Crowbar, ProBar, Whatever…

toy train wreck

Fake news, fake hero, media bias, unethical joke, Poe’s Law—this tiny ethics train wreck, an insignificant side-track in the 2020 Election Ethics Train Wreck, is still depressing…

First, CNN reported that the heroic Rep. Ted Lieu, one of the most unethical and hateful members of Congress (so naturally he’s been designated an impeachment manager by Pelosi) grabbed a crowbar as he prepared to do battle with the rogue demonstrators who rushed the Capitol for the hell of it on January 6.

Nothing like the news media pumping up a toxic jerk just because he’s a Democrat…confirmation bias at its worst. CNN’s reporter heard what he or she wanted to hear, but Lieu did not, in fact, grab a crowbar. He grabbed a ProBar energy bar, so CNN had to issue a correction:

“CORRECTION: A previous version of this story misstated that Rep. Ted Lieu grabbed a crowbar before leaving his office. He grabbed a ProBar energy bar.

This, in turn, prompted some wag to post this fake CNN correction:

Fake CNN correction

Nope. It’s not funny. It’s not funny because CNN is incompetent and biased, so falsely accusing a GOP Senator of supporting the conspiracy-purveying QAnon is in character, just as falsely making a weenie of a Democratic Representative sound like Jim Bowie at the Alamo is in character. It’s not funny because in this climate of media-driven fake news, the Cruz story isn’t nearly ridiculous enough to signal that it’s a joke, so it naturally deceived a lot of people.

It might have deceived me, if I had seen it before it was debunked. This would have also been confirmation bias, because I know CNN is absolutely untrustworthy, and I am conditioned to believe that they are capable of anything, no matter how inept, stupid, or ridiculous. This is the essence of Poe’s Law.

Indeed, this applies in various degrees to 95% of the progressive media. For example, Yahoo soiled itself reporting on the crowbar/Doritos sequence, by…

  • Calling the riot the “Cappitol siege.” It hardly qualified as a “seige,” and that’s not how you spell “Capitol”…
  • Writing “as insurrections swarmed the US Capitol.’ Ugh. It was a protest that turned into a riot. Two hundred assholes do not an “insurrection” make, and definitely don’t “insurrections” make. Throughout the reporting on the ugly incident, the news media has used inflammatory language to mislead and alarm the public (and to give support to the Democrat’s despicable latest impeachment sham.)
  • Actually wrote that the breach of the Capitol ” threw the future of the American republic into question.” Yahoo really published that.

Finally, Senator Cruz rose out of this mess as a politician who has a sense of humor as well as the character not to lose his head while all around him are losing theirs and blaming it on him.. The Texas Senator tweeted,

Cruz tweet

10 thoughts on “Crowbar, ProBar, Whatever…

    • No, because there’s no way they would have called it a “mostly peaceful protest”. The lit cigarette would have been described as “an attempt by seditionists to give heroic Democrats lung cancer”…

      I wish I was joking.

    • The mere act of lighting a cigarette would have been reported as an attempt to burn down the Capitol Building, War-of-1812 style.


  1. My first thought (just now, in this post) was “where would he get a crowbar?” Do members of Congress actually take tools of construction to sessions?

    I wonder if many own one of those and/or have ever used one for its intended purpose.

    • Not only do I own and have used a crowbar, but I own and have used a 6-ft. wrecking bar and a dainty little “”Ladyss Foot” pry bar. However, I am also not a Senator or Representative.

  2. I have been reading some articles written by the left about the demise of Fox News, and I can only conclude that the left is really and truly delusional. They have absolutely no idea what is going on in the minds of the half of the country they despise, and they have no idea what the size of the powder keg they are gleefully throwing lit matches at is.

    I read this quote on some lefty site tonight: “ Pretty funny, no? Having thrown in with Trump uncategorically for the last four or five years, Fox News can no longer be trusted by anyone. And what is the guiding principle now since Trump encouraged the Capitol riots? On Fox & Friends, the nitwit anchors can’t even agree on what is wrong or right. Steve Doocey and Brian Kilmeade, programmed to rationalize every idiotic and dangerous thing, and not very bright on good days, are openly fighting with each other. LOL.”

    None of that has any connection to reality. People stopped watching Fox News because of the left wing propaganda they starting preaching. Chris Wallace’s naked partisanship during the debates, and the blatantly partisan calls on election night. Waiting hours go call Florida which had obviously gone to Trump, but calling Arizona for Biden about 45 seconds after the polls closed. Pretending Texas had a shot at going to Biden for hours, and lying about water main breaks in Georgia. When everyone is out to get you, you notice when people who are supposedly on your side act like the enemy. And the left is the enemy of a large portion of the country. The left preaches racist anti-white rhetoric, hate for straight people, and a desire to eradicate Judaism and Christianity.

    The left think it is funny that over 25% of the country approves of succession? They think it is funny that over 75% of republicans think the election was stolen? They absolutely think that the “insurrection” propaganda they are spewing is hilarious. They will probably continue thinking it is funny right up until the bullets start flying.

    The left has spent the last 12 years alienating, dehumanizing, ostracizing, and otherizing half the country. They sit there laughing at the idea that poking a bear with a stick could ever lead to the bear turning around and biting their face off.

    D.C. currently looks like downtown Baghdad, and the left are laughing like hyenas. They think it is funny that the only “mainstream” conservative news station has crashed and burned, and don’t even seem to be asking themselves what the ramifications of that might be. The ramifications are violence on a scale not seen since the civil war, and that is funny?

    Meanwhile, the truth about the riot is starting to trickle out, that it was instigated by left wing whack jobs like Tim Gionet and John Sullivan. The arrests of both individuals is ignored by the left because it doesn’t fit a narrative, but it isn’t ignored or unknown to people on the right. The propaganda continues to spew, the censorship grows, and the anger builds. Gun sales are through the roof, people are wiping out the stock of canned goods and rice at big box bulk stores, and ammo is out of stock.

    The left giggles on Twitter about genocide, Antifa and BLM are planning false flag attacks on state capitals on Inauguration Day according to right wing sites, and the national guard has been rolled out across the country with orders to use lethal force.

    None of this is funny. I don’t see a single thing in current events to amuse anyone.

    • Frankly, the Left has been working on getting the nation to this point since the 2nd term of the younger Bush. Now they realize just how deadly dangerous the climate they’ve created actually is. But they know if their side starts the violence then they are clearly in the wrong. So they’ll keep needling those they’ve otherized until they finally snap and start the violence.

      Then the narrative will be full blown a suppression of an actual insurrection with full license to erase the Bill of Rights.

      The cat’s out of the bag when it’s apparent how, in reality ground-level left wingers have been the source of 95% of the violence for a decade now but it’s never incorporated into the narrative as anything other than “peaceful protests”, while these goons who entered the Capitol (wrongly) are now being show to have almost entirely been just idiot rioters with a tiny fraction that actually did really bad things including the murder of the security officer.

      But the narrative there?

      Everyone rational knows.

  3. I do think you are being too hard on the satirists. The left has become so unhinged that what reasonable people think of as over-the-top satire, CNN and the MSM think of as the next big story! Is it the fault of the satirists that they are unable to imagine beyond the insanity that is the ruling elite these days? Have some compassion. Consider that they are just too mentally stable for their jobs now.

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