Comment Of The Day: “Update On The Uvalde Massacre Extension Of The Sandy Hook Ethics Train Wreck, Part 5…”

Michael provides some much needed perspective (legally correct, too) on gun control issues in the wake of the Memorial Day weekend freak-out on the topic. You can read the Heller case here. It is amazing how many people (and pundits) shooting off their unregulated mouths on the topic of guns have never bothered to read the SCOTUS opinion that constitutes the latest boundaries on the Second Amendment.

Here is Michael’s Comment of the Day on this post:


Let’s get something correct in the debate about regulation of firearms.

Heller, often cited, does NOT preclude regulation. In fact, Justice Scalia’s (certainly not a left-wing progressive, rather a proponent of originalism) opinion suggests the contrary. Toward the end of the Heller opinion, he states “the problem of handgun violence in this country” is real and the government has “a variety of tools for combating that problem, including some measures regulating handguns.” The Constitutional requirement of Heller is that the government may not disarm citizens in their homes. Justice Scalia recognized regulations of several types of government regulation as presumptively lawful: “conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms,” bans on carrying weapons in “sensitive places,” and he noted the “historical tradition of prohibiting the carrying of ‘dangerous and unusual weapons.’” See (for example) the FDR era laws that restricted guns presumed to be the type used in mob violence.

I do not like to see or hear the emotional “arguments” for doing away with the the Second Amendment; and I dislike just as much the arguments claiming the Supreme Court has definitively ruled that there cannot be restrictions. The second argument is used by advocates from both sides…those proposing restrictions arguing that the Supreme Court ruling is the reason the Second Amendment must be repealed; and those claiming that there can be no regulation of gun rights.

As my wife would say: “Hooey!”


I’m just back to say that as some of you may have guessed, the photo above is in honor of Joe Biden’s delusion that a citizen could not own a cannon when the Second Amendment was adopted….speaking of “Hooey.”

5 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Update On The Uvalde Massacre Extension Of The Sandy Hook Ethics Train Wreck, Part 5…”

  1. Every time I hear Biden utter the “You couldn’t own a cannon” lie, it reinforces my surety that he has a mental deficiency of some sort. (His status as a habitual liar cannot reasonably be questioned). “Psst, Joe!” (In a creepy whisper:) “You can STILL own a cannon!”
    A friend who lives one valley west of me (about a mile away) is a Civil War reenactor and owns a type of cannon known as a mountain howitzer. It can shoot a 12-pound projectile about 1000 yards. I have witnessed him firing the gun to repeatedly hit a 55-gallon drum at 500 yards. My friend travels around the southeast with his gun crew to weekend reenactments and historic battlefield commemorations to demonstrate the gun as living history and explain the role of artillery in the war. If you have seen the huge artillery bombardments in the movie “Gettysburg,” virtually all those cannons are privately owned, and my friend and his crew were there firing their cannon.
    I have also known a couple of owners of M116 75mm Pack Howitzers, used for ceremonial salutes with blank black powder ammunition. They also look cool being towed behind a WWII-era Jeep in parades.

    • Every time Biden opens his mouth about guns, it’s a safe bet that something ridiculous is going to come out. I remember when he counseled people to shoot through a closed door, fire into the air to scare off intruders, and that a 12-gauge shotgun was easier to handle than an AR-15. Now just recently he’s claimed that 9mm rounds were “high-caliber weapons” that can “blow the lungs out of the body”.

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