22 thoughts on “Friday Already? Well, It’s Time For The Ethics Alarms Open Forum, Then!

  1. We’ve always been told to “fight fire with fire”….but more productive would be to fight leftist crap with C.R.A.P. – Citizens Rejecting Asinine Policies

  2. Somewhat inspired by the previous post from the Boston Globe, here is editorial from the Hartford Courant:

    Editorial: In trying to control what students learn, the Connecticut GOP is once again turning to Trump-style racism

    It had been sitting on the home page for a week, and I just got around to reading it. My first reaction was that “Trump-style racism”, meant “contrived racism”, and I was not wrong. The only argument that CT Republicans were doing racist things, was a single paragraph:

    This is the Trump playbook. In 2016, the racism was aimed primarily at immigrants from Central and South America. In 2024, the target will be people of color and anyone who believes a time of national reckoning on the issue of race is upon us. When Rob Sampson pushed his race-bating measure onto the Senate floor, the Republicans showed their hand.


  3. I don’t remember if we talked about it here, but there was a school district in Nevada that was trying to force a high school senior to take part in a CRT-based social studies exercises. William Clark, the son of a white man and a black single mother (widowed) was being forced to identify his oppressive characteristics in graded, public assignments. There were some exercises where he could opt out, but his teacher would indirectly shame him for it: Because of his parentage, William appeared white, and was the only white appearing student in his class, his teacher, Kathryn Bass, would make comments alluding to how white people had a hard time grappling with their privilege, and the ability not to have to deal with the issues were oppressive privileges in and of itself.

    William told his mother, who talked to the school. The school stood by their lunacy, said that the course was mandatory, and that if William didn’t participate, he would fail.

    The Clarks sued, the case was Clark v. Nevada State Public Charter School Authority. And the reason I’m bringing this up now is that early last month, the parties quietly settled. The school, I think sensing that their case was untenable, that they were doing permanent damage to William, and that they looked like asses, gave the Clarks everything they’d asked for: The failing grade was expunged, the mandatory course wasn’t mandatory, and if William made up the remaining credit hours, he could graduate.

    Which is one of the better news stories I’ve heard lately.

    • Mixed race people are … problematic. Barack Obama is half midwestern white as can be. I guess if you have one drop of white in you, you’re white. Where does this leave people like Mariah Carey, Tiger Woods, Halle Berry, Beyonce, the Kardashian youngest generation, Kamala Harris, for that matter, Kobe Bryant’s children. If your genes determine whether you’re oppressed or an oppressor, what to do?

      • There are even bigger problems. Very few African Americans have pure African ancestry. There’s a reason why the “one drop rule” came into being, and it wasn’t because mixed-race people didn’t exist during the slavery era. Add in subsequent waves of European immigration, and you have large groups of black Americans who have slave-owning ancestors, and large groups of white Americans who do not.

        • I wondered if Chicago Mayor Lightfoot would apply the “one drop rule” for journalists.

          I’m reminded of a college course on Native American history that I took. When I raised the issue of Native Americans being slave holders you would have thought I dropped a logic bomb. The rest of the students could not wrap their head around any image other than peaceful, earth loving people. Kumbaya.

          To make things worse when discussing government land grabs (not our finest moments) I mentioned that after conquering the Cheyenne in 1776, the Lakota took the territory of the Black Hills. So, to whom did they really belong?

  4. My workplace has implemented a new policy about mask wearing. You won’t be required to wear a mask, but only if you voluntarily share that you’ve been vaccinated. I don’t think it counts as a HIPAA violation, since they aren’t demanding it. But it feels off to me. I want to say it’s discrimination, but the closest I can figure is it might fall under disability or religion, if one happens to be a member of a religion that has objections to the Wuhan Virus vaccines.

    • HIPAA primary governs who can share your health information, not who can ask for it. Vaccination has always been a legitimate workplace concern, so there is no legal issue with an employer asking. HIPAA would govern whether your employer could share your vaccination status with other parties without first getting your consent. The policy is a bit different in that NOT wearing your mask shares your positive vaccination status, but that is within your control to disclose or not by wearing the mask. The mask itself is a bone fide PPE to protect against workplace disease; your disclosing your vaccination status lets the company determine that PPE measure redundant so it can release you from that requirement.

    • It might violate ADA laws. I’m not a lawyer and am not clear on who can ask who what under what circumstances, but I know that this masking and vaccine crap has turned a lot of people who wouldn’t previously have considered themselves disabled into people with disabilities. There are a lot of conditions that preclude getting vaccines or wearing masks. Having asthma could now turn a perfectly abled person into someone who can no longer work in the office because they cannot wear a mask. Certain allergies preclude vaccination because they cause anaphylaxis. Allergies and asthma often are comorbidities. My understanding is that an employer sticking their nose into your medical records is a violation of ADA laws. I only know what I’ve read on the internet though, and have no idea if any of that is legally viable or just armchair experts speculating.

      These vaccines are also only approved as experimental drugs. Mandating that people take experimental drugs or be punished by wearing masks may or may not be legal, and may make the employer liable for any negative consequences of taking the vaccines.

      I think they ought to be liable for it, at any rate. These vaccines cause blood clots, strokes, endocarditis, pericarditis, and myocarditis. They have killed a number of people that is statistically astronomical in comparison to other vaccines. The long term effects are completely unknown. The short term effects were never studied in pregnant women, women of childbearing age not on contraception, children, or adolescents. Animal studies with these vaccines frequently killed entire test populations.

      It is not a safe vaccine in comparison to other vaccines. It is an experimental drug. People should be able to make up their own minds as to whether the benefits outweigh the risks of the disease, and not be coerced into being experimented on like lab rats. If an employer coerces you into taking it, they should be liable for any damages incurred.

      • If the disability precludes vaccination, the employer must reasonably accommodate – such as allowing masking instead. If the disability precludes wearing a mask, the employer must reasonably accommodate – such as allowing vaccination in lieu of a mask. The company can request certain documentation to substantiate the need for an accommodation under the law. This documentation can be requested, but an employee is also free to ask for a change duties or procedured, and a company can grant that change without invoking ADA at all.

        In the event that the disability precludes both wearing a mask and vaccination, the employer must still reasonably accommodate. That accommodation could take any number of forms, such as allowing no mask with strict distancing or work from home. Some jobs may also have strict requirements that preclude accomodation, the ADA can’t force a COVID hospital to employ an unvaccinated asthmatic nurse unable to wear a mask, for instance. Whether such scenario can be accomodated depends on the nature and duties of each job.

    • One of things I appreciate about signs I see in many Iowa store windows is that we are not forced to disclose our vaccine status. The signs often read, “Masks are optional if you have been vaccinated.” There is no written requirement in that statement to wear a mask if one has not received a vaccine, nor is there an assumption that anyone with a mask has not been vaccinated.

      Signs worded like that provide both freedom and the ability to keep one’s Wuhan-vaccine status private.

  5. I am a grandfather of 28 grandchildren in a mixed-race family. The one think I have learned from working in local and national politics is that race is the engine that drives the political left. When all else fails, leftism goes to the default position of using race to achieve its objectives. In the courtrooms, on college campuses, and, most especially, in our politics, race is the left’s central theme to divide our nation. Where it does not naturally rise to the surface, the left will manufacture and amplify it.

    “If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago and a racist today,” said Thomas Sowell.

    Today our national conversation is focused on the past’s problems without exploring the very real progress that has been and continues to be made by our nation. The only solution offered by left progressives is tearing down (or burning down) our country’s systems for fundamental political and economic overhaul. By focusing only on the sins of the past keep we deny our children the opportunity to learn from the good we have achieved and working to preserve and enhance it. That’s the heart of the destructive Critical Race Theory now in our public schools.

    I have traveled this world and seen unchecked racism at play and agree with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s assessment. As a Black woman she noted that, “Rather than write off the United States as irredeemable due to past atrocities and present imperfections, let’s have a more constructive framing, looking at the forward progress of America,” noting, “I want kids to know about Tulsa. I also want them to know what that black community did to overcome that horrible massacre. I want them to know about ’63 in Birmingham, but I want them to know that the mayor of Birmingham today is a black man who grew up in a poor community.”

  6. Incongruities – the predominant leftists in this country seem to embrace an infinite number of them. I mean: for example, the people currently entering this country who have given up their homes in other countries, who intend to make this country their new home. Just look at how hard so many of them WORK to cross the Rio Grande! BUT, let us not forget: the people in this country who MOST want those migrants to re-locate here are the people who HATE this country the most.

    Now, many of the migrants might be in a life-or-death situation with, say, certain criminal organizations. Life if they migrate, death if they don’t; destitute in any case: They either have everything taken from them if they stay in their old home country – or, they can give up all they have and then some (God, I wish I could follow that “and then some” money!), and move along to this country. It’s a bunch of winning for the criminal orgs, and a lose-lose-lose for the migrants and their new home country (and for most of their new fellow residents who are already established here).

    I could laugh about it, if it wasn’t so tragic. Picture: this country’s predominant leftists’ currently favorite useful idiots, the migrants, agreeing with their leftist manipulators.

    Okay, I’ll admit, I DID laugh, when I pictured what I could not help seeing: a bunch of people struggling through the dangerous currents of the Rio Grande, risking their lives – but all the while, muttering under their individual breaths: “I HATE this country I am moving to SO MUCH! I SO want to live in that SHITHOLE-to-the-north that I’m almost drowning to get to – that sewer-street full of racists, misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes, murderous predatory police, meat-eaters, Trump voters, religious fanatics, gun nuts, COVID superspreaders, and PEOPLE OF NO COLOR!*” (*”white” people)

    Somebody needs to make a political ad, using that “vision,” with an enactment of that picture.

    I seriously do believe that the vast majority of these incoming migrants – give them a couple of election cycles, to really “get it” – will vote for ANYBODY BUT leftist candidates. They might even start to hate the leftists more than I do – leftists, beware. I am warning you: You want chaos, but YOU, leftists, are more likely to be hurt the most by it.

    So…on second thought…I think I’ll help the fuckless eunuch leftists get their way, and help to bring into this country as many migrants as I can…well, on third thought, I don’t want the criminal organizations to have an excuse to take my money, too. So, I’ll just have to start hunting those criminals. And fry ’em like bacon. They’re already hunting people like me, anyway. And there’s my warning to most of this blog’s commentariat. Hunt, or be hunted.

  7. Gotta mention something I saw happen earlier this week.

    Homeless looking man is pushing his bike on the sidewalk with a clear flat tire. The guy in front of me is driving a pick-up truck loaded with three or four bikes (I’m guessing a bike mechanic) and honks his horn to get the biker’s attention. When the man comes they exchange words and then he hands him an inner tube. I assume no money was exchanged, as the guy pushing bike smiled and gestured thankfully. All of this happened in the duration of a red light, and it made me smile.

  8. Earlier in the week, New York Times Editorial Board member Mara Gay was on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show and is widely quoted as saying:

    “I saw, you know, dozens and dozens of pickup trucks with expletives against Joe Biden on the back of them, Trump flags, and in some cases, just dozens of American flags, which is also just disturbing, which essentially the message was clear, this is my country. This is not your country. I own this.”

    Only thing is, she is not being quoted accurately. If you watch the video, it is clear that she actually said “pickup trucks with explicatives against Joe Biden” not “expletives.” An Editorial Board member with the NYT doesn’t know the difference between explicative (“explanatory”) and expletive (usually, “an obscenity”)? I haven’t seen anyone mention this in the media, and every internet source I have seen that quoted her wrote it as “expletives.” Were the trucks displaying explanations of their opposition to Biden, or were they showing contempt by using obscenities? Inquiring minds want to know!

  9. Several days ago it was reported that the SCOTUS would not hear a case regarding the draft. At issues was that only males are required to register and that females should be required by law to do so as well.

    Now that anyone can identify as whatever gender they want how will the military effectively get the grunts they need in time of war? What is to stop males from simply claiming female status to avoid the draft and on what basis could they be denied federal benefits for failing to register now?

    • It’s a good point. The narrative, of course, is that males never falsely claim to be females. This is why we shouldn’t question men walking into the women’s bathroom.

  10. It would be hilarious if all white male job applicants suddenly claimed to be a female POC on the federal demographic questionnaires that are not supposed to be used in hiring decisions but are used to round out the pool of finalists to ensure inclusion. Sometimes the best way to show the foolishness of the idea that anyone should be able to decide on their own their demographic characteristics is to play the game using the rules of the sophomoric progressives.

  11. Well, I’ll have to post this comment here even though it’s a day late.

    Just went for a walk in the neighborhood and walked by the house I usually avoid because of the signs they put in their yard. They used to have that sign that read: “Hate has no home here”.

    Now they have a sign that reads:
    “In this house we believe:
    Black Lives Matter
    Women’s rights are human rights
    No Human is illegal
    Science is real
    Love is love
    Kindness is everything.”

    This is why I almost always only walk in the park in the morning. Seeing this kind of nonsense always irritates me. Especially, No Human is illegal – right, let’s just open up the country to anybody that wants to come in – makes sense. Oh, Women’s rights are human rights coupled with science is real – sure, until you want to abort a fetus and say it isn’t a human life. (I mean, I’m not totally against abortion when the woman’s life is in danger or some other emergency, etc.)

    It just doesn’t make sense to me to broadcast this kind of junk on cheap signs in your front yard.

    Now I feel a little better after ranting here.

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