Ethics Quote Of The Month: Jordan Gould, Earnest Vanderbilt Social Justice Warrior And Pathetic Sap

“Let’s turn the page. A word to the Vandy student government president-elect: You would be surprised to learn how aligned our interests are. I invite you to work with me as I renew my commitment to chair the student government Economic Inclusivity Committee. The pursuit of social justice takes hard work. Let’s meet this challenge together.”

The final, sad paragraph in Vanderbilt student Jordan Gould’s essay on Medium titled “When the Social Justice Mob Came for Me.”

I am not designating this an Ethics Quote of the Month because it expresses an ethical ideal or concept, for being a fool and a patsy is never ethical. Rather, Gould’s lunk-headed failure to learn the obvious lessons from his traumatic experience of running for student body president of his supposedly liberal college is symptomatic of what decades of leftist and anti-American indoctrination have done to our youth. Gould has been marginalized and vilified by those he thought were his allies and ideological compatriots, and he doesn’t even realize it.

The harrowing essay details how he was attacked for being white, Jewish, and belonging to a fraternity, in other words, male.  He writes,

Suddenly I started to get tweets and group messages where people told me to go to hell, that I was a white supremacist and a racist confederate. My senior advisor, a woman of color, was asked why she supported a Colonizer.The other candidates’ supporters tore down our posters and ripped my head off the pictures, a sinister warning of what was to come. My campaign was called the white supremacist campaign. False social media posts circulated that my fraternity had parties with confederate flags and chanted that the south would rise again. One message said, “White men are the absolute worst!” Soon after, the posts got even more terrifying — “Hitler got something right!” and “he should get dragged for it!” I began to fear for my safety. Why was this happening?

Why? Why? This is a smart young man, and he is asking that?

Fascinatingly, there are no comments on his essay at Medium, which is a social justice warrior hangout. The almost entirely hard right audience at Instapundit, however, has plenty to say, and the comments are spot on until the loonies take over and start advocating violence, civil war and purges. A sample:

  • “Sounds like he still loves big brother.”
  • “When you joined their protests, started speaking their language (privilege and social justice), and started performing their little rituals (capitalizing black but not white), this is exactly what you signed up for. You either reject their worldview in its entirety or you accept their dominion over everything you do, say, and think. There is no compromise. If you were too young and naïve to understand this, you’re not anymore.”
  • “How can he reconcile this in his head? If these folks were inclined at all toward “social justice” they wouldn’t have done what they did. His plea will fall on deaf ears and we’ll never hear from him again. Somehow he thinks he can fix what was done to him. What about the next person they turn their gaze to? This is what they’re encouraged to do. This is what they do.”
  • “And he’s still begging to be accepted. It’s very sad. He issues a plea to reconcile with the person who slandered him for her benefit. That they have much in common. It would be easy to point and laugh but I’m just really sad.He knows he has privilege? How? Like, he’s privileged not to be a complete waste of oxygen? He works hard? He’s smart enough for a full scholarship? Dude. They HATE you.”




6 thoughts on “Ethics Quote Of The Month: Jordan Gould, Earnest Vanderbilt Social Justice Warrior And Pathetic Sap

  1. I am almost proud of my alma mater. There is no slandering of candidate running for USG president. The student government simply disqualifies anyone who breaths (which is strictly against USG campaign rules), and the incumbent gets reelected. We get to bypass all this social justice nonsense!

  2. So he’s an “appeaser” and doesn’t know his history. Nazi appeasers only did so well for so long. Whether through some mistake or an adult pang of conscience, this guy is headed for the intellectual and emotional trash heap. Good.

  3. I think everyone is being a little hard on the kid. You should be afraid, not upset or disgusted. This is what brainwashing looks like. This is what a lifetime immersed in mainstream media and 13 years of public education does to people. This is the default setting now. Only those strong enough to break through the brainwashing can see the truth.

    • Yeah… My impression reading the connected stories is that he thinks this is the right thing to do. It’s sad. When you have a single crazy kid, he’s a loon, when you have a couple of crazy kids, it’s a coincidence, when you have a class of crazy kids, look at the faculty, but when an entire generation of kids going through university spout this nonsense, you have a problem where the solution can’t easily come from the ground up.

      And we ignore this at our peril. I think that The Boomers and Gen X ignored the Millennials going through the post-secondary insanity farm, waving off the excesses as “campus culture” Then when they hit the market, they took the campus with them. The stories we’re hearing about now are the kinds of things we’d mock from campuses a decade ago. Can you imagine if what’s happening in campuses now makes the way to businesses ten years from now? We already see some of it: Harris tried to veto Biden by calling him a racist, and while she couldn’t quite tank him (which is amazing, how hard is it to bury a corpse?), she was invited to be the president in waiting while the necromancy wears off.

      • There won’t be business 10 years from now. Look at our leaders. If you send a normal, rational person from the Midwest to meet with Pelosi, Nadler, Schumer, Shiff, Waters, and Biden, what will be the impression? This is the government from Idiocracy. These people aren’t just evil, they are morons. Not one of them could put a bicycle together, much less run a functioning country. Look at AOC. She won a International Westinghouse Science Fair prize in 2007. She graduated Cum Laude with a degree in International Business Relations and Economics from Boston University. She is among the best college graduates and the most knowledgable about science in the country right now. All the people who know anything are retiring or being forced out of their jobs. There won’t be business in 10 years.

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