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Not to jinx it, but I notice that nobody has ever abused an open forum. Not all of the entries are classics, but none are emotional, ill-informed, ethics-tone deaf jabbering either. This is because the commenters who avail themselves of the weekly open fora are serious and thoughtful.

I obsess about the decline in Ethics Alarms traffic, but the blog has never had a more distinguished, perceptive and passionate commentariat—and you know, that’s what I was looking for when I started this project. I wish we had more progressives of the open-minded sub-species participating, but I assume they would all have their heads under bags right now anyway.

Start your engines…

43 thoughts on “Open Forum!

  1. Mike Richards, who elevated himself to Jeopardy host, is stepping down because of some controversial comments he made back in 2014 were made public. Good.



    – Love rarely happens at first sight.

    – Sympathy for difficulties is not love.

    – Strong feelings born in turbulent times make for good stories, but the real test is whether those feelings can stand up under the grind of the boring peaceful times.

    – No two people are ordained by fate, God, or any other force to be together.

    – There is no such thing as mortals winning the love of immortals, nor physical beings the love of angels. There are only mortals, and no mortal is by nature above or below any other, unless they decided to be.

    – Falling in love with an exciting but dark person usually ends in disaster. Do not take someone who is dangerous and hope he will change or that you can change him.

    – Obsession with winning the one person you want but can’t have usually ends in disaster, sometimes not just for you but for others.

    – Usually you can’t have the person you can’t have for a very good reason, or several very good reasons.

    – Beware anyone who promises to make someone love you who does not.

    – Falling in love with someone too different than you often ends badly.

    – If you have to achieve the unachievable to win the person you want, you will be expected to achieve even more to keep that person.

    – If she wants a king, or a man who can do the impossible, she wants too much.

    – If he wants her to give up her home, faith, family, friends, and the life she knew forever to be with him, he wants too much.

    – Trading immortality for love is a foolish bargain.

    – No one waits 3 years, leave alone 3000, for their one true love. If too much time has passed with nothing happening, there is usually a good reason.

    – If the loss of your partner leads to the loss of the will to live, you invested too much in that person and not enough in you.

    – Being in love or in a relationship confers no special status or immunity in dangerous situations. Single best friends don’t really sacrifice themselves so couples can escape.

    – If your relationship leads to bad consequences for others, you are being selfish.

    – If your desire for someone you cannot have leads you to actions which have disastrous consequences for others, you are a criminal.

    – Life together is not an epic love story, and no one has ever earned the right to happy ever after.

    How many ethics problems can you spot?

    • “– Strong feelings born in turbulent times make for good stories, but the real test is whether those feelings can stand up under the grind of the boring peaceful times.”

      This is our joke about Jurassic World – Chris Pratt’s character and Bryce Howard’s character were in a relationship and fell out of it over clearly irreconcilable personality differences. The ensuing Jurassic fiasco that follows and the stressors “brought them back together”. At the end of the movie, peace and calm restored, it’s implied they’ll go on “happily ever after”.


      • Not much. Never read his stuff. From what I can tell though, his thoughts on a lot of things are screwed up. I don’t particularly like him as a person either, he was a draft dodger in the time of Vietnam, his politics suck, and I think he hates his fans. I also believe he’s never going to finish the series, but he’s never going to say as much because he enjoys being treated like a rock star at conventions. He’s just going to sit on his pile of cash and give the world the finger until all that fat catches up to him.

  3. 1. Afghanistan won a seat on the UN Women’s Rights Commission, and the Taliban could, if they are recognized as the legitimate government of Afghanistan, inherit the seat.

    Nothing strange about that, the UN is filled to the brim with repressive regimes in odd places. Still, it’s grating.

    2. A nude man in Seattle stabbed another nude man on the same sidewalk.

    Just keepin’ Seattle weird, I guess.

    3. Jen Psaki, Paid Liar: What I should tell is that there are individuals who will self-identify as American citizens. That number is around 11,000. Beyond that — around the country.

    Ah. I expect that to be a rather larger number, once this gets out…

    4. Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe held a swanky fundraiser on Martha’s Vineyard as the liberal vacation hotspot struggled to battle a spike in coronavirus cases that follows former president Barack Obama’s birthday party.

    Fearless, I’m sure his supporters would say. I wonder if he was wearing a mask?

    5. Headline of the week:

    New Ill. law requires menstrual products in boys’ school bathrooms

    They say if you live long enough…

  4. From PJMedia:

    Trump was hated for the qualities that made him an excellent president, for “Making America Great Again,” and for being a towering, if controversial, figure. He was hated for not sinking to the indescribable ineptitude of Joe Biden and for not being on the take. He was hated for his efforts to clean up the political swamp. He was hated for his endorsement of the free market and for championing a prosperous citizenry. He was hated for his opposition to crony socialism and bureaucratic bloat. He was hated for all the wrong reasons.

    This is such bullshit. Sure, the Democrats, bureaucrats, government employees, unions and and big government Republicans hated him for some or all of these reasons.

    But the reason (leaving aside the fraud stuff) he is not the president in 2020 is that he alienated too many people by being an abject juvenile asshole in his public persona. Sure, that plays well to a bunch of working class guys regardless of race or ethnicity, but it absolutely drove college educated white men away.

    Also, COVID politics were a large part of the reason he lost, and the presence of the Fauci’s of the world calling for an authoritarian response resonated with far too many Americans. Fear drove the election more than even Trump’s abrasive personality, but the combination of the two was deadly.

    • Glenn, I disagree that he drove college educated white men away with is boorish ways. I myself hold an MBA with an undergrad degree in Business with a major in Economics. While I know some college educated white males that lean Democrat because their personal incomes are predicated on large government programs, such as those who have six figure salaries from State of Maryland, Federal employees, NIH, Bechtel, Haliburton and others in the IT field located in and around DC, those of us who do not rely on multimillion dollar government contracts to bolster our top line see things a bit differently.

      One thing is for certain, we assess the reasons for Trump’s loss based on what we read or hear from those we share similar ideas. The issue is the credibility of the information we consume. You know the term GIGO.

      To us we placed being results oriented with policies we agreed with on one side of the equation and our ability to tolerate his bravado and arrogance. Those who chose Biden weighed his ability to get anything done against his perceived Joe Everyman image (which was a mere facade to begin with). For those of us that supported Trump in 2020 we chose getting things done over personality. For those who chose Biden the choice was that he was not arrogant like Trump. I compared it to a matchup between General Patton and Joe Biden. I chose the mean general who slapped a private because his track record was one of real accomplishment and his promises mirrored my desires.

      It was easy to keep up the appearance of Biden being kinder thoughtful man people wanted as president when he was never challenged on anything said by the media. Conversely, Trump was almost always put on defense by the media. This revelation in Richard Holbrooke’s diary paints a far different picture of the man who claims to be the epitome of empathy.

      “When asked about America’s commitment to retaining a presence in Afghanistan to safeguard vulnerable civilians, Biden scornfully answered, referring to the US pullout from Southeast Asia in 1973, according to Holbrooke. “F*** that, we don’t have to worry about that. We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it,” Biden had said.”


      Now that Biden actually has to answer tough questions his angriness and venom is showing. Biden blows with the wind always has always will. He has never led anything except witch hunts and he was not successful there either. I happen to be one of those that he lied to directly when he was a senator in the 90’s. You cannot trust him and now he cannot remember his positions from day to day.

      • Mrs. OB and a good friend, both conservatives, were just yesterday saying how they’re glad Trump is gone because he was so divisive and they hope to hell he doesn’t make a comeback. I just let their comments pass. Anybody who voted for the Democrat regime to be restored to power in the executive and legislative branches screwed the pooch big time. The Dems were all fine with Bill Clinton being an insufferable asshole. Grrr.

      • Glenn, I disagree that he drove college educated white men away with is boorish ways.

        Disagree or not, that’s what the analysis of the election by Politico showed. Consider the source, but I can’t imagine their motivation for making up something like that.

  5. Via Instapundit:

    Following in the footsteps of their journalistic colleagues across the United States, staffers at Politico are trying to form a union. And like other recent media unionization efforts, the push is animated not only (or even mainly) by actual labor concerns like working conditions, benefits, and compensation, but by editorial differences with management.

    This article is excellent, and well worth the five minutes it takes to read.

    How is it ethical to unionize a company not to fix broken working conditions, but rather to use the union grievance process and the threat of U.S. government involvement to force ideological conformity on the organization?

    This is breathtakingly evil. I am generally supportive of private unions, or at least not reflexively against them. Perhaps, given the current environment, the justification for that no longer applies.

    • Glenn, this story on Current Affairs Magazine is not on the same point as yours, but it’s hilarious and also raises serious questions about managing an enterprise, which Jack would probably comment upon in a warm up at least.

      So funny the commie running the place says he lost control when he let the workers council run the place. But that’s the Marxist model. Workers owning the means of production. Hey, it doesn’t work, but it’s still great!

      • I saw that! That is hilarious.

        Socialism is one of those things that looks good on paper, but when you experience it, you convert to capitalism mighty fast…

  6. Re: The OnlyFans Conundrum:

    Yesterday, OnlyFans announced it will not host sexually explicit material beginning in October. The web mocked them for cancelling the one service that made them a ton of money: hosting a sexually explicit content. Mockery aside, this is an ominous move.

    OnlyFans stated that it made the change because it could not find investors to fund its future growth plans. Additionally, credit card processors and banks signaled that they were taking harder lines to disrupt the money flows to sex traffickers and prostitution rings.

    Agree or disagree with OnlyFans’ platform, but the shift has broader implications. What happens if Academy Sports & Outdoors wants to open 1,000 new stores but investors won’t fund the plan because Academy sells guns? Same with Burger King, when it wants to open a ton more restaurants but investors would back it because its food is fatty and unhealthy? Or, if Walmart wants to expand its stores but investors won’t put up the money because Walmart sells cigarettes, sodas, and sugary fountain drinks along side Oreos and Chips Ahoy and caters to the Trump Voter?


    • That’s the great thing about capitalism. You can vote with your dollars as a consumer or an investor. If there’s money to be made, you’ll find an investor. If your product is so heinous that people don’t want to make money with you, well, maybe you need to adjust.

      In this case, from an investment perspective, what the investor is really objecting to is the compliance risk. If OnlyFans compliance structure isn’t weeding out illegal activity such as human trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation, etc, etc, then it’s only a matter of time before they face an investigation and potentially a settlement. If you’re the next $40M investor into OnlyFans, how do you feel about a $500M settlement on the horizon?

    • If they could not find investors to finance their growth plan, then maybe they do not feel that the concept behind the brand is profitable.

      The brand already has a reputation for self-published sexually explicit content. Excluding that content will not change the reputation of the brand. it is like McDonald’s deciding to only sell tacoes in its restaurants (instead of the parent company creating a new brand for a taco restaurant.)

  7. The problem with Afghanistan, with Viet Nam, with Korea, is that the fricking Pentagon has forgotten what the purpose of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force is, and that is to kill people and break things until the other side gives up. The wars we have won–the Civil War, the Spanish American War, WWI and WWII were won by unrelenting use of overwhelming force.Our armed forces were never supposed to be a glorified police force.

  8. More fun with SloJo!
    Biden claimed:
    “What interest do we have in Afghanistan at this point with al Qaeda gone?”

    Aside from the fact that “al Qaeda gone” is such an egregious lie that even the NYT, et al. fact checked it as wrong, anybody notice the unfortunate wording he used? Very like, in structure and tone, a line made famous by another angry democrat, maybe?

    “What difference at this point does it make?”, she said…

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