Comment Of The Day: “Crowbar, ProBar, Whatever…”

poke the bear

Disclaimer:The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of Ethics Alarms or ProEthics, Ltd.

I probably should post that before every Comment of the Day. I don’t choose a COTD because I necessarily agree with it. In the case of Null Pointer’s Comment of the Day below, there are some conclusions I don’t agree with and some assertions I am dubious about, but the over-all thrust of the comment is spot-on.

There is also an Ethics Quote of the Week in there:

“I read this quote on some Lefty site tonight: “’Pretty funny, no? …On Fox & Friends, the nitwit anchors can’t even agree on what is wrong or right!'”

Journalists aren’t supposed to decide what’s “wrong or right,” but it is clear that progressives, and that obviously includes most journalists and their editors, do, and that’s exactly why they are tending toward totalitarianism and away from democracy.

Here is Null Pointer’s Comment of the Day on the post, “Crowbar, ProBar, Whatever…

I have been reading some articles written by the left about the demise of Fox News, and I can only conclude that the left is really and truly delusional. They have absolutely no idea what is going on in the minds of the half of the country they despise, and they have no idea what the size of the powder keg they are gleefully throwing lit matches at is.

I read this quote on some Lefty site tonight: “ Pretty funny, no? Having thrown in with Trump uncategorically for the last four or five years, Fox News can no longer be trusted by anyone. And what is the guiding principle now since Trump encouraged the Capitol riots? On Fox & Friends, the nitwit anchors can’t even agree on what is wrong or right. Steve Doocey and Brian Kilmeade, programmed to rationalize every idiotic and dangerous thing, and not very bright on good days, are openly fighting with each other. LOL.”

None of that has any connection to reality. People stopped watching Fox News because of the left wing propaganda they starting preaching, Chris Wallace’s naked partisanship during the debates, and the blatantly partisan calls on election night. Waiting hours to call Florida which had obviously gone to Trump, but calling Arizona for Biden about 45 seconds after the polls closed. Pretending Texas had a shot at going to Biden for hours, and lying about water main breaks in Georgia. When everyone is out to get you, you notice when people who are supposedly on your side act like the enemy. And the Left is the enemy of a large portion of the country. The Left preaches racist anti-white rhetoric, hate for straight people, and a desire to eradicate Judaism and Christianity.

The Left thinks it is funny that over 25% of the country approves of succession? They think it is funny that over 75% of Republicans think the election was stolen? They absolutely think that the “insurrection” propaganda they are spewing is hilarious. They will probably continue thinking it is funny right up until the bullets start flying.

The Left has spent the last 12 years alienating, dehumanizing, ostracizing, and otherizing half the country. They sit there laughing at the idea that poking a bear with a stick could ever lead to the bear turning around and biting their face off.

D.C. currently looks like downtown Baghdad, and the left are laughing like hyenas. They think it is funny that the only “mainstream” conservative news station has crashed and burned, and don’t even seem to be asking themselves what the ramifications of that might be. The ramifications are violence on a scale not seen since the civil war, and that is funny?

Meanwhile, the truth about the riot is starting to trickle out, that it was instigated by Left wing whack jobs like Tim Gionet and John Sullivan. The arrests of both individuals is ignored by the left because it doesn’t fit a narrative, but it isn’t ignored or unknown to people on the Right. The propaganda continues to spew, the censorship grows, and the anger builds. Gun sales are through the roof, people are wiping out the stock of canned goods and rice at big box bulk stores, and ammo is out of stock.

The Left giggles on Twitter about genocide, Antifa and BLM are planning false flag attacks on state capitals on Inauguration Day according to Right wing sites, and the national guard has been rolled out across the country with orders to use lethal force.

None of this is funny. I don’t see a single thing in current events to amuse anyone.

11 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Crowbar, ProBar, Whatever…”

    • How does one identify what qualifies as far right these days? The left labels everything they disagree with as far right. If you believe there are only 2 genders, abortion is wrong, or that the government is not the solution to everything, you now qualify as far right according to the left. I cannot keep track of what the current definitions of these things are. I previously thought of the far right as people who blew up abortion clinics and nazi skinheads, but I don’t know what it means anymore.

      Is being offensive on the internet enough to make you far right? Uttering racial slurs? If all your beliefs are leftist beliefs, but you drop the N-word all over Twitter, are you far right?

      If you are campaigning for Democrats, I don’t see how you can qualify as far right. Tim Gionet worked for Buzzfeed and campaigned for Andrew Yang.

      Maybe he is just a whack job, and doesn’t have a particular spot on the political spectrum. It is hard to identify what some of these people are, so I’m just going to label them anarchists and troublemakers. Anarchists would seemingly belong on the far right under the political spectrum we have in the United States, but anarchists are typically classified as far left by the media.

      Wading through all the propaganda is very difficult, especially as the propaganda redefines what words mean every other day. Call Tim Gionet whatever type of extremist you want, he still isn’t a Trump supporter.

  1. GREAT comment, Null!

    I spend ~ one month every summer up in WESconsin’s Bear Country (Iron County [Where Hwy 51 Ends And The Fun Begins!]) and run on an isolated highway (dense woods for miles either way) every day I’m up there; their presence is always on my mind.

    The time-honored advice (~ 30 years) has never varied: DON’T_F*CK_WITH_BEARS!

    • I’ve only ever encountered black bears, which venture into public places where I grew up to eat out of garbage cans. They are less aggressive, but it is still not a good idea to poke them with sticks.

  2. “Crowbar” or “PowerBar”. Same difference. Easy to confuse. Imagine if they said he had a tire iron . . .

    By the way, what is a Member of Congress doing with a crowbar/tire iron in his/her office anyway? That seems like a strange gift. Did the Local 234 Union of Crowbar Workers give it to him in appreciation for a job well done? i am calling hooey on this one.

    I mean, most modern vehicles have self-contained hydraulic jacks that fit under and behind the damaged tire at such a long and inconvenient angle that you take your life into your hands trying to fix or change a flat tire. And they don’t come with tire irons any more, buy with long, clumsy, and inefficient poles that fit into the jack mechanism that is supposed to lift the damn car, especially when cars and trucks are screaming past you at 80 or 85 miles per hour when you are stranded on the frickin’ roadside. Yeah, that happened and I barely lived to tell about it!

    As for Cruz, you do know that “Doritos” is code for “Proud Boys” and “Q Anon”, right? He’s a racist. QED.


    • I have something resembling a tire iron in my car, but it is a strange, 4 armed tire iron that would not be any good as a weapon. The lift in it is also to short. I had to change the tire on my car a couple years ago, and had to use wooden planks under the lift to get it tall enough to actually lift the car. Luckily I was doing it in a parking lot and not in the side of a highway.

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