The Rest Of The Story: The Cop Who Shot Rayshard Brooks Is Reinstated, But Atlanta’s Disgrace And The Stench Of Presumed Racism Lingers On


Way back in June of 2020, I watched this fiasco develop. Rayshard Brooks, a black man who was arrested by police for being drunk (35% over the legal limit) and passed out in his car, blocking a Wendy’s drive-up lane, was shot and killed in a subsequent confrontation with police in Atlanta. A mostly peaceful protest of BLM types ensued, with the Wendy’s being set on fire, since it was all Wendy’s fault. The Atlanta Chief of Police quickly resigned, the coward. Atlanta’s race-baiting mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms then pronounced the police officer who fired the fatal shots, Garrett Rolfe, guilty before knowing what happened—of course she did— and demanded that he be terminated with no investigation and no due process.

I wrote at the time,

“Last night’s incident began about 10:30 p.m. outside a Wendy’s  on University Avenue. Wendy’s employees called the police after receiving a complaint about a man asleep in his vehicle in the Drive-in line, which forced other customers to go around his car to get their food at the window. 

Responding to the call was the police’s first mistake. They should have asked if the man was black, and upon receiving an answer in the affirmative, should have told Wendy’s, “Sorry, you’re on your own.  We’d deal with it if the guy was white, but we can’t afford any situation these where a black guy might get gets hurt. Let him sleep it off. ‘Bye!” I’m completely serious. Any police department that isn’t under standing orders to let black lawbreakers at any level  just go about their anti-social, illegal business without police intervention is asking for a disaster.

The sleeping man, Atlanta resident Rayshard Brooks, was roused by the police and given a field sobriety test. He was drunk. After failing the test… Brooks was told that he was being taken into custody. NOOOOO! The odds were that he would resist, and this is how so many of these encounters go out of control. Again, the police should have just let him go.

Not if he was white, of course. If he was white and they just shot him for the hell of it, there would be no uproar, no riots.

During the arrest, we are told, Brooks resisted and struggled with the police. What a surprise! Then the officer took out his taser. According to police, Brooks managed to take the taser away from the officer, and was shot. He later died at the hospital.

Of course there was a cell phone video. A Wendy’s customer’s recording appears to show two officers struggling with Brooks in the parking lot, but Brooks looks like he is running away from them when he is shot.  Wendy’s surveillance footage appears to show Brooks turn toward the police and attempt to fire the Taser at them as he runs away.  Then he’s shot...”

Atlanta’s Civil Service Board this week ordered the reinstatement of Rolfe, who is still facing felony murder and other charges relating to Rayshard Brooks death, ruling that he was denied due process when Mayor Bottoms fired him less than 24 hours after the incident. Ya think? Bottoms, of course, being a member in good standing of the totalitarian-tending party that now has its knee on America’s neck, gave the predictable party line in her defense: “The ends justifies the means.” She said,

“Given the volatile state of our city and nation last summer, the decision to terminate this officer, after he fatally shot Mr. Brooks in the back, was the right thing to do.Had immediate action not been taken, I firmly believe that the public safety crisis we experienced during that time would have been significantly worse.”

So just sacrifice a police officer’s rights, career, livelihood, reputation and life because some assholes are determined to riot! Got it! That’s “doing the right thing” today.

In a sane world and a sane city, Bottoms’ statement alone would be sufficient to get the mayor impeached.

Incredibly, then Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard charged Rolfe with 11 criminal counts including felony murder, and the other officer on the scene, who was not fired, with aggravated assault.That the charges haven’t been dropped by now seems to be based on the hope that the new “Fair trial? Cops don’t deserve no stinkin’ fair trial!” standard that operated against Derek Chavin will catch on. Brooks was shot as he turned and attempted to fire the officer’s taser at Rolfe. It was captured on video. Pursuing a prosecution is unethical, and it should be futile.

But Facts Don’t Matter.

Adding to the hilarity was Mayor Bottoms’ news conference the day before Rolfe was reinstated. She boldly said she would address the city’s erupting homicide rate by…. forming a committee. Last year authorities investigated 157 homicides, the most in 25 years, and murders are up 60% over that rate in 2021. “If there’s more we can do, I’m asking this working group to give us recommendations,” Bottoms said.

Hey, I’ve got an idea! Why doesn’t Atlanta allow police to enforce the law without being at risk of being sacrificed to the mob every time a black perp decides to resist arrest?

Nah, too crazy. I keep wondering how long qualified individuals will continue being willing to endure this abuse in order to serve the public, and not only in Atlanta. It can’t be much longer.

18 thoughts on “The Rest Of The Story: The Cop Who Shot Rayshard Brooks Is Reinstated, But Atlanta’s Disgrace And The Stench Of Presumed Racism Lingers On

  1. IIRC, Brooks gave the first officer a concussion and took his taser. On one video, he appears to have actually fired that taser at the other officer, not just pointed it. He was also out on parole at the time.

    Another bit of double standard: In the Brooks case they’ve been dismissive of the danger presented by a taser as not a big deal. About the same time, in June, 2020, there was an incident in Atlanta where several officers (all or mostly black) tased a few black students in a car. The officers were charged with Aggravated Assault (in Georgia, an “assault “with a deadly weapon or with any object, device, or instrument which, when used offensively against a person, is likely to or actually does result in serious bodily injury.”).

    So, when the police use a taser, it’s a major felony and deadly assault; when a scumbag criminal steals and uses one, it’s just hijinks…you know, like knife fights.

  2. I believe Bottoms announced she would not run again because of the rise in violence saying it was time to pass the torch to another.

  3. As more and more police officers resign and take early retirement, and the populations of policy acadamies drop precipitously (who the heck wants to be a police officer these days?), we will see a mass exodus of the moronic mayor group who helped put this in motion. Police will be needed, they won’t be there, and whose fault will that be?

    Oh, lest we forget the newly-monikered “Black Lies Don’t Matter”…

    Only up side might be a increase in armed services enlistments, if Biden will allow it.

    • I dunno about there being an exodus of mayors. Keisha Bottoms isn’t running again, she knows she pulled a Kathleen Blanco and is going to get, if not beaten in the general, pushed out in the primary next time. No problem, I’m sure the Biden administration has a place all ready for her in HUD or some racial justice initiative. Ted Wheeler’s not going anywhere, he was just reelected, and I’m sure he’s hoping this will all blow over soon. Jacob Frey is up for reelection this year, and he might well get pushed out in the primary. If he is pushed out then I think he’s done. George Floyd died on his watch and no one will ever touch him again. If not, I’m sure he’s counting on this all blowing over as things return to normal. DeBlasio’s done, true, he’s term-limited out, and he doesn’t have the political chops or capital to try to primary Andrew Cuomo or run for Congress. Maybe he’ll end up in the Biden administration too, to bide his time until Schumer retires or Cuomo decides not to run again. Muriel Bowser, Newark’s Ras Baraka, Richmond’s Levar Stoney, and so on are all completely safe, especially Baraka (no term limits in Newark) and may well be mayors for life, or until something higher opens up that they want, or until they overreach and get caught overreaching by someone who can’t or won’t look the other way.

      Meantime, they’ve given the police the perfect excuse for not really doing much. Slash or zero out the budget, make being a cop a less desirable career option, and there will be fewer and fewer cops to cover more and more ground. That in turn will make being a cop even less desirable because there will be more and more of a chance that backup will be unavailable in any given situation. Police can accept falling in the line of duty because they tried to go the extra yard, they can’t and won’t accept falling in the line of duty because there’s no backup. It will also make the chance of police arriving at any crime in time to do anything other than take a report practically nil. With more ground to cover, the chances they CAN make it in time are reduced, and with supporting assets reduced or absent the chances they WILL make it in time go down significantly more. Who wants to rush to risk their lives to stop a robbery or break up an assault when the chances are good that you’ll be outgunned? Who wants to risk their careers and their freedom arresting a black man when the odds are better than even that you will get fired or sued or jailed, even if you go completely by the book? Easier to just say you tried your best, but you just couldn’t make it any faster, take the victim’s statement, canvass the area, but not very vigorously, for witnesses, go back to the station, take your time typing up the report (every minute you spend doing that is one more you’re not out on the street), and pass it in. It’s easier for the detectives (or just one detective) to take the report, stick it in a file, say it will be worked on when it can be, if it can be, and just let it disappear into the black hole of crimes that are never solved and cases that are never cleared. Who wants to risk their lives, their pensions, and their families’ futures for communities and politicians that hate them and a system that will just flush their work down the dumper in the name of social justice?

      Meantime, the population figures out for themselves that they can expect no help from the police. If their camera or laptop gets stolen out of their car, they’ll never see it again, all they’ll get is a lecture about using common sense and securing their belongings at all times. If someone breaks into their house and steals mom’s engagement ring that was her mom’s and her mom’s before that, or the silver that dates back to whenever, or the stamp collection that you worked on sometimes an hour, sometimes five, every weekend, it will never be recovered, and the police will level with the owners about it – they just don’t have the resources, and they can’t drop murder cases to pursue property crimes. If someone clobbers them in the street and steals their watch and wallet, or just clobbers them, the police will take a report and tell them they’ll get back to them if something happens…and never get back to them. Some will self-help, but very few will, they know that 1. fighting back against gangs is a losing proposition; and 2. the laws regarding the possession and use of weapons are more likely to be used against them than the criminals. Those who can will close up shop and move somewhere safer. The rest will just hide out, hurrying to work in the morning, fleeing for home before it gets dark, drinking black coffee and telling their kids to make do with no milk in their cereal because it’s not worth the risk to go to the corner store for more milk after they used up the milk they had in the mac and cheese and forgot they were out.

      Meantime, the rest of the city falls to crap. Almost no one uses the parks legitimately, so no one maintains them, vegetation gets overgrown and playground equipment rusts. Houses of worship have fewer congregants, so some combine and some close. No one goes out to dinner, so fine dining restaurants either shutter or convert to serve only the weekday lunchtime crowd. No one goes to shows or concerts, so the performing arts centers and theaters suspend operations and ultimately close. Even the fire and ambulance services do less, since the police can’t always protect them, so you sometimes see abandoned vehicles burning out or homeless dead on the streets after a cold night. Offices and apartments go unrented, and the tax base suffers, so library branches close, trash gets picked up less often, street repairs get deferred, and the quality of life sags further. Eventually the city is reduced to crumbling brick and concrete, streets that look like lunar landscapes, “ghost” parks featuring empty plinths and overgrown with weeds, and every damn storefront boarded up except the liquor stores, the greasy spoons, and the payday loan and cash-for-gold places.

      At the beginning of the 1995 star vehicle First Knight (which was decent, but didn’t come close to surpassing John Boorman’s Excalibur) Julia Ormond’s Guinevere receives refugees from the latest of a series of villages destroyed by the villain, Ben Cross’s Malagant, and asks rhetorically “does he want to destroy the whole world and rule a graveyard?” I have to wonder if some of these mayors actually like the idea of ruling a burned-out shell of a city that has no hope, but having absolute rule, like Lucifer saying it was better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.

      • Eventually the city is reduced to crumbling brick and concrete, streets that look like lunar landscapes, “ghost” parks featuring empty plinths and overgrown with weeds, and every damn storefront boarded up except the liquor stores, the greasy spoons, and the payday loan and cash-for-gold places.


        This is even worse than Chicago, with its 100+ year old problems with gang violence, gang crime, political corruption, and police brutality.

  4. “Given the volatile state of our city and nation last summer, the decision to terminate this officer, after he fatally shot Mr. Brooks in the back, was the right thing to do…”

    I’m not sure how she thinks it helped anything. Protestors literally burned down that Wendy’s, took over the parking lot, and shot a Black mother and daughter who accidentally drove into the protest zone, killing the 8-year old girl. Does she call that deescalation?

        • Bingo. They can cast it as they “don’t want black people answerable to white supremacy,” or some other high-sounding bullshit, but what it all boils down to is they want to answer to no one and do as they please, criminal or otherwise. Because they are only 13-14% of the population they can’t dominate the whole country.

          However, I feel no qualms about saying that if they were a majority, or, more within the realm of possibility, a majority in certain areas of this country, wherever that was the case would be like Zimbabwe became after Mugabe took over or like South Africa now. Make no mistake of it, either of those countries is a terrible place to be white right now, and has been for some time.

          Mugabe made no pretensions of being other than a Marxist, black supremacist dictator from the get-go, and aggressively expropriated land and property from whites. If you were not black, you were not wanted. You are still not wanted, even though Mugabe’s grip on absolute power started to slip toward the end and he has now died. Nelson Mandela made all kinds of pretensions to being a saint, and a lot of westerners bought it hook, line and sinker. They forgot that the ANC was in fact a Marxist and black supremacist organization before his imprisonment (political prisoner or not). Although expropriation of white-owned property is not and never has been official government policy in South Africa, murders of white people for no reason other than their color and the running of white landowners off their land are common, and the white minority can expect no justice for either. I don’t doubt that if the demographics here permitted it, aggressive black governors would not hesitate to move as far in that direction as they could, and aggressive black mayors would make their cities unhealthy places for anyone with too much vanilla and not enough chocolate.

          History tells us that black people have been on the short end of the stick for centuries. The balance probably started to tip against them when the Portuguese wrapped up their portion of the Reconquista two centuries ahead of the Spanish and were free to start building an overseas empire. Africa was the first continent within their reach, and the rest is history. There is barely a square mile of that whole continent that hasn’t been under the sway of a European power at one time or another, ranging from the fairly enlightened although patronizing approach of the British Empire to the out and out slave state created by the Belgians in the Congo. Then of course there is the slavery issue, but I won’t continue to beat a dead horse on that. So, as black people see it, the rest of the world, especially the white world, owes them for about 700 years worth of oppression and abuse. Now they see a chance to collect on that perceived debt, or some portion of it, and dammit, they’re going to collect on it. Never mind that no one alive now, at least in this country, was involved in anything as far as colonialism, and never mind that no person now alive in the United States has ever seen a slave, owned a slave, bought, traded, or sold a slave, and neither has anyone on our behalf.

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