Weekend Ethics Frolics, 5/9/2021: Birthing Persons Day Edition


Surely you have heard by now that a few addled Democrats in Congress have begun using the hilarious term “birthing people” to describe mothers. This is in order to pander to the trans population, because the special problems of this tiny minority are worth turning the entire culture inside out and upside down. So far it’s three certifiably silly people on the Hill whose credentials as ethics dunces are unusually strong, even for Congressional Democrats (the links go to signature significance EA posts: Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker , certifiable Rep. Ayanna Pressley, previously heard arguing that “girls” have a right to attack other girls with knives “uninterupted”, and the spectacularly unqualified Rep. Cori Bush, who was supposedly on Biden’s short list for VP, which is terrifying—yes, even more terrifying than Kamala Harris:

birthing person tweet 1Birthing person 2

This is fascinating from an ethics perspective, specifically the slippery slope. The Great Stupid that has descended over the land, with special focus on progressives, has led to vocal support for so many ridiculous ideas—defunding the police, paying people more to stay out of work than to have jobs, open boarders, electing Joe Biden, packing the Supreme Court, and more—that the once fairly bold line between “progressive” and “batshit crazy” appears to have been erased. At some point, and maybe “birthing people” is it, even left-tilting Americans will wake up and say “Whoa! These are wackos!”

And indeed they are.

1. Also from the “What an idiot!” files…On baseball and Giants’ Hall of Fame immortal Willie Mays’ 90th birthday last week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Twitter account posted a picture of Willie McCovey. Willie Mays is a national icon, probably the greatest African-American baseball player of all-time, and any American, especially any American elected official, who does not know what he looks like is too ignorant of America’s culture and history to serve competently. (I’m only exaggerating a little.) Not only is this an insult to the Say Hey Kid (What does that nickname mean, Nancy? Huh? Come on, you represent San Francisco!), it’s the kind of “they all look the same to me!” mistake that white officials are typically savaged for, as when Senator Rubio mixed up Rep. John Lewis with Rep. Elijah Cummings. At least Cummings and Lewis looked a little bit alike. McCovey, who was also a Hall of Fame slugger and who also played for the Giants,

Willie McCovey Holding Baseball Bat

looked nothing like Willy Mays…


…and to make the distinction easy for baseball ignoramuses, Willie McCovey is DEAD.

2. I come to bury Liz Cheney, not to praise her. GOP Rep. Liz Cheney is undoubtedly smarter than Booker, Cori Bush and Pressley put together, but that does not mean that she’s any more responsible and trustworthy than they are. The GOP conference chair decided that the January 6 riot was a perfect excuse to let her Trump-hating demons run free: the daughter of Dick Cheney is part of the Bush loyalist circle that has been NeverTrump since Donald was mean to Jeb in the 2016 debates and said that George II was a lousy President. She voted for Nancy Pelosi’s unethical “snap impeachment,” as Prof. Turley called it, and endorsed the AUC Big Lie that the riot was an “insurrection.” Before that, she pushed the false story, part of how the news media attempted to steal the election for Biden, that the Kremlin placed bounties on American troops in Afghanistan and Trump allowed it.

There is nothing unethical or disloyal about a House member opposing policies of her party’s President, but a leader of the party cannot and must not ally herself with the enemies of that party—and in this case, democracy itself—out of a personal vendetta against the President. Cheney has been spending her time attacking the previous President while the current one is engaged in all kinds of questionable activities, and that’s not her job. Now come reports, yet to be definitively verified, that Cheney secretly organized the Washington Post op-ed by 10 former Defense Secretaries (including her father) on January 3 criticizing then-President Trump. All my Trump-Hating Facebook friends are suddenly hailing Cheney’s courage, but surreptitiously attacking your party’s President isn’t courage, it’s the act of a metaphorical snake in the grass.

3. Doing the responsible thing: quitting. Stephen Sondheim worshipers—I am not one of them, but his artistry and influence cannot be denied—were crushed to learn last month that he had officially stopped work on a musical based on two films by Spanish surrealist director Luis Buñuel, “The Exterminating Angel” and “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.” Sondheim is 92, and spend most of his eighties on a doomed musical, “Road Show,” that never quite gelled despite many titles and several versions and workshops. His last Broadway success was “Passion” in 1994.

Virtually no composers and very few artists generally do anything but decline after the age of 60, though many try to keep churning out wan imitations of their best work as long as someone will pay them. It’s a depressing process to watch. Sondheim is a brilliant and perceptive man, and I hope he decided to hang it up because it was time and wasn’t forced to do so by failing health.

4. George Orwell smiles ruefully. The destruction of the language to advance political agenda items is reaching peak absurdity….has reached, perhaps. A New York Times opinion piece by Bryce Covert at the end of last month was headlined, “Child and Elder Care Are Also Infrastructure.” No, they are not. They may be important, they may be worth spending money on, they may be a legitimate concern of the government. There may even be a justification for including support for them in an infrastructure bill, but child care and elder care are not, have never been and cannot be infrastructure. This manipulation of the language to deceive and confuse needs to be stopped and reversed, not expanded.

5. And back to the terrible ideas slippery slope…The White House is reportedly in negotiations with the American Civil Liberty Union which has sued on behalf of more than 1,000 illegals immigrants deported by the Trump Administration and who have children inside the U.S. under the protection of Health and Human Services. The proposal is that the U.S. pay to fly the border-defying parents back to the United States, grant them some sort of legal resident status, reunite them with the children and pay them some kind of damages. This is “Think of the children!” exemplified, and a new twist on the “anchor baby” concept: illegally bring your children with you when you barge into our sovereign nation, and then use them to justify staying here. But you have to admit it’s generous of the Democrats to give Republicans such a great fundraising issue.

Meanwhile, Citizens Free Press, the cruder, more flagrantly biased conservative news aggregator that has taken much of the Drudge Report’s conservative traffic since Matt went NeverTrump and woke, headlined this story, “Biden to give Amnesty, Reparations to illegal aliens deported under Trump…” This is why the mainstream news media can get away with calling conservative news media “disinformation.” That headline is a lie.

13 thoughts on “Weekend Ethics Frolics, 5/9/2021: Birthing Persons Day Edition

    • For that matter, what about the feelings of those entities of unspecified gender who feel affinity for other species? Otherkin and furries can give birth to children, too!

      Good Lord, I feel kind of nauseous knowing that the nonsense I just wrote is absolutely, 100% out there on the internet right now, being expressed by someone who genuinely feels outraged about it.

      How did we get here, and why are we in this handbasket…?

  1. 3. Saul Bellow’s final years and “Gravelstein” were horrific. I guess he needed the money for his last wife. Art Buchwald’s departure was gruesome as well.

  2. Does anyone else see the hilarious irony in Pressley’s tweet referring to birthing people under the “MOMMIES Act”? (Also, she specifies that a pregnant person deserves respect during & after childbirth. I guess they aren’t entitled to respect beforehand.)
    Lord these people are a joke. I cannot believe they were ELECTED to serve.

  3. Re: No. 1; Willie May’s McCovey Confusion.

    I suspect Speaker Pelosi has no idea what is in her Twitter feed. While liability rolls uphill and she is responsible for what is posted, I would bet lots of cash that her tweets are made by Millennials who know nothing about anything and honoring Mays was just about honoring a Black guy who played baseball (whatever that is because, you know, it’s not futbol). And, besides, who’s going check her stuff for accuracy except for those Fox News watching white supremacists? Who cares what they think?


  4. Here’s an idea for unaccompanied minors coming to the border: Put them in foster care, and give them US citizenship. When the parents come for them, say “Sorry, but sending them here without you constitutes child abandonment, you have no claim on them.” I would imagine the number of unaccompanied minors will drop sharply once this policy is implemented.

  5. If Congresswoman Cori Bush actually did care about black babies, then should she not rally against abortions? If I’m reading the information correctly, roughly 900 black babies are aborted every day. And also, if I’m not mistaken, this makes abortion the single leading cause of death for black people by a long shot.

  6. On 4;

    Back in the late 2000’s, when I was fleshing out what it meant to be Libertarian, I was often confronted with two opposing ideas: From the anti-libertarians “But who will build the roads?” and from libertarians “Roads are theft”, which itself was a reimagining of the more popular “taxation is theft” which.

    The answer or explanation for both is directly related: No one will build the roads, even if you fund them, and so taking taxes on the auspices of providing roads is a lie, and taxes justified with a lie are theft.

    “The Roads” have been a stand in for all kinds of infrastructure spending that goes towards anything but roads, and has been for decades. Up here in Canada, we were told that “revenues” from the fuel excise tax, which has been in place since 1995, would go directly towards highway infrastructure, and that justified the $0.10/liter (about $0.40/gallon) tax. In reality, the fuel tax went directly into general revenues, and infrastructure spending did not increase year over year, despite all the money that went into government coffers. The government of the time, Chretien’s Liberals, said that infrastructure spending was more than the amount taken in under the fuel charge, and so every penny of the tax was in fact going to the roads. (Just imagine what would have happened without them, ahyuk!) 25 years later, we’ve basically forgotten the goal of that tax, I’m positive that there have been years where the fuel tax revenues exceeded infrastructure spending.

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