Attempting To Understand An Anti-White Bigot

Guest Post by Null Pointer

[The University of Washington featured this head-exploding essay by an anti-white bigot named Andre Lawes Menchavez. Do remember his name, and if he presents his credentials to you for employment, do make sure he explains why you shouldn’t toss him right out the door. Among the offensive quotes: “Whites will continue to do what whites have always done in our history –– create carnage at the expense of minority communities in order to obtain their own selfish desires.” That’s per se racism. That’s what the University of Washington is indoctrinating its students to believe. Any guess where this, multiplied all over the nation in thousands of colleges and universities, inevitably leads? In truth, you shouldn’t have to guess.

It’s ironic that this post, in response to Michael Ejercito’s request for comments on the piece in the last Open Forum, is Guest Post worthy: my flip response to Michael’s question was that it wasn’t worth the time or energy to rebut. Then Null Pointer proved me wrongJM]


I don’t get the sense that any of the words came from the author. It is all pure Critical Race Theory, almost verbatim. He sounds like a deeply unhappy person who has consumed large quantities of propaganda. I don’t really know where to start analyzing this, so I’m just going to ramble and hope something smart comes out.

All of the articles I read in this vein seem to be written by people with a completely external locus of control. The individuals seem to think they ought to be able to dictate to everyone else what they can think, say and do, and because they cannot, the world is a horrible place with everyone out to get them. Nothing that happens to them is the result of their own actions, but they want to be made some sort of god who can control everyone who doesn’t think and feel exactly as they do about everything.

If you go through life thinking that the only way you will ever have control over your own life is if you can control everyone else’s life as well, then I would guess you would always feel pretty powerless and unimportant. I pity these people for their misery, and resent them for trying to blame their problems on everyone else.

Trying to understand their thinking is very difficult for me, for several reasons.

First, they are very offensive in their rhetoric, which makes me want to dismiss them as assholes. They are assholes in many ways, but they are also deeply unhappy, and need and deserve help if they want it. Just not the help they think they need.

Second, I was always taught by my parents to take responsibility for my own actions, that life isn’t fair, and that if I wanted my life to improve then I needed to do that for myself. The way these people think is alien and bizarre to me. I have a very hard time putting myself in their shoes, and feel a distinct urge to tell them to stop whining about how unfair life is. The only person who you have any control over is yourself, and wishing otherwise is pointless waste of time and energy. I try to remind myself that not everyone was taught these things as children, and that it can be hard to relearn a way of thinking that is deeply ingrained.

Third, their assumption that they have any right to dictate how others can think, feel or behave is deeply repugnant to me. I really cannot find any way to get myself around this one. To me it is almost like modern leftism is a religion that has replaced the biblical god with the god of self. These people truly seem to think that they are the center of the universe and everyone in their universe is obligated to kowtow to their thoughts and feelings. It is the mindset of a child. A rather young child. A toddler screaming in the checkout lane who wants some candy that their parents refuse to buy, throwing themselves on the floor yelling “that’s not fair!” My mother had a saying for those situations: “Wish in one hand and shit in the other. See which one fills up the fastest.” I don’t know what else to tell these people.

Understanding people who think like this is important, particularly because the number of people who seem to think this way seems to be increasing exponentially. You cannot reach people you don’t understand. You have to understand these people to understand the cultural forces that are shaping them, and pushing them to prominence.

I think some of the problems stem from social media, which retrains young people’s brains to rely on the number of “likes” they get for a tweet, post or video to determine the morality and ethics of a statement or action. The algorithms behind those likes can manipulate the compass wherever someone wants it to point. It is a form of social engineering with invisible hands and invisible footprints. Media, academia, entertainment and sports wrap the moral compass up in a pretty package and reflect it back at the “like” count. To a young, naive or gullible person, the like count looks real, but it isn’t. It’s all an illusion created by powerful people with goals that don’t match the propaganda. When real life doesn’t match the “like” count, cognitive dissonance takes over, and the person starts trying to force it to match.

The people behind the algorithms currently seem to want to inflame racial tensions, burn down major cities, and impose some sort of communo-fascist totalitarianism on the country, and the world. It is frightening.

26 thoughts on “Attempting To Understand An Anti-White Bigot

  1. He sounds like a deeply unhappy person. The individuals seem to think they ought to be able to dictate to everyone else what they can think, say and do, and because they cannot, the world is a horrible place with everyone out to get them. Nothing that happens to them is the result of their own actions, but they want to be made some sort of god who can control everyone who doesn’t think and feel exactly as they do about everything.

    Sounds like Karl Marx or Joe Stalin or Mao or Fidel or Hugo Chavez. This is Marxism covered in a guise of “racial justice.” It’s all about power. These people are revolutionaries and the new word for anyone who opposes them is “racist” or ‘white supremacist” rather than “counter revolutionary” or “reactionary.” These people are dangerous and relentless. They are not mixed up or delusional, they are loaded for bear.

    • “ These people are dangerous and relentless. They are not mixed up or delusional, they are loaded for bear.”

      I don’t think the people at the top who create the propaganda lines are delusional. They are sociopaths. They know what they are doing, and are doing it intentionally. Their disciples, though, act like members of a cult. All critical thinking has been replaced with mantras that usually don’t make any sense to a rational person.

      Being delusional doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous. I think they are very dangerous, and very sincere in their beliefs. I just don’t think they are independently all coming up with this stuff. It is like someone used a funnel to pour rebranded Marxism directly into their brains.

      • Absolutely, N.P. Delete “it is like” from “It is like someone used a funnel to pour rebranded Marxism directly into their brains”.and you’ve got it. Followers can be just as dangerous and ruthless as the leaders of revolutions, if not more so. These people are not empty vessels. They are motivated agents. This Marxist stuff gives meaning to their lives and they’re gung-ho. AOC and Omar and the rest of the Squad may not be mental giants, but they’ve drunk the Kool Aid and they enjoy throwing around their power. They may not be the brains of the outfit, but they’re bad, bad news. We appease them at our peril.

  2. “(I)t is almost like modern leftism is a religion”

    In The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes Of POLITICAL MADNESS, Dr. Lyle Rossiter, Jr. fleshes that out juuuust a tad more:

    “The radical left’s efforts to regulate the people from cradle to grave. To rescue us from our troubled lives, the liberal agenda:
    *recommends denial of personal responsibility,
    *encourages self-pity and other-pity,
    *fosters government dependency,
    *promotes sexual indulgence,
    *rationalizes violence,
    *excuses financial obligation,
    *justifies theft,
    *ignores rudeness,
    *prescribes complaining and blaming,
    *denigrates marriage and the family,
    *legalizes all abortion,
    *defies religious and social tradition,
    *declares inequality unjust, and
    *rebels against the duties of citizenship.

    “Through multiple entitlements to unearned goods, services and social status, the liberal politician promises to ensure everyone’s material welfare, provide for everyone’s healthcare, protect everyone’s self-esteem, correct everyone’s social and political disadvantage, educate every citizen, and eliminate all class distinctions.

    “Radical liberalism thus assaults the foundations of civilized freedom. Given its irrational goals, coercive methods and historical failures, and given its perverse effects on character development, there can be no question of the radical agenda’s madness.

    “Only an irrational agenda would advocate a systematic destruction of the foundations on which ordered liberty depends.”

      • Well yeah, if you’s just focus on it’s precious few, overblown shortcomings, leastways…

        Anywho, you think that’s why those people effortlessly pitch it to the lock-steppin’ glassy eyin’ unquestion’ pudding-pated as Social/Economic/Climate/Equity/fill-in-the-blank Justice?

        Only a White Supremacist would want to deny anyone Justice, am I right?

      • Karl Marx died in 1863. His ideas and writings were relevant to the big issues of his time, eg. the industrial and agricultural revolutions and the transitions out of feudalism. And his work is still worth study and discussion. It is absurd to blacken his name by association with current nonsensical thinking. Marx may well have been ‘wrong’ on many issues (hindsight is so wonderful) but very rarely ‘irrational’.

  3. One of the youth said something insightful this week that I think applies here. “No one can steal your joy. You can give it to them, loose it yourself, or give it away, but they can never take it from you.” I think that is one of the biggest problems with people who blame others for their problems is they have no joy.

    • A lot of what Menchavez was complaining about and criticizing was people having fun. Going on vacations, partying, enjoying life. He definitely seemed to resent anyone having fun or being joyful.

      • What he is exhibiting is childish envy. It is?instructive that he thinks he can assess the feelings of some cantina worker from a picture; pure projection. I would bet he is of the mind that whites see service workers as their servants and that he is above being of service to another. Funny thing about Mexico very few of the service workers are minorities and the likelihood you will find a Black person working in the tourist areas is slim to none as only Mexicans are permitted to work in the basic service jobs.

        • If you want to watch Menschevik’s head explode, use his anti-white, anti-colonial argument as a defense of immigration restrictions, especially against unaccompanied minors and illegal aliens. Add to that the fact that these illegal aliens are sick, have all kinds of health problems and are infected with CoronaVirus. He won’t be able to handle it.

  4. Excellent post.

    I wonder if the Leftist mind is wrapped up on envy and jealousy: “You have a nice house and car but I don’t, so if I can’t or don’t have it, then neither should you. Besides, who needs a big house anyway if I can’t have one?”

    What also struck me about Menchavez’s screed was how the woke turned out to have none of the core values he thought they said they had. It’s a bit like finding out your hero isn’t so heroic after all, with disillusions crushing your expectations.


    • About eight or ten years ago, Mrs. OB and I were in Ireland at a bed and breakfast and chatting with an Irish guy. He owned his own business and was on a golfing weekend. He said to us, “Let me explain the difference between a young Irish guy and a young American guy: If the American kid was dating a beautiful girl who lived in a nice house with nice parents, including a successful and prosperous father, the American kid would think, ‘Someday, I’m going to be like her father.’ An Irish kid seeing the same set up would say of the father, ‘Some day, I’m going to get even with him.'” The story may be a little dated. I suspect the attitude of the young Irish guy has gained a lot of ground on this side of the pond since then.

      • And of course, critical race theory is simply a construct growing out of a segment of black people being unable to compete in the marketplace or win at the game. So, they don’t figure out how to become more competitive. Nope, they militate for changing the rules so they can win without making the requisite effort. Ta Dah! Presto Chango! Black guys can’t stay out of jail? Let ’em out! Black kids can’t get into Bronx Science High School or Boston Latin? No problem, let ’em in regardless of their test scores. Black kids can’t do well at Georgetown Law Center? Give ’em better grades! Etc.

  5. There may be a point somewhere in that article about the more negative impacts of mass tourism (and how locals, even those who directly rely on said tourism for income, often have quite mixed feelings about it at best), especially during a global pandemic. However, there seems to be this underlying assumption that the writers’ classmates wouldn’t visit Hawaii if its population was descended entirely from, say, Dutchmen, even though I have no doubt Paris would have been excessively crowded during spring break as well if travel there was open to global tourists (a more apt comparison might be Venice; I suspect the writer would consider the local population to be “white”, but the locals’ own opinion of outside tourism seems to be strikingly similar to those of Hawaiians in many ways).

    That said, I don’t think he’s that wrong about his white “allies” being somewhat performative in their actions, but I also don’t think he realizes that his own ideology might be kind of responsible for this, precisely because the hyper-focus on racial divisions (and how white people are supposedly inherently incapable of understanding non-whites) may actually make it harder to achieve any real solidarity/understanding between mankind on more universal, non-racial grounds (as I hinted earlier, accusing his classmates of being racist for traveling to Hawaii might not have made the impact he wanted because many of said students would have just as happily gone to Europe had the opportunity been there). Also, speaking as an obviously non-white person myself, the “can’t trust white people ever” rhetoric is a great way (combined with the aforementioned hyper-focus on race) to encourage white folks on the fence that their only hope is to get on the hardcore white nationalist bandwagon (in the same way anti-black rhetoric is obviously one of the best ways to revive hardcore black nationalism); I think I agree with those who point out that this sort of race-based cultural radicalism is helping to inadvertently sabotage the informal social capital needed to actually create and sustain a culturally pluralistic society in the long term. As post-Tito Yugoslavia shows, you don’t even necessarily need a majority of people of any ethnicity/race buying into “those other people are all evil” rhetoric for everything to fall apart to “race war” levels, just *enough* to help recruit opportunistic foot soldiers.

    • Areas that derive most of their income from tourism frequently have serious negative impacts from that tourism on the local population. Jobs in tourist traps are usually dominated by low income service positions that cater to the tourism industry. Restaurants, bars, hotels, retail, and entertainment make up the bulk of available jobs. There is very little upward mobility in any of those industries, and very little room for income growth over time. Property values are usually sky high in tourist traps, making housing enormously expensive. Retail prices are set at levels that maximize profit off tourists who come ready to spend excess income, which means locals have a higher cost of living than they otherwise would. There is usually a busy season and an off season, meaning jobs and income vanish at certain times of year.

      So, you end up with inconsistent low pay and constant exorbitant cost of living. Not pleasant for the people who live there.

      On top of that rich people and mega corporations usually push out small business and small property owners. Billionaires want massive estates where they can hog the local beauty for themselves and keep out the tourists and locals alike. Hotels and restaurants want their own slice of the natural beauty to profit off. The government often buys up or confiscates large quantities of land to ensure the preservation of the land for tourism purposes, and impose regulations that favor the tourism industry at the expense of small business and homeowners.

      All of this fuels resentment in the people who live there, and none of it is racist. These same patterns happen everywhere tourism is the predominant industry, regardless of the skin color of the people who live there. Blaming racism for the issue is a red herring. It distracts people from the actual economic, government and cultural causes of problems, and prevents any real solutions from being pursued.

      Racism is a boogeyman. It keeps people chasing shadows, instead of solving problems.

      Adding a pandemic to the mix adds another problem for the locals who don’t want tourism bringing in a deadly disease, but it still doesn’t make tourism racist.

      The goal of CRT is to inflame racial tensions, so people don’t notice what is really causing all their problems and find common ground to solve those problems on.

  6. I recently came across an abbreviation of this quote in a piece by Thomas Sowell:

    “We must think things not words, or at least we must constantly translate our words into the facts for which they stand, if we are to keep to the real and the true.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

    It seems to me that much of this nonsense is the result of thinking words, instead of thing.

    “Privilege” May be the most prominent example of late. If you can attach it to something, you don’t actually have to analyze the facts.





    Black Lives Matter



    White Supremacy (almost forgot that one)

    The list could go on and on.

    No one is really immune from this sort of thinking. However, Academia, which is predominantly Leftist, is where a lot of this nonsense originates. Why is this? I suspect it is because they think they have to think thoughts that haven’t been thought before. To show they are doing that, they need to come up with words to do that.

    Once they have the word, like “Privilege,” it is almost like a toy that they can play with all day long. Unfortunately, such toys are often fascinating to students, who are seeing these toys for the first time.

    Digressive anecdotes: when I was just into my freshman year of college, a friend of mine wrote me a letter (it was that long ago) about how he learned about “truth tables” in his logic class. He was excited about this new way of looking at things. Several years later, when I was studying truth tables, they did not seem so new.

    Similarly, the son of my partner was out to lunch with us one day and was excited to talk to us about this guy Socrates he was reading about in his class, and how there were these dialogues about him. Of course, all of this was old hat to me, but, at one time, it had not been.

    So, Academia needs to keep coming up with new words for people to play with. If they don’t, people will have to think things, instead. If that happens, it might become apparent that there really is nothing new under the sun.

    (Plus, thinking things is more difficult and less fun than thinking words.)


  7. A decade and a half or so ago I returned to C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia, which I’d received as a present for my First Communion at the age of 8. I did it because the first big-budget film from the series was about to hit the silver screen and I wanted to be able to tell the differences between the book and the movie. In the third book of the series chronologically, but the fifth published, a “midquel” called “The Horse and His Boy,” about how a talking horse and a boy with a mysterious background try to stop an invasion, there is a discussion between three Arab-type rulers that very neatly shows three broad types of evil people.

    The Tisroc (roughly analogous to a sultan) is the aberrant evil type. He is ruthless because he believes he has to be and because he believes no approach but an amoral one will suffice when one is dealing with rebels, restive nobles, foreign countries that are unfriendly, and now a crown prince who wants to possibly drag his nation into a war. The grand vizier is the miscreant, a manipulator who flatters while someone else has the physical upper hand but puts it all down in the book and looks to have the last laugh on that person by playing both sides and manipulating the Tisroc into plotting his own son’s demise. Finally, the crown prince is the demonic evil person, a spoiled brat now given almost unlimited power who is determined to use that power to have what he wants, when he wants it, and others’ thoughts on the matter be damned. He is willing to act the part of the gentleman when he thinks that will get him what he wants. However, when that approach fails he rapidly shows himself willing to resort to treachery, ambush, murder, and the risk of an unnecessary war, all to take one woman who dared to turn him down. Never once does it cross his mind what the consequences of his actions might be for anyone other than himself, he’s going to get what he wants. How dare anyone cross his will?

    You can deal with an aberrant person, who grasps the ideas that promises need to be kept (usually) or no one will keep one made to you, that there is a benefit to the rule of law, and that sometimes you have to settle for half a loaf because the cost of trying for the full loaf will be too great in either the short run or the long run. You can deal with a miscreant, who is usually most concerned with his own survival and benefit, and has the wisdom/guile to know when to press an issue and when to bide his time, when to stand his ground and when to retreat, and so on. Dealing with a demonically evil person, or group of demonically evil people, forget it. They want everything their way, when they want it, not just for them, but for everyone, and damned be their views on the subject. If they can persuade others to do it their way, then great, but, if persuasiveness doesn’t get them their way, then they quickly turn to deception, treachery, and violence.

    The left in this country has reached the point of being demonically evil. It has to be their words, their holidays, their heroes, their causes, their everything. They can’t let anything go. They can’t allow anyone to disagree. They can’t allow anyone to be neutral, or just leave their cause alone, or not be involved in it. Everyone, especially everyone white, has to be enlisted as a full-time soldier in their cause. That apparently means doing whatever they want you to do, whenever they want you to do it, and don’t you dare think for yourself. The left is going to go over every aspect of society with a fine-tooth comb, searching everywhere for things it has a problem with, and then you, white boy, are going to pay for all those problems, plus 402 years worth of interest. The left says “jump,” you say “how high?” The left says “run,” you say “how fast?” The left says “bow,” you say “how low?” The left says “do it our way,” you say “yes, my better.”

    Now, repeat after me: I (name) a white person, acknowledge that I have spent my entire life profiting from systemic racism. I am a racist, no matter what I have said or not said, no matter what I have done or not done. I owe a debt that I can never fully repay, but, from this day forth, I will devote my every breath, my every step, my every effort in the time I have left in this world to repaying some of this debt. I will not speak unless I can improve upon the silence, and before I speak, I will consider my every word, and ask “could this offend someone?” I will not challenge the words of a person of color, nor will I interrupt them when they speak. I will consider my every action before I take it, and ask, “does this make the world a less racist, more equitable, more peaceful place?” If the answer is no, I will not take that action. I will devote part of my time when I am not working to learning how my actions and the actions of those like me have made this world the mess that it is now and stolen what was rightfully others’. I will devote another part of my time when I am not working to correcting the effects of those actions. I will devote at least 10% of my income “off the top” as a tithe toward reparations for those who my actions have hurt. I will not participate in any celebrations of historical actions or persons who have harmed people of color, and will actively work to end them and substitute more equitable celebrations. If I see law enforcement taking action against a person of color, I will watch and let it be known I am watching. If I believe law enforcement to be wrong, I will step in to end the act of oppression. If I am chosen to be part of a jury passing judgment on a person of color, I will be the voice for that person in the jury room, arguing for his/her innocence. I will reconsider before I myself become part of the oppressive system by taking a job in law enforcement, corrections, or any associated industry or business. In all these ways I hope to atone in some very small way for the hurt my actions and the actions of those like me have caused.

    These actions are the actions of the demonically evil. You were warned.

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