22 thoughts on “Friday Ethics Open Forum!

  1. In an interview on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.” Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe said…

    “Without any doubt, beyond a reasonable doubt, beyond any doubt, and the crimes are obvious. The most obvious was that he was ordering his vice-president to do what everyone in the room knew would be illegal, namely, exercise power to pick the next president.”

    I’m getting really sick and tired of all the unethical partisan extrapolations to absurd lies, which I think is exactly what the January 6th Committee is actively doing.

    I don’t like Donald Trump one bit and I don’t want him as our President but I can’t sit by and watch these people continue to do what they’re doing.

    No Mr. Tribe you damn fool; President Trump did not request/demand that Vice-President Pence pick the next President that is a blatantly extrapolated falsehood, I think Tribe actually knows it’s a falsehood, therefore I think Tribe is a liar, yes a liar as in one who lies. The actual fact as I understand them is that President Trump requested/demanded that Vice-President Pence reject the electoral college votes from some contested states and send them back to those states for further review thus pushing the certification of the election to a date after that review was completed, that Mr. Tribe is NOT in any way, shape or form to be the equivalent or even a rhetorical equivalent to pickling the next President and I think you fully understand that fact. Personally I think President Trump and his advisors were wrong about this and I commend Vice-President Pence for his choice of action.

    I live in one of the states that was being contested because of the blatantly extralegal (beyond the authority of the law; not regulated by the law) actions taken in the state that were not predefined in our existing election laws; they literally BASTARDIZED (lower in quality or value than the original form, typically as a result of the addition of new elements) state election laws and ignored some existing election laws and they tried to justify their actions with a COVID-19 rationalization. What happened in my state was very wrong and in my opinion might have been illegal but that doesn’t invalidate the legal votes that were cast in good faith with no intended fraud on the part of the individual voter; nothing can change those facts. The states in question need to properly address the extralegal or illegal actions taken in their respective states. In spite of the fact that there were extralegal actions taken by some states in the election I still think Vice-President Pence made the correct choice.

    I understand that Tribe is a lawyer and he’s become partisan hack tool for the Democratic Party but now I think he has added a bald-faced liar and engaging in blatantly unethical ends justifies the means rhetoric to his list of partisan hack credentials.

  2. Here is what a local Madison, WI area blogger wrote recently, What Might Founding Fathers Say About Trump’s Seditious Conspiracy?

    Does anyone want to venture into all the unethical argumentation that’s presented in that blog post? This is the predominate kind of hive minded leftist clap trap we have to deal with on a regular basis in this area of Wisconsin.

    Full Disclosure:
    I have relatively recent history with that blogger. He banned me because I stuck to arguing with actual facts instead of kowtowing to emotional hysteria. After he posted false borderline libelous comments about me on a different blog post, which I immediately challenged, I was banned later that same morning. In an email response to my inquiry as to why I was banned, the blogger literally made up multiple bald-faced verifiable lies to justify banning me and I have the documentation to prove it. It’s been my experience that the blogger, and many progressively leaning Democrats in this area, resort to lies damn near every time they are backed into a rhetorical corner surrounded by actual facts.

    • “It’s been my experience that the blogger, and many progressively leaning Democrats in this area, resort to lies damn near every time they are backed into a rhetorical corner surrounded by actual facts.”

      My experience differs in the area of geography Steve.
      Proglibocrats the world over resort to lies, epithets, the heckler’s veto, cancelling, and violent bullying, when confronted with *facts* that contradict their fascist programming.
      Madison just has a very high density of unreasonable unpleasant proglibots that will only tolerate people whose world view is identical in every way shape and form.

  3. I’m relieved to discover that there are still at least some companies and CEOs in possession of a modicum of common sense.


    “ Expecting or encouraging Krakenites to strive to never ever offend their fellow teammates and/or to be compelled into conforming to the most vocal colleague’s societal or cultural norms, leads to a significant reduction in our ability to build and celebrate diversity and inclusiveness,” the document continues.

    “Words nor silence are ever ‘violence,’” is a Kraken communications principle, as is, “We do not call someone’s words toxic, hateful, racist, x-phobic, unhelpful, etc.”

    “You’ve gotta be resilient, humble, open, and highly tolerant of differing norms,” Powell says, pointing out that Kraken has employees in over 70 countries, speaking over 50 languages.

    “That’s DIVERSITY,” Powell tweeted. “It’s not always easy.””

    • My feeble, Rush and Dr. Pepper deprived brain cannot wrap itself around crypto. I am not sure if it a proto-punk countercultural revolution worthy of attention or a scam perpetrated by some really smart people. My question: how do you monetize your cryptocurrency?


      • I’m pretty sure most crypto coins are Ponzi schemes. Bitcoin itself isn’t monetized, though. It’s a decentralized protocol anyone can make a node for. Companies who run currency exchanges between Bitcoin and fiat currencies can monetize them the same way other payment processors (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal) monetize their payment systems. They charge per transaction for the payment service, or for subscription services.

        I wasn’t talking about the ethics of cryptocurrency, though. That is a black hole. I was talking about the statement by the Kraken CEO regarding employees using offendedness to bully their coworkers.

        • Agreed that you weren’t talking about the legality and/or ethics of cryptocurrency. in reference to your post, the crypto guy seems like a free speech purist, which is pretty cool.


  4. > Sarah Stoesz, … of Planned Parenthood North Central States, called the attack “completely unacceptable.”

    “We strongly condemn violence in all of its forms,” she said. “That is not to say that we agree with the mission of crisis pregnancy centers. We absolutely do not, but responding to them with violence is unacceptable.”

    Sarah, can you articulate for the record which component of CPC’s mission you disagree with?


  5. From Bari Weiss: In related and bizarre news: New York City has spent $200,000 on drag shows in city schools. Private citizens going to drag shows is one thing, but the city paying for this? New York City’s mayor said: “Drag storytellers, and the libraries and schools that support them, are advancing a love of diversity, personal expression, and literacy that is core to what our city embraces.”

    Are drag queens a new component of the Democrat “base?” All of a sudden, drag queens are everywhere and essential to the wellbeing of the country. What’s going on here? I’ve never understood the attraction of drag queen shows. Okay, they are camp, but isn’t camp passe? Years ago, weren’t there people saying things like, “You can’t let gay people into the schools. Before you know it, they’ll be doing all sorts of crazy things.”

    • I don’t understand the point of these. What is the justification for putting these in schools let alone paying for it?

      • JP, the only reason I can think of is to stick it in the eyes of parents. After all, those parents are blossoming white supremacist domestic terrorists. From my understanding, the school hosted the event(s) without giving parents advanced notice and an opportunity to object. I wonder why.


        • The idea is still fairly new. Apparently it started in California in 2015 when a queer librarian got it into her head to introduce her newborn son to this culture in this way. Sometimes the books read children’s books, but often they have LGBTQ themes.

          There have been several defenses of this nonsense, most of them polarized around the idea of “diversity” and “being welcoming.” Frankly, I think that’s Platinum plated nonsense, as children 3 to 11 aren’t going to grasp any of that, and frankly might be horrified by the appearance of some of these drag queens, I know my eyebrows went up when I saw a few of them.

          Look, it’s one thing to have an actress playing the part of a Disney princess come and tell that princess’ story. It’s one thing to have an actor or actress playing the part of a historical character come speak to kids and try to illustrate that character’s life and times like they do in Colonial Williamsburg (you’re still allowed to call it that, right?). It’s one thing for actors playing the part of well-known authors to show up and do a presentation, I actually saw one such presentation a few Halloweens ago (although pitched at adults) when actors playing the part of Bram Stoker and Edgar Allan Poe hosted a literary evening, and it was quite interesting (I’d really like to see something like that done with the Inklings). All those things are relatively acceptable by pretty much everyone. Drag queens, associated with bars, nightlife, and other very adult and often very bizarre things, are not. This is a classic example of pushing the envelope by people with an agenda. The fact that they felt the need to hide it from parents and disallow them the opportunity to object should tell you everything you need to know.

          I’d really like to know what the educators propounding this or the woke families defending it would say if a teacher brought in an actor playing the part of Christopher Columbus to tell the story of the discovery of America. How about one or more of the Founding Fathers? What about an actor playing the part of Robert E. Lee, telling the story of his life? That’s before we even get into fictional characters who might (gasp) stand for traditional values.

          I think we can all guess the answer.

    • In this particular case, it’s irrelevant. O’Rourke is a ridiculous, unserious candidate in the here-and-now. It wouldn’t matter if he had been an exceptional scholar and model citizen as a teen. He’s an idiot right now, so his being an idiot in the past need not even enter into consideration.

      I described him the other day to a friend as a Kennedy with a crippling closed-head injury. I think that encapsulates his general vibe pretty well.

  6. Trump behaves like a decent human!
    After the candidate he backed in the South Carolina Repulican primaries lost against the incumbent freshman candidate, Nancy Mace, who had criticised him over Jan. 6, he tweeted:
    “Katie Arrington was a long shot but ran a great race and way over performed,” (he tweeted(?) on Truth Social.) “Congrats to Nancy Mace, who should easily be able to defeat her Democrat opponent!”

  7. Remi Bader being too overweight to ride a horse and then complaining about it really upset me. It’s self-centered nonsense.

    And apparently, YouTube deleted a video from the January 6th Committee because it showed a video of Trump saying the election was stolen. An article from Reason really laid out the dumb criteria YouTube uses.

    “The platform, however, has very strict rules against spreading election misinformation, which prohibit users from posting videos that observe that a false claim has been made, even if the user does not endorse the claim.”

    The January 6th committee was using Trump as an example of a false claim, and YouTube didn’t even allow that!


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