It’s “Be Kind To (Cute) Rapist Teachers Week” In Texas

That’s former Houston-area middle school teacher Marka Bodine above. Isn’t she pretty? Much too pretty to have to be in an icky old jail. So despite the fact that she was convicted of grooming, harassing, raping and continuously sexually abusing a 13-year-old student until he was 16 years old and finally alerted authorities, Bodine was only sentenced to to 60 days in jail with 10 years of probation. Shades of the infamous 2005 case of Debra Lafave, another sick but comely teacher who raped one of her 14-year-old students! Her lawyer successfully convinced the judge that their client was “too pretty for prison,” and honestly, who can argue with that? Here’s Debra:

As you can see, Marka isn’t quite the hottie that Debra was, so it’s only fair that she got some jail time. But wait! There’s more! Because Marka had given birth shortly before her sentencing (the baby was not her rape victim’s—Whew!that would be the saga of teacher rapist Mary Kay LeTourneau), Harris County Judge Greg Glass postponed her imprisonment for a full year.Naturally Texas criminal defense attorneys, at least officially, think this is just hunky-dory. “The vast majority of the clients that I represented that are teaching professionals, most of them have not gone to prison,” criminal defense attorney Chris Tritico told the news media. “At the end of the day, you have a defendant that’s going to spend 60 days in jail and spend 10 years on probation. If she makes one mistake, this judge or whoever takes his place, can then put her in prison. The justice system has its thumb on her for a very, very long time.”

Poor thing! The criminal justice system can be so mean.

Rueful observations:

  • Judge Glass is a lame duck, having been defeated for re-election. Good.
  • This is an area where the gender discrimination is spectacularly infuriating, yet it has continued with little improvement for decades…centuries, in fact. Last year, a Florida technology teacher  received a 40-year sentence for raping a 14-year-old student and sending her sexually explicit texts;  a North Carolina teacher is about to serve 50 years for a similar crime.
  • It is virtually certain that many instances of teachers of both sexes engaging in this kind of criminal betrayal of trust are never found out. Obviously when those who are apprehended receive such trivial punishment, the conduct is is more likely.
  • Don’t get me started on our public school system and the lack of standardized ethics training and regulations for teachers….
  • About 30% of the cases of teachers sexually abusing their students are women. Yet the popular culture and pop culture “influencers” like celebrated sexist pig Bill Maher place these episodes of child rape in a different category entirely. Not only is the sex “consensual” (the law says otherwise), but boys getting the chance to fulfill their sexual fantasies with female lust objects continue to be romanticized and fetishized, from the dreamy “Summer of ’42” to the 2020 Hulu mini-series “A Teacher,” starring Kate Mara and Nick Robinson,

4 thoughts on “It’s “Be Kind To (Cute) Rapist Teachers Week” In Texas

  1. Sorry, ethics training won’t fix this. It is doubtful that even one of the teachers who molest their students is unaware that it is unethical. They know they aren’t supposed to do it, but they are counting on not getting caught. The not getting caught part is really easy when you have schools run by the leftist teacher’s union. There needs to be some accountability in the system and there isn’t. I spoke with a school board member who told me the city attorney had told them that they have no authority to deal with teacher misbehavior, what is taught in the classroom, or the budget; that is the purview of the teacher’s union. The only way you are going to fix this is is to destroy the public school system.

    We had a local example that illustrates why you won’t fix this with ethics training or regulations. A high school student was taken by his coach to a remote area and raped. The child’s mother took him to the Sheriff’s department and they were outraged. When the Sherrif’s department looked into it more, they went public. The Sheriff’s department went on statewide TV to state that the school district had been aware of this coach molesting children for about 10 years. Most of the previous cases had been reported to the school and it seems the superintendent covered them up. A few were reported to the city police and it has been suggested the school district pressured the city to force the police department to cover those up. No charges were ever filed. This only came to light because the Assistant AD committed THIS rape outside the city and the Sheriff got involved. The school district said that they had promoted the coach to assistant athletic director to try to protect the children because the assistant AD has less contact with the kids. Do you see anything ethics training would fix yet? Hold onto your hats. The very next month, the state’s school superintendents named that Superintendent as ‘Superintendent of the Year’ for the state. Try to hold your head together before the next item. The Democratic Party is running her for State School Superintendent. Where in this entire system are you going to have accountability?

    As a side note, why did the Sheriff’s department go on TV to announce the findings of their investigation before charges were brought? Were they afraid this was going to be covered up if they didn’t get the public involved?

    • Why don’t they protest when men are forced to pay child support for children that aren’t theirs?
      How about this legal disparity? Why is this even legal?
      Problem: Woman doesn’t make enough money to support her children.
      Solution: Government gives her free housing, free food, free daycare, free education.
      Problem: Man doesn’t make enough money to support his children.
      Solution: Government sends him to prison.

  2. Not only is the sex “consensual” (the law says otherwise), but boys getting the chance to fulfill their sexual fantasies with female lust objects continue to be romanticized and fetishized, from the dreamy “Summer of ’42” to the 2020 Hulu mini-series “A Teacher,” starring Kate Mara and Nick Robinson,

    If these perople remade Spotlight, they would portray the Boston Globe as villains!

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