14 thoughts on “Open Forum, Or As I Am Thinking Today, “PLAY BALL!”

  1. Just a feel-good comment from me regarding the ongoing and suddenly getting a lot of traction Hunter Biden story. I know the general consensus is to wait and see but this is already appearing to be a family of grifters. Of course they’re the ultimate in grifters. Hopefully the media that has been providing more of a protective cocoon will step up.

  2. And now, for the rest of the story (frominternet) with only slight editing:

    I think deep down that slap was meant for Jada. She’s a badgering control freak.
    Use her head for a bowling ball.
    At least their children have role models to look up to.
    Does anyone else think Jada resembles Nosferatu?
    Women like her make me glad I’m a Franciscan Monk.

    He should have dumped that bald witch a few years ago.
    Everyone knows if you criticize a woman’s hairdo run for your life. They don’t handle it well.

    Open relationship…. how open…. WIDE OPEN🤮
    Like Stacy Abram’s mouth.

    She is what they refer to as a succubus.
    She is devouring his soul.
    She’s got this dude twisted and broken.
    He was laughing at Rock’s jokes until she cut the side eye to him, then he had do something just to please her. Jada is toxic.

    Wonder if she’s going to make Will watch her have an “entanglement” with the landscaping staff?
    Divorce fallout? Stay tuned, Jada will live stream it.

    I had hot oatmeal and a cup of coffee for breakfast!
    I had one cup of coffee…now I got to take a Jada.
    I think I’ll go for a venti Americano with a splash this morning.
    Sautéed spinach with a light topping of cream sauce paired with a nice grilled pork chop.
    Perfect breakfast.
    I’m constipated today, any suggestions?
    Once again…no one cares.

    For those who live vicariously; this article says it all:

  3. Most have probably heard about the shooting in Sacramento this past weekend. At first (and even now, to some extent) little was known of the details of the incident. Even so, President Biden immediately threatened executive action, and trotted out his usual litany of ineffective anti-gun priorities and outright lies without regard as to whether any were pertinent to the incident, and without consideration of the fact that California is already a leftist’s paradise for useless firearms laws..

    He called for:
    banning “ghost guns”,
    requiring background checks for all gun sales,
    prohibiting assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and
    repealing firearm manufacturers’ “immunity from liability”

    Again, it wasn’t yet known whether any of these things factored into the shooting at all, and California already has some many of those laws. Reports, at this point, indicate that it was gang-related, employed illegally obtained and configured guns, and violated numerous existing laws and restrictions.

    Joe has cited the debunked “gunmakers’ immunity” lie numerous times, though it is a grossly misleading representation of the legislation made necessary by the left’s abuse of the legal system as they tried to bankrupt gunmakers with repeated nuisance lawsuits.

    Assuming SloJo is actually aware of how foolish and dishonest this is (big assumption, I know), how can we accept this level of continued dishonesty and disregard for Constitutional protections from a president?

    According to reports , he’s also strongly considering another anti-gun activist as his new nominee to head the ATF (his last such choice was shut down and withdrawn).

    On the positive side, Georgia recently passed a “Constitutional Carry” (permitless concealed carry) law, making fully half the states in the country now having done so.

    • Ex-cons shooting other sketchy guys with automatic weapons. Let’s make it illegal for law abiding citizens to own firearms, that will fix the “gun violence problem. You bet. And it will stop gang gun violence in places like Chicago as well. Assholes.

  4. In regards to the Biden story gaining traction.So they dump Joe, we get Harris. If they dump Harris we get Pelosi. Does any of this sound like improvement? Tin foil version, dump Harris get someone else, then they can be President when Joe dies or gets 25th’d. Good times.

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