More Evidence (As If More Were Needed) Of Dead Ethics Alarms In California

Five years ago, California passed a law blocking most taxpayer-funded travel to states “deemed” to have passed laws that discriminate against LGBTQ people. The key word is “deemed.” Assembly Bill 1887 was a response to a North Carolina law that required people to use public bathrooms based on the sex shown on their birth certificate. That’s not discrimination. That’s “a legitimate approach to a difficult issue that a powerful voting bloc in California has strong feelings about.” Twelve states landed on California’s first boycott list, and then, on June 28th, the 52nd anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, gay Attorney General Rob Bonta (above) announced that he was adding Florida and four other states to its official travel ban list, claiming that they passed “anti-LGBTQ” laws that are “directly targeting transgender youth.”

This also is grandstanding, pandering, intellectually dishonest and biased nonsense. Laws that limit the teaching of sexual orientation matters in the lower school grades are not “targeting” anyone. Again, it is a legitimate resolution of a difficult issue, and the states have both the right and the responsibility to address that issue as their legislators and their residents see fit. It is literally none of California’s business.

Then, flushed with the rush of self-righteousness, Bonta announced just two days later that Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia had been added to the list. “California must take action to avoid supporting or financing discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people,” Bonta said.

California’s attack on pluralism, democracy and federalism as well as its unethical efforts to try to influence governing decisions of other states is far, far worse that any imagined “discrimination” the Golden State claims to be reacting to. California has no respect for other states; it refuses to acknowledge that everyone doesn’t agree with California’s frequently warped vales and priorities and that there is nothing wrong with that; and it is deliberately acting as an agent of discord and division in the nation at a time when such conduct by a state, an official, or even a celebrity is particularly irresponsible.

California’s boycott list expresses exactly the same un-American spirit as bars, restaurants and other establishments that refuse service based on political views (Ethics Alarms has discussed that revolting trend many times). The state has long been a destabilizing force on the nation, and now it is reaching dangerous levels.

How can California’s toxic conduct be stopped? Its highest officials have an obligation here, but they lack the integrity, courage and patriotism to meet it. President Biden, holding the office that is supposed to represent all Americans, should speak up, but 1) he can’t speak up, he only mutters, and 2) he wouldn’t dare oppose the one state in which he probably has a positive approval rating.

One is tempted to say that California should be asked and allowed to leave the Fifty, but that is both logistically impossible and an invitation to chaos. (It would solve a lot of problems though.) This may be one of those rare exceptions where “tit for tat” becomes ethical as a last resort. The other states should consider taking retaliatory measures against California, and execute their own boycotts.

9 thoughts on “More Evidence (As If More Were Needed) Of Dead Ethics Alarms In California

  1. We have dead ethics alarms in NY State also.

    senate Bill S51001 :

    They just cannot abide by the Supreme Court ruling on Bruen.


    The United States Supreme Court’s decision in New York State Rifle &
    Pistol Association, Inc., v. Bruen, et al. struck down a 100-year law
    requiring applicants for conceal carry gun permits to show “proper
    cause”. It deemed New York State’s existing law unconstitutional because
    the law afforded too much discretion to the State and its licensing
    officers in determining “proper cause.” As a result of this decision,
    the State must amend the State’s laws on concealed carry permits and
    take other steps to address the consequences of the Supreme Court deci-
    sion and the resulting increase in licenses and in the number of indi-
    viduals who will likely purchase and carry weapons in New York State.

    The new NY bill signed into law is worse as it’s in direct defiance of the Supreme Court ruling.

    Greenfield covers it over at SJ.

    I’m reluctant to reference SJ here but if I post a summary of the NY bill here it would just duplicate his already published post.

  2. Yet he publishes the names of everyone allowed to carry a concealed weapon, and their addresses.

    The left is creepy cray cray in how they dictate and exercise power in ways that far outreach the fear they have of the right.

    Fear is a truly damaging place to live.

  3. “California has no respect for other states;”

    True, but they’d probably just say that the other states were wrong and therefore not worthy of respect. That seems to be the prevailing attitude on the left now: there are only two ways, their way and the wrong way. According to the left, pluralism be damned, small-d democracy be damned, federalism be damned, there is only one right way to do certain things and no other way will do.

    You can give them the most eloquent lecture about how the US is a federal, not a national state, made up of sovereign states whose voters may have different ideas of how to do different things, but you’d frankly be wasting your time. You could also explain that that’s what the founding fathers envisioned. This country was never intended to be one where the central government would be all-powerful and local governments would have very limited power. Again, it would be a waste of your time. You could also point out that there’s supposed to be room in pluralism for white people, conservatives, and others who are not their favored groups, but you’d also be wasting your time. It’s simply not their vision of how things should work in this nation.

    In the left’s vision of this nation, there should be only one real political party with any power, and that’s the Democratic Party. Some of them are willing to tolerate the GOP just to keep the veneer of a two-party system in place, but many aren’t even willing to tolerate that, after all, what value is there in a party of everything-phobes? There should also be only one interpretation of the Constitution, and that’s the left’s way. No judge should sit who doesn’t subscribe to that interpretation. Certain rights should be very important, and the right to abort a child right up to the moment of birth tops the list. Others, like those talked about in the First and Second Amendments, not so much. Policing is good for keeping weapons out of the hands of the populace and targeting right-wing hate groups, but not so good for reining in city crime, since that just leads to over-incarceration of black and brown people. Business is good – after all, without it there would be nothing to tax, but a very modest success is ok for those who engage in it. White people apart from the Democratic ruling class are ok, but no better than ok. They need to do their jobs, pay their taxes, and keep quiet. History is ok – as long as it’s the approved version, which teaches that white people generally suck, and this country is a lousy, racist country that very occasionally gets it right, always when a Democrat is in charge. Parents need to send their kids to school, sign off on report cards, and support the teachers in whatever they teach, that’s it. The board of education will set the curriculum, thank you, and they do not want or need any input from the parents. Religion is tolerated, as long as it stays in the houses of worship and in people’s individual homes, but, except for black churches and mosques, it’s not liked much. They won’t arrest you for supporting the wrong candidate…yet, but that day is coming.

    The thing is, so far this vision has only taken hold fully in the northeast and on the West Coast. The South and the Midwest just haven’t caught up with their betters. There are still some powerful states, Florida and Texas at the top of the list, who just don’t seem to be getting the message, and others like Virginia that seem to be having second thoughts. The blue wall cracked once in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan; it could crack again with an unpopular administration at the top of the ticket. There’s even the possibility that some of the reliably blue places in the Northeast could come into play if the conditions that caused this administration to become unpopular persist. There’s a distinct possibility that if 2024 sees the return of you-know-who he might even get back into power, or a certain governor who brings all of that man’s policies but far less baggage might become the nominee and rabble-rouse his way to the White House, maybe to lock down some more court seats and take away the chance to replace those conservative clowns Alito and Thomas with some more firsts. This can’t happen. We’re so close to locking down a permanent majority. We need to make it happen, even if it means bending some rules. So put whatever economic pressure and embarrassment on the red states you can manage, keep everyone’s eye on the war in Ukraine and the J6 commission, and tell Dr. Fauci to have a new strain of virus ready to hit in 2024.

    • “What do we want?” “Cultural and political hegemony!” “When do we want it?” “Now!”

      To lefties, the only things standing between them and heaven on earth are the GOP and its conservative (i.e., anyone not a hard left lefty) adherents. And their approach is all outrage, all the time. See the next post regarding the Pima County Democrats.

    • Steve-O-in-NJ wrote:

      According to the left, pluralism be damned, small-d democracy be damned, federalism be damned, there is only one right way to do certain things and no other way will do.

      If you had told me back in 1975 that we’d live in a world where binary political opinion would be enforced and mandatory, and binary sexuality would be denied and penalized, I’d say you were insane.

      I’d have been wrong about that.

  4. Boycott California? Who in their right mind is going to California these days anyway? Other than mentally ill/street people looking for a place to crash and panhandle and get free stuff and drugs.

    • You’re joking right?

      People are moving here in droves from other states.

      Now that so many work from home, they are (were) buying up all the houses at the most insane prices, which made it great for the ones leaving in droves.

      Inventory was so low in my area that I got calls weekly by agent with clients with cash offers wanting my house.

      Some willing to let me “rent” til they moved here.

      Crazy really.

      Houses are listing and getting multiple over asking offers.

      My best friend just sold their small family hone in Irvine.

      2 days on market.

      Asking price 1.7 million

      They got 1,745,000.

      Had 6 over asking offers.

      Oh yeah, they laid 180k for it.

      Out of state buyer too.

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