken, which is not even a Greek myth monster. It’s Scandinavian, and is basically a giant squid.


  • “Districct”? “Distrcoict”? This is gross incompetence, and would be if filed in a trivial suit of no consequence whatsoever.
  • Clerks and judges detest such sloppiness. It taints everything that follows, and that’s fair: why trust the arguments of a lawyer who doesn’t do even minimal proof-reading (or who can’t spell)?
  • Such carelessness is interpreted as disrespect, and properly so.
  • For a prominent lawyer to promise a devastating lawsuit that may turn around a Presidential election and then deliver an amateurish product that a reasonably alert 5th grader could improve is unethical, as well as malpractice per se.
  • The President and the nation deserve better.

17 thoughts on “2020 Election Ethics Train Wreck Update: Well THIS Doesn’t Bode Well…

  1. Pitiful. I was hoping to see something out of all the claims that has some substance. There is almost no way the election will be overturned; if it is, I’ll be one of the most astonished persons in the USA.

    My wife is still optimistic and actually just showed me what she says is a copy with the correct spellings, but, that looked like a filing from Lin Wood. She gets angry with me when I keep telling her that Biden is the next president. “Don’t talk to me.”

    I’m very unhappy about what I perceive to be a fixed election. But, it’s just about water under the bridge now. We have to move forward and ensure the integrity of the 2022, 2024 and future elections.

    • But, part of doing that is making a point.

      Let’s say Trump succeeds in calling into question 2 or 3 states. And, let’s say it is not enough or in time to prevent Biden’s inauguration. Hopefully, it will be enough to make the point that election integrity HAS to be addressed. Even if he only knocks out or reversed one state, that SHOULD be a wake up call to everyone. Some may try to ignore it, or downplay it, but Trump’s challenges will be validated, even if they try to ignore it.


      • In the meantime, let us remember what Michael Tracey had pointed out.


        I know we’re all tired of the polling-industrial complex and rightly so, but let’s please remember that a December 2016 YouGov poll found half of all Clinton voters that year didn’t just believe that Russia “interfered” in the election to the advantage of Trump, but that they tampered with the ballot tallies and effectively hacked the voting machines. By 2018, a supermajority of Democratic voters expressed this belief.

      • That I would be all in favor of. I think they simply don’t have enough hard evidence to show that fraud may have happened — as opposed to systems that were possible to hack and procedures that weren’t followed.

        Legal Insurrection summed it up pretty good, I thought:

        I’ve now had a chance to read through the entire Georgia complaint. The allegations demonstrate an unreliable election took place in which numerous safeguards were removed and/or ignored and/or violated through open connivance and deception.

        That’s bad, but not the same thing as showing sufficient proof of fraud to overturn a presidential election.

        But if that can be the foundation for re-evaluating our election procedures, it can be a good thing. We’re finding out some of the reasons European countries don’t allow large scale mail in voting.

  2. Basic Word would catch those kind of mistakes. There’s no excuse for e-filing something like that. I don’t do much Federal court work, but I filed a motion to dismiss a case I think has marginal merit in October, and you can bet your bookshelf I ran everything through double and triple proofreading. Even after all that, I still made one more check right before I e-filed, and I still caught the fact that I had forgotten to change the name of the magistrate judge on one of the pleadings (a new one had been rotated in). Had I filed that without catching that mistake I would have been hearing about it for a month. This kind of sloppiness probably merits discipline, to the tune of 3 days for neglect of duty, 3 more for poor performance, 4 more for conduct unbecoming. This is supposed to rock the world?

    P.S. Clash of the Titans 1981 was nowhere near the original myth. Ray Harryhausen was a master of stop-motion photography, but sticking to the source material was never his strong suit. For the record, the monster Perseus battled to save Andromeda was named Cetus, and was more sea serpent/whale than anything else. The kraken in that movie, described as the last of the Titans (wrong) was like nothing found in any mythology, a gigantic sea monster part man, part sea serpent, with four arms. Still, it served the purpose of being a huge destructive force that only something like the gaze of the severed head of Medusa could stop. BTW, the last sequence was supposed to include Pegasus being torn apart by the kraken and Andromeda being naked, but those elements were junked to avoid an R rating.

  3. I disagree strongly.

    This pleading is exactly characteristic of the Trump Presidency. Along with the Four Seasons debacle. It is exactly what the incumbent deserves. It is his creature.

    Reams of Depositions that state “I aver on penalty of Perjury that I read somewhere that an election official heard that another election official said there was fraud” and the like. Those are the “mountains of evidence”.

    You were conned.

    At some stage, the deserved presumption of good faith because of a ridiculously biased MSM, biased against the incumbent, needs to be recognised as, well, BS.

    This farce is going to make the task of making elections in the US more verifiable much harder. It has given challenging vote counting a bad name.

    As I’ve commented before, 50+ state/territory jurisdictions with hundreds of different counties, all doing their own thing, provides security by variety, yet makes authentication beyond “near enough is good enough” impossible. Yet that is what is constitutionally required.

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