Unethical Quote Of The Month: Ethics Villain William Treanor, Georgetown Law Center Dean

I hate to pick on Georgetown’s Dean: I knew three of his predecessors well, was good friends with two of them, and I took a class from a fourth. However, Treanor, the current dean, has been substantially responsible for my estrangement from my legal alma mater (and where I worked for seven years, creating the school’s capital fund and launching its alumni magazine, among other adventures), my boycott of my class reunions, and the current position of my framed diploma, once proudly displayed, now on the floor, front to the wall.

The section from his Dean’s column in the current issue of that aforementioned magazine (GULC eventually dumped the title the original version carried, “Res Ipsa Loquitur”) signals that an unethical course is being plotted by Treanor. A creature of Yale Law School, traditionally the most political and ideologically biased of major U.S. law schools (Treanor transferred there from Harvard Law because Harvard wasn’t liberal enough), the Dean’s column attains pure demagoguery in that passage, the guts of the text.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion” is as much partisan sloganeering as “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité,” “Make America Great Again” and ”War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength.” A law school should not have political “commitments”; “diversity, equity and inclusion” is a frontal attack on core American principles, an offshoot of the Black Lives Matter movement, and an endorsement of compensatory discrimination, racial, gender and ethnic quotas, and manipulated outcomes.

What “commitment” to these still contested societal objectives should a law school have? “None” would be my answer. A law school’s purpose is to teach capable and committed students how to serve the public good as trustworthy legal professionals by training them in the law. Treanor’s sloganeering tells us that ideological indoctrination is his school’s mission as well. If that were not his point, he would not be using bumper sticker rhetoric. The man is a renowned Constitutional Law scholar; he doesn’t need to use dog whistles to make his points.

“Particularly the most vulnerable” is notably infuriating coming from Treanor. The most vulnerable at his law school are any faculty members or students who dare to express non-conforming thoughts, ideas and positions. Thus this dean made sure that a professor who made the fair and honest observation that it was frustrating to see how affirmative action-admitted GULC students struggled had to resign. Treanor also tarred incoming professor Illya Shapiro as a racist for suggesting that President Biden’s restricting the pool of potential candidates to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Breyer to only black females was not the best way of finding the most qualified judge.

In his column Treanor also hints, not so subtly, of the retribution to be faced by anyone who challenges the school’s lockstep dogma, those who introduce non-conforming arguments that “threaten the culture,” that challenge the orthodoxy.

The writer of that paragraph won’t lead his law school to nurture diversity of ideas, which is what higher education in a democracy is supposed to do. Nor does a law school under the direction of such an obvious activist and ideologue use “equity” in the legal sense, but as a cover word for “social justice”: government-imposed restrictions on individual liberty and limitations on personal responsibility and accountability.

Ideologues do not believe in communities where all are welcomed and valued; this claim, from Treanor, is outright deception, as he has demonstrated repeatedly. Only those who support the “right” cause are welcome, and anyone who opposes the progressive cant is regarded as a threat, and will be treated as one.

I spent ten enriching and fascinating years at Georgetown Law Center. While I was aware of differing political orientations among the many students, professors and administrators I worked with (in a very politically active time), the school itself avoided injecting political objectives into the course work or teaching. Now we see that the current objective of a respected institution that once deemed its mission as teaching young students whose “minds are mush,” to quote Prof. Kingsfield, how to think, now is dedicated to program them what to think.

Dean Treanor’s vision not only corrupts education, it undermines the practice of law itself.

9 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Month: Ethics Villain William Treanor, Georgetown Law Center Dean

  1. What an asshole.
    Just another puffed up terrorist enabler.
    For admins and others in power positions; does being woke also require one to be of weak character and socially/culturally myopic?

      • If he is so brilliant; what does he think will happen to unqualified students admitted to meet diversity quotas or does he plan on dumbing down the curriculum to compensate?

          • Until the Commonwealth lowers standards for the Bar Exam, I suspect that lowering grading standards will effectively lower the pass rate for the Bar.

            What’s the phrase I’m looking for here…? Oh, yeah: Res Ipsa Loquitur, isn’t it? Of course, that could also result in lowering the standard for passing the Bar…

            I’m sending the swirl just after the flush coming soon.


  2. He’s cowering before minority administrators, students and potential applicants. The solution to those black kids collecting at the bottom of the grading scale: Bury that fact and fire anyone who brings it up. Let in as many marginal or unqualified black kids as possible and then pass them out the door with a diploma. As I recall, this was a problem in public high schools. Black kids were simply given diplomas after they’d been kinda sorta enrolled for the requisite number of years and no one raised an objection. This guy’s only objective is to have the appropriate number of black kids enrolled each year and graduated. And they need to be kept happy while they’re at the school. Stupid and gutless and not a solution to the problem.

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