Unethical Joe Biden Quote Of The Week: Time For “The Julie Principle”?

The President is rapidly getting into Trump territory, saying so many outrageous things so frequently that it feels churlish to call him on it. Is it time to invoke the Julie Principle? I wonder. Ethics Alarms actually called for Joe to have the benefit of it in 2020, but that was before he became President, which clears the slate.

This past week alone, Biden has made one obnoxious, dishonest, absurd statement after another. Notably, he pronounced himself blameless for the Democratic Party wipeout in Virginia and elsewhere: nice accountability there, Joe! I wouldn’t expect your history-censoring party to know this, but after Pickett’s Charge that guy whose statues Democrats got pulled down did NOT say to his returning, bloodied troops, “This wasn’t my fault!”

But that exchange with the reporter reasonably asking Biden about his administration’s reversal regarding his categorical denial that his administration might be paying up to $450,000 to illegal immigrants claiming that the Trump policies separated them from their children was even worse. First of all, his claim that the reporter whose assertion he called “garbage” had suggested that all illegal immigrants were going to be paid $450,000 was a lie. It was explicitly about settling a lawsuit, and when the President said “That’s not going to happen,” he was referring to the settlement—or he was confused because he doesn’t know what’s going on his own administration. The ACLU and his own Justice Department quickly corrected him, so Joe cannot say that he was making a correct response to the ridiculous question he falsely said was asked by Fox’s Peter Doocy. I knew what Doocy meant: it was clear to me.

Then Biden shouted at the reporter as if he were the liar. In addition, Biden’s emphasis on illegal immigrant parents “losing” their children is legal and ethical garbage, to use Joe’s term. The strong defense the United States has to this claim is assumption of the risk. Such parents subjected their children to peril deliberately as they sought to enter the U.S. in defiance of our laws. If they didn’t know that their conduct placed their kids at unreasonable risk, they should have.

The U.S. would be within its rights to remove children from American parents who were similarly reckless with their children’s welfare. The Biden Justice Department won’t use the assumption of the risk defense available to them; it will just pay out thousands in taxpayer money to non-taxpaying, law breaking, irresponsible alien parents, because that’s what will make its open borders-supporting, “they just want to have a better life”- rationalizing base happy.

As I already noted, this was just one of Biden’s bad moments this week. Yesterday he insulted the public by saying that they didn’t understand the supply chain (as if he does). Biden has never been very bright, and is less so than ever; he’s always been less than articulate, and a jerk as well. Now he’s over his head in a job he’s unfit to handle, and he feels the walls closing in, because they are.

Maybe the ethical thing is to give the President a break.

It’s not as if he’s going to get any better.

17 thoughts on “Unethical Joe Biden Quote Of The Week: Time For “The Julie Principle”?

  1. Plus, he’s way past his sell by date when it comes to mental capacity. This is elder abuse by his wife and the sycophants in his administration.

  2. Maybe the ethical thing is to give the President a break.

    Hmm. In mitigation Biden and his party are busily destroying themselves, and my inclination is to get out of their way.

    In aggravation, he and his party seem bent on taking the country down with them.

    Tough call.

  3. Exactly where is this settlement money coming from? What specific bill appropriated the roughly 1 billion dollars for the settlement. How does the DOJ expend funds not specifically allocated to that department for such settlements? I want to know which members of Congress permitted the DOJ to appropriate and authorize funds to illegal immigrants for breaking our laws.

    • I want to know that as well. After all, we have been separating children from their law-breaking parents pretty much since parents and children began. It’s called incarceration.

      Wait…is that where this is headed?!? Some kind of financial “reparations” for criminals?

  4. According to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll taken end of last week, 46% of those surveyed said that Biden has done a worse job as President than they expected him to do. His overall approval rating is now 38%, and independents surveyed were 7 to 1 against him. 64% of those surveyed, including 28% of Democrats (that’s more than 1 in 4) say someone else should be at the top of the ticket in 2024. The only thing Joe can take comfort in is that Harris’s approval rating is a subterranean 28%.

    What on God’s green earth was this country thinking when it put this ticket in office? The ten worst words to hear are, “well, it seemed like a good idea at the time,” and the five worst are “it can’t be that bad.” Well, it isn’t that bad. It’s worse.

    • What were they thinking?

      The Bill was due. Obama stole the nomination from Hillary in 2008.

      2016 was her turn. We know the fix was in; just ask Bernie. Biden had to step aside. Nothing else really explains his decision not to run in 2016. But, in exchange, the fix had to be in for 2020.

      To Jack’s question, I would cut him a break, except he is not competent and is provably going to keep getting worse. As bad as Trump was, he was still capable of making decisions.


  5. Re: illegal immigrant children you also need to separate them until you know, for certain, the adults with the kids are actually their parents. It would be unwise to assume anything else right now.

  6. Regarding Biden shouting at the reporter, that’s the one part I didn’t have a problem with. The way I heard it, he wasn’t shouting at the reporter’s question, he was emphasizing his main point: if you lost your child: Think of the children! Think of the parents! You should get compensation! His tone is calm before he get’s to that part, then he channels righteous indignation to try and get the audience on his side. Policy issues aside, I think that’s just good oratory.

    • He was shouting. Which is not acceptable in a press conference. Can you imagine the reaction if Trump had ever shouted at a reporter? He’d have been accused of killing democracy and destroying all sorts of norms.

      I think Joe’s behavior is batshit crazy, old man, “get off my lawn” ill-temperedness. He has these angry outbursts all the time. He’s suffering from Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s patients, particularly men, get famously angry and violent when they’re early into the disease and know enough to know something isn’t right in their heads. They get frustrated and angry and act out. That’s Joe.

    • But this wasn’t oratory. He was taking questions from the press. When have you ever heard anyon shout like that at a press conference? If I shouted like that while being grilled bu a judge, do you think “Oh, that was just oratory, your honor! would save me from being held in contempt? That’s a rude and bullying tactic, as if just speaking louder makes a stronger point.

  7. Demetrius notes above that separation was often the ethical thing to do, given the possibility that child trafficking was involved. Often overlooked is the fact that getting kids back to legitimate family members was frustrated by the unwillingness of many in the country illegally to cooperate with INS, a problem worsened in those cities and states which proclaimed themselves sanctuaries and who actively defied INS.

  8. I don’t think so.

    If we saw him trying to do what he said he was going to do during the campaign but floundering. If he was acting like the moderate and uniter he said he was going to be when he was running for office — well, maybe.

    But he is not. He is trying to outdo the squad and the Warren/Sanders wing of the party. He has done everything in his power to divide the country further and sow discord and racial division. And he’s been incompetent at it. That actually may be his only saving grace.

    So……..wind meet whirlwind. You reap what you sow.


    None of that is to say that Trump is the answer for 2024. We’re going to be even more exhausted by then than we were in 2020. Youngkin has demonstrated that you don’t have to be Trump to trounce the Democrats. We already know we don’t want someone like McCain or Romney. So let’s find someone else — we do have a good crop of governors right now.

  9. Time to start identifying as an illegal alien.

    Officer, no hablo Englais. Yes my skin looks European and my beard is Irish red, but my bleeding heart beats with salsa and marengue. Here are my 5 children and my bank routing and account number. After compensation has been deposited we will gladly self-deport to somewhere with a much lower cost of living. Mucho gusto.

  10. (bolds/caps/italics mine throughout)
    “(Attorney R. Andrew) Free found himself at a political event where the president was present.

    Reluctant to disrupt the scene, but unable to let what he had seen go unspoken, Free struck an uneasy compromise with himself. He politely shook hands with the president, then mentioned his visit to the detention centers. Close them, Mr. President, he begged. ‘IT’S WRONG,’ Free said. ‘AND IT’S GOING TO BE A STAIN ON YOUR LEGACY.’

    ”The president was unmoved. ‘I’ll tell you what we can’t have,’ he told Free. ‘It’s these parents sending their kids here on a dangerous journey and putting their lives at risk.’ Then he moved on down the line, shaking hands with his supporters. Admitted Free: ‘I was dumbfounded.’

    ”Free’s poignant tweets, written a couple of weeks ago, stirred a firestorm of thousands of responses — mostly, it appeared, because THE YEAR HE WAS DESCRIBING WAS NOT 2018 BUT 2015, AND THE PRESIDENT HE WAS REPROVING WAS NOT DONALD TRUMP BUT BARACK OBAMA.

    ” ‘A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK THAT ALL THSI STARTED WITH TRUMP,’ Free told the Miami Herald last week from his Nashville office. ‘IT DIDN’T …‘ ”

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