Daunte Wright Dining Car Specials On The George Floyd Ethics Train Wreck…

1. “Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias! Naturally, the New York Times has a ticket…The Timed headline in its print edition: “Minnesota Police Kill Another Man As Tensions Build.” Oh, did the jury rule that the Minnesota police officers killed George Floyd already? They didn’t? Then what the hell is the New York Times saying “Another” for?

The news media decided that Derek Chauvin is a murderer and has been repeating that assertion as fact for almost a year now.

2. Wait, the Chaivin jury hasn’t been sequestered? Chauvin’s lawyer, Eric Nelson, had argued yesterday that the jurors should be ordered to avoid all media and spend the rest of the trial sequestered, because he feared that rioting in the nearby community where the Wright shooting took place might limit their ability to be fair jurors. The unrest will be at “forefront of the jury’s mind-set,” Nelson argued. He also asked for new interviews with the jurors to determine whether this recent event had already biased them. The judge, Peter Cahill, denied both requests. “This is a totally different case,” the judge held, since the current riots aren’t about a jury verdict but a shooting.

Wow This pretty much convinces me that this is a kangaroo court, and that the judge is trying to do his best to see Chauvin convicted.

The cases are both about the presumption of racism whenever a police officer is involved in the death of a black man who was resisting arrest. “Justice for Georg Floyd” has been a mantra during the recent protests. All of the “mostly peaceful protests” are essentially social extortion to eliminate due process and fairness from the legal system so police are afraid to enforce the law against African Americans. “Two different cases”! Is the judge stupid, or malevolent?

3. Baseball has a nice window seat…Jahmai Webster, a young black man, is now the full-time sideline reporter for Boston Red Sox broadcasts at the New England Sports Network. Today, as the team played (and beat, for its seventh straight win) the Minnesota Twins at Target Field in the game postponed yesterday because baseball always postpones games when citizens are shot by police —Wait, what’s that? It doesn’t?—Webster either was allowed, urged, or decided on his own to lecture the TV audience about police procedures and race relations.

He began with sympathy for Wright’s family, which I suppose is de rigeur, and a review of what caused yesterday’s postponement. He showed Boston Manager Alex Cora’s vague mumblings about how “some things are bigger than baseball.” Then he launched into a personal speech “as a black man” about how this “accidental death” exemplifies “that things have to change” and how the kinds of things he tells his children about interactions with police shouldn’t be necessary.

What kinds of things would those be, Jamai? Do you tell them that they shouldn’t have adversary confrontations with police at all, and that the best way to do that would be not to break laws? Do you tell them that if they do interact with police, arguing with them, defying them, struggling with them and trying to flee are irresponsible actions that lead to bad consequences? Somehow I get the impression that these things are not what balck parents and the black community are teaching their children. If they are, they sure are doing a rotten job at it.

After Jamai had annoyed the hell out of me, old Jerry Remy, the Red Sox color man who isn’t a deep thinker but who at least has personal experience with law enforcement since his oldest son murdered the mother of his grandchild and is serving a life sentence for murder, said, “There is no question that things have to change, as Jamai said.” Maybe Jerry, a good team mate, was trying to take some heat off of his young, misguided colleague. Or maybe he really does think “Things have to change” is a useful observation, which it is not. Like all loud but vague pronouncements that can fit on bumper stickers and yard signs, like “BLack Lives Matter,””No justice, No Peace,” “End Racism,” “Love Trumps Hate,” “Sensible Gun Reform,” “No Human Being Is Illegal,” “Think Of The Children” and “Believe All Women,” “Things have to change” is the cry of someone without a rational argument to make or a productive role to play in policy discussions, and who is appealing to emotion because that’s all they understand.

I dashed off this email to NESN:

To whom it may concern: Neither I nor any other viewers require gratuitous lectures on law enforcement and racial issues from baseball commentators. I watch games to get away from that stuff: I live with it most of the rest of the day. Fatuous comments like “Some things are bigger than baseball” is a rationalization: I don’t need to hear about world peace, climate change or labor disputes either from people who are misusing their microphone, and who, frankly, don’t know what they are talking about sufficiently to presume to lecture me.
Meaningless statements like “Things have got to change” are not helpful nor profound. I also strongly object to NESN showing a “Justice for George Floyd” sign in the Twin’s stadium. A trial is going on—I’m a lawyer: I actually know a lot about the evidence and the issue. That sign presupposes guilt in that trial. That also is not baseball’s business. It is also un-American: our system requires proof of guilt before a jury in a fair trial.
Manage your employees, and have respect for your viewers.

Now, if NESN got a few thousand letters like that, it might start paying attention.

15 thoughts on “Daunte Wright Dining Car Specials On The George Floyd Ethics Train Wreck…

  1. Great letter. We plan to write as well. We’ve “canceled” baseball in our house after years of shared love and passion for the game. It sucks, but like Diet Coke, it has to disappear for awhile from consumers so that it hits some of these idiots hard where it hurts: in the pocketbook.

  2. #1 Only a year? The MSM has been referring to Trayvon as a murder victim and Mr. Zimmerman a murderer since the day following the actual event… and don’t appear to be considering stopping.

  3. Where do we send a letter like that?

    for some reasons my comments aren’t showing up 😦

    I have something very important to share with you that I think you’d want to know. 🙂 it’s a “scoop” of sorts.

      • I don’t even recall now what post they were for… but the thing about the “fowchee dossier” is what i wanted you to read. not sure if you’ve gotten one sent to you yet via the interwebs… but it’s been hard bound and given to every senator. and that has resulted in some cool things.

        Thanks for finding my posts lol. 🙂

  4. #2 I’m getting the impression that the “system” is setting this up by doing everything they can to unethically prejudice the jury to get an initial murder conviction to satisfy the hordes of irrational people in the streets just to get the whole thing thrown out in an appeal.

    What are your thoughts?

    • I don’t think they care about the appeal and I wouldn’t bet on it being thrown out on appeal. You maybe are under the impression that the criminal justice system doesn’t routinely rig the system to get the outcome they want. I will not be shocked in Chauvin is convicted on all counts, the conviction is upheld on appeal, and appeal to the state supreme court are denied. Look at what happened to Michael Flynn, in the full view of the public. Remember that Michael Cohen is in jail for things that weren’t crimes. Remember that the prosecutor of the McCloskey’s in St. Louis ordered Mrs. McClosky’s pistol to be reassembled in working order (she couldn’t be charged under the law chosen if the gun didn’t work) and then charged McClosky with evidence tampering! Now, charges were eventually dropped against Cliven Bundy and the government was forbidden to retry him, but that is only because Bundy’s attorney had a lot of evidence of government misconduct in the case (like the fact that he seemingly only owed $8,000, not the millions reported and the snipers the government denied were there were confirmed by government documents). I don’t think a Bundy outcome in this case is likely, though.

      They don’t care anymore. They don’t care about being biased, they don’t care about not following the law. They laugh about us ‘little people’ or ‘dumb money’ openly while laughing about how they can violate the law, but they will charge us for exercising our rights. They have politicized the military and no one says anything about it. They even openly call for racial discrimination. They don’t care, they don’t have to care. Trump is gone, they can do whatever they want and there is no one to stop them.

  5. #2 – Nelson has been making a ongoing request to sequester the jury and denied each time. I’d say it has been nearly every day. The WaPo made the point that most or all of the jurors would have received civil unrest push texts and emergency alerts regarding civil unrest related to the Daunte Wright protests. I don’t see how this case results in anything other than guilty due to jury intimidation.

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