From The “Scared Yet” Files: The Rest Of The Story On The Persecution Of Professor Charles Negy

Nagy Tweet

As Ethics Alarms noted back in August (which seems like years ago), the University of Central Florida set out to destroy Professor Negy, who was tenured and has taught at the university for decades by inviting students to bring formal complaints against him “based on abusive or discriminatory behavior by any faculty or staff.” Students were already demanding his dismissal because he dared to post the accurate tweet above, but the institution knew it couldn’t fire him for that.

Negy’s lawyer,Samantha K. Harris, described the process:

Since June 4th, a litany (we don’t know the exact number, because they won’t say) of complaints has been lodged against Negy for his classroom pedagogy, for speech that allegedly occurred over a 15-year period from 2005 to 2020. The university charged Negy with discriminatory harassment on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, sex, gender identity/expression, and disability…while providing him with only a handful of “examples” of his alleged wrongdoing. … the university subjected Negy to an “investigative interview” that was one of the most Kafkaesque things I have seen in my 15 years advising students and faculty about campus disciplinary matters. For four straight hours, UCF’s investigator grilled Negy about accusations stemming directly from his classroom pedagogy, having made no effort to weed out the countless accusations that were obviously just critiques of his choice of teaching material….When Negy, physically and emotionally exhausted after four hours of interrogation, asked if the interview was almost over, we learned that the investigator had not even gotten halfway through her list of accusations. Another five-hour inquisition was scheduled for the following week.

This investigation was obviously undertaken in retaliation for Negy’s protected tweets… How many professors are going to be willing to speak out if the result is a nine-hour inquisition followed by an almost inevitable punishment?…Cases like this are canaries in the coal mine: if a public university—a government agency—can treat someone this way for deviating from the university’s orthodoxy, and face no accountability for doing so, then what (and who) is next? The answer, of course, is you and me. We are next. If decent people do not take a stand against these abuses, it’s not a matter of if the state-endorsed mob will come for us—it’s only a matter of when.

When, as we now can see, has arrived.

Negy has denied the allegations against him. “I absolutely have never mistreated any student in any way, shape, or fashion based on any irrational reason (including students’ race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.),” Negy told The College Fix. “I’ve read some complaints online, so I don’t know if they’re truly being lodged. But what I’ve read are complete lies.”

The Orlando Sentinel reported this week that Negy will indeed be fired, his termination taking effect on January 25. “None of the findings in the investigation are a result of Dr. Negy’s comments on Twitter, which are protected as free expression, or comments in the classroom that were the subject of some students’ complaints but that the university determined were protected by academic freedom,” university spokesman Chad Binette told the paper, lying through his teeth. This is a prime tactic of the cancel culture and progressive fascism: since (at the moment), they often can’t punish someone for constitutionally protected speech, they decide to take retributive action because of the protected speech, and look for some unrelated pretense to justify it. In her latest tweet on the matter, Harris wrote,

“UCF threw its full weight behind destroying @CharlesNegy for daring to speak his mind. I’ve been doing this a long time and have rarely seen such an egregious abuse of power.If you were a student or faculty member at UCF now, having watched the university embark on a seven-month, heavily resourced campaign to destroy someone who ran afoul of the ascendant orthodoxy, would you ever speak out?”

Which, of course, is the plan. In fact, there are calls for the University of Central Florida to launch a similar investigation against another professor who referred to the “Wuhan virus”—like I do, and will until they drag me away.

17 thoughts on “From The “Scared Yet” Files: The Rest Of The Story On The Persecution Of Professor Charles Negy

  1. <>
    We are fighting the same nonsense here, for the same reason…No explaining that most viruses are named for where they originated has any impact on the WOKE…it’s racist – everything is racist – in the virtue-signaling world.
    Thank you for having the backbone to stand up to the mob.

  2. The political left is actively engaging in:

    1. Suppress dissidents.
    2. Relegate dissidents to second-class citizenry.
    3. Shun dissidents from all social places.

    …and if left unchecked by our culture and enabled by divisional politics, bigotry and hate the political left will ultimately engage in…

    4. Liquidating them as enemies of the state.

    This is exactly what happened in 1930’s Germany.

      • I don’t know. I have had to ask myself lately if I am willing to die in a hail of gunfire for freedom. Because that is what will happen. You will be fired from your job for ‘hate thought’. Your children will be thrown out of school or taken from you for re-education. What are you going to do about it? Who are you going to fight back against? Are you going to shoot up a school? Take it out on the local police? You can’t get to Washington because they are protected by 30,000 troops who aren’t wearing masks or social distancing. So, how are you going to ‘fight back’ that will make a difference? You probably aren’t. You aren’t because you are a conservative and you don’t believe in attacking or killing innocent people. If the police come for you, are you going to try to kill as many of them as possible before being killed, or are you going to meekly be arrested and hope you get a decent attorney and find the 1 judge in 20 who follows the law and not the dictates of the left? Right, you are going to hope you prevail in court, no matter how unlikely because you are a conservative and you believe in laws.

        This is the way it will be because conservatives don’t have rights. They aren’t even allowed to protest. When they do, it is called childish, ill-conceived, or counterproductive. Even if you get 100,000 conservatives together to protest injustice, it will just be called a temper-tantrum and result it a crackdown. Leftists will cause some violence that will be blamed on the conservatives. They will arrest random people who did nothing but register their complaint to make sure YOU don’t do that next time. You have no outlet to get your message out because all the media and the internet are censored against you. You aren’t allowed to protest it, you can’t fight it, because you don’t have any rights.

        Remember, we recently witnessed the most peaceful takeover of the capitol by protesters eve, as far as I can tell. You can read a really bad article about some of the others below. Remember, in this protest, an unarmed protester was shot by a Capitol police officer, it looks like 3 people had heart attacks, and a police officer was either beaten with a fire extinguisher or tripped and fell down the stairs. The violence that did happen seems to have been staged by the BLM/Antifa people on the scene.

        Bill Ayers, who was behind the bombing mentioned in the article, was a hero and mentor to people such as Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. Democrats set off another bomb in 1984. The person behind that bombing, which was intended to murder Republican Senators and caused over $1 million in damage, currently is a tenured professor at CUNY and on the board of Black Lives Matter.

        Bombings and shootings are the types of protests that are allowed for Democrats. They are even praised. Even peaceful protests are not allowed for conservatives. You can’t even protest the double standards of protests.

        What are you going to do about it?

        • People have to make their own choices about what they are willing to do to protect the Constitution of the United States of America and their individual rights. Everyone should understand fully and without any question in their mind that if you oppressively back human beings into a corner with absolutely no perceived way to escape, most human beings will explode and use everything within their disposal to end the perceived oppression they are facing. Most human beings have a violent streak in them that they don’t even know exists.

          The problem is that in our 21st century culture violence emanating from the extremes of the political left for grievances against their government and those they oppose is for the most part “justified” by the political left and their lapdog media but violence from the extremes of the political right for grievances against their government and those they oppose is automatically deemed as being evil in the court of public opinion. The violence, regardless of who is perpetrating it, is wrong and our justice system should be taking care of it. We are a nation of laws but when those laws are being bastardized and/or ignored by the court of public opinion and their media propaganda machine and that allows a blatantly hypocritical double standard to emerge and oppression reigns supreme. As long as oppression can remain on fringe of the law and the law can’t prosecute then the oppressive behaviors stay out of the courts and the oppressors are free to do as they wish.

          Liberty for me but not for thee is the corner that Conservatives are currently being backed into and once the protections of the Constitution and the Golden Rule are completely ignored for Conservatives you can expect the explosion I mentioned above.

          In my opinion, the battle lines have already been drawn; it’s the propaganda based court of public opinion’s outside the law vigilantism vs the Constitution of the United States of America, the Bill of Rights and the rule of law.

          Who do you support?


  3. “…and will until they drag me away.”

    This week we had conversations with two people who had what I’m calling “The Talk” with their families. That talk is: What is the plan if they come for us?

    I suppose some would be happy to know that conservatives or even those who are not full on radical leftists, are being placed in a position of having to consider drastic threats to their freedom and safety by the state. Perhaps to them it’s cosmic justice and payback for legitimate threats to safety many minorities experienced in the past.

    But here we are. I suspect many families across this country are having this new talk. In our chats we learned others are already forming plans for escape and/or defense. The folks we talked to didn’t seem afraid as much as thinking from a place of an abundance of caution.

    Since I’m a bit of a Pollyanna, I don’t think things will go to that level. That being said, I started jogging a couple weeks ago to make sure if I have to run, I can.

    • Mrs. Q,

      My wife and I have been engaged in this conversation for a couple of years now. We know that those who wish harm against religious white conservatives are a very small minority, however vocal they are. But it hits close to home when friends, former colleagues, even family members, start espousing views that are inimical to our worldview. Perhaps the area of greatest concern comes from homeschooling our children, and watching so many people take exception to our decision personally. Then it becomes a bit scarier when you hear about summits like the one at Harvard last year that was focused on how to destroy homeschooling. We’ve signed up with HSLDA in case we need legal support, because we are concerned that some day in the not-so-distant future, there will be those who try to accuse us of child neglect or some other crime so that DFS will come and take our children away. Of course, HSLDA keeps us informed of all those cases across the nation where this is already happening, which fortunately are still rare. But with such strong sentiment against anyone who dares teach a different narrative than what is in the public schools, we feel that it is inevitable that we’ll be swept up in the conflict.

      Of course we also worry about our lives as Catholics, and we certainly face a growing hostility towards all things Christian. “Do not conform yourself to the world,” St. Paul writes in his letter to the Romans, and we know the world fiercely wants us to conform to it. The Church’s stance against most of the major points of the Democratic platform makes it a target for those who would like to see it ground under financially by first stripping away tax exemptions, and then subjecting it to endless lawsuits for not providing abortions, not placing children with same-sex couples, or performing same-sex weddings, not getting on the bandwagon with contraception, not being “merciful” by endorsing euthenasia, not embracing “science” by accepting fetal stem cell research and sex-reassignment treatments and surgeries, and certainly being out of step by formally rejecting socialism.

      We would like to have the strength and courage to find joy, as the first Christians did, who rejoiced that they had been found worthy to suffer for the name of Jesus, but we have no idea how we would truly react if we faced such persecution. We’re worried about our daughters, what they will have to contend with, and we want to build a safe space around them while equipping them to confront the challenges of the world. Yet we know that there’s no guarantee that children will be safe, as we’ve seen in countless horrific events across history. We pray that similar events do not happen in our nation, but it could happen. How likely is it to happen? We don’t know. Twenty years ago, we never would have suspected we’d be seeing the level of discord we have today.

      The light we cling to is that we’re not alone. There are many groups, like HSLDA, that are already prepared to fight the legal battles, and there are many good people out there from all ideologies who want peace, prosperity, and true justice, who, if push comes to shove, would reject the totalitarian ideas burgeoning in our political parties (yes, Republicans too, as the pandemic has shown). So that’s the key. When my wife and I discuss the problems we might face in the future, it is often with a fear of having almost nowhere to turn. Yet we’re not alone, and everyone who fears “what happens when they come for us” should remember that they’re not alone, either.

  4. Typo: This part was doubled in the post: “None of the findings in the investigation…university spokesman Chad Binette told the “None of the findings…”

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