20 thoughts on “What? Time For The Ethics Alarms Open Forum Already?

      • That’s not even the first time they’ve done something like that in the last year. December of 2021, GrubHub partnered with Square Enix, and if you ordered food from GrubHub between December 9th and 15th with a promo code, you would get a receipt with a different code redeemable for an in-game emote for FFXIV. Never underestimate the FOMO of MMORPG players, because GrubHub’s apps were complete dogshit for the entire week. Why they thought doing something with a broader appeal for a narrower timeframe was a great idea is beyond me.

  1. Here is something worth discussing.


    Rep. Bryan Steil compares deadly Capitol insurrection to Black Lives Matter protests for social justice
    Kenosha County Democratic Party • Jan. 11, 2021

    In his press release about the impending impeachment of Donald Trump, Congressman Bryan Steil compared the deadly and treasonous insurrection at our nation’s Capitol building this week with Black Lives Matter marches calling for police reform in the wake of deadly police killings and shootings of Black Americans this summer.

    The purpose of Steil’s press release was to oppose the planned impeachment attempt of Donald Trump by Congress. Steil also voted against Trump’s first impeachment. The House impeached Trump for abuse of power but Republican Senators blocked his removal from office.

    The Capitol insurrection, incited by Trump and his allies just prior to the storming of the Capitol building, was fuelled by a lie about election integrity. That insurrection left 5 people dead, including a Capitol police officer, as well as 50 officers and an unknown number of civilians injured. The action by Trump’s supporters put the lives of the Vice President of the United States and members of Congress at risk, and they needed to be evacuated from the Capitol.

    It is the first time the Capitol has been breached and damaged by a mob of American citizens in its more than 220 year history.

    Steil is comparing that conspiracy-fueled, deadly insurrection with the Black Lives Matter protests for social justice and police reform. The protests this summer came after the police killings of an unarmed George Floyd by kneeling on his neck for nine minutes, the police shooting of an unarmed Brionna Taylor in her own apartment and the police shooting of Steil’s own constituent, Jacob Blake, who was shot in the back seven times in the presence of his children.

    Former officer Derek Chauvin faces charges of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in Floyd’s on May 25 death. A police officer involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor has been charged with endangerment. No charges were filed in the shooting of Jacob Blake.

    If you would like to contact Rep. Steil about his comparison of a deadly and treasonous attempt to overthrow the American government with people marching for justice and police reform, you may reach him here.

    You can also express your feelings about the impending impeachment attempt and his desire to keep a dangerous, conspiracy propagating, riot-inciting president in office.

    Rep. Bryan Steil contact: DC Office; Janesville Office Kenosha Office;
    Email Bryan Steil

    Full press release: Bryan Steil press release

      • Bryan Steil has a unique perspective on this issue.

        What this shows is an example of someone simultaneously denying the riots in Kenosha and claiming that the Capitol riot was a treasonous insurrection- in the very same publication.

        (This also ties in as to why there is so much hatred against Kyle Rittenhouse)

    • “… if the president fails, the country fails… “

      If we have truly gotten that far from the original intent of the form of government our constitution is supposed to describe, the country deserves to fail. The president isn’t a king, and his failure to do the job well might cause lasting damage, but if your statement is true (and I’m not necessarily saying it’s false), then we’ve ceased to be the republican democracy the founders intended.

      If we truly have enshrined enough power in the office such that a failed presidency results in a failed nation, then we’ve already failed as a nation.

      Your last point sounds about right. No matter who they are or what their policies are, all future presidents will enjoy presiding over a country where at least half the populace sees them not as an opponent, but as an enemy. That can’t be good.

  2. Is there any doubt that we are now a house divided? We no longer have the Rule of Law and our rulers are now dynasties. A Citizen is no longer a voting, tax paying individual. We truly are in the Bread and Circuses phase of our decline. That all the above homilies are true and easy to recognize is an example of how debased we have become.

  3. I’ve been watching the Netflix series “Black Summer” (it’s amazing how much mileage has been squeezed out of the concept of zombies). Four or five episodes in, and it’s becoming clear that every single unsympathetic character is going to be a white person (and so far, male). The end of the last episode I just watched had a group of four “people of color” beating a white guy to a pulp (he had it coming). Every recent show I’ve seen follows this same pattern.

    I get the argument that if most film portrayals of black men, for example, are negative, that this can real-life negative ramifications. How does substituting white men improve anything?

      • As a general rule, one’s state of grace is a private affair. I don’t if the person in front of me or behind me as in a state of mortal sin. He or she may or may not have confessed and received absolution. I, therefore, cannot know if he or she is properly receiving communion. Hell, I probably have no business being in line, either.

        Pelosi has made public statements directly against Church teaching and calls herself a devout Catholic. The Archbishop is correct in this letter. My complaint is with the very public rebuke of a parishioner, and not with the content of the letter. I do understand that Pelosi is giving great scandal to Church doctrine by openly declaring that she us a devout Catholic while openly embracing abortion. Biden, too, for that matter, though he maybe forgiven because he is nuts.


  4. Grub hub-greed begets chaos! Wait for the impending fuel shortages!
    Archbishop Corleone- He followed the canonical and procedure. She persisted in her obstinate and public sin, she was called for pastoral counsel, she refused council or to amend her ways. What the Bishop did was under his canonical authority to do so.. unfortunately it only applies to her while she is physically within the geographic boundaries of the Archdiocese. It is applicable no where else..she can still approach communion and receive it if she is in any other diocese, at this point..

  5. Just took a “diversity” survey at work. One of the more bizarre questions:

    “Do you identify as a veteran?”

    One would think that veteran status would still be squarely in the realm of objective reality. Looks like maybe there’s hope for me to fulfil a dream of becoming a Model of Honor recipient after all.

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