Ethics Dunce: The Denver Public School System

Oh yeah, our public school students are in the very best of hands.

Get this:

A video called “Don’t be a Bystander: 6 Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks,” was shown to Denver South High School students in their classes. The film explains that “in our current political moment, White supremacists and White nationalists have been emboldened, and as a result, public attacks are on the rise.”  Those tips for responding to “racist attacks” include do “not call the police” because it “escalates, rather than reduces” violence.  You see, “police have been trained to see people of color, gender-nonconforming folks, and Muslims as criminals, they often treat victims as perpetrators of violence. So, if the victim hasn’t asked you to call the police, do not — I repeat, do not — call the police.”

Apparently some parents had a problem with this particularly heinous example of indoctrination. Five law enforcement associations in Colorado also objected  to the video, warning that it would increase “negative perceptions of law enforcement and [hurt] our efforts to build trusting relationships within the communities we serve, including schools and student populations.”

Ya think?

“Discouraging students from calling the police in situations that have a high probability of violence and telling them to handle it themselves is irresponsible,” the letter from the police said. “Suggesting that police officers are trained to treat people of color and members of the disabled and LGBTQ communities as perpetrators is false and offensive.”

Here’s the best part, though: Denver Public Schools explained that the video was chosen off the web because of its title and theme, but no one viewed the video before it was shown to students.

Translation: “We are incompetent, irresponsible fools that cannot and must not be trusted to educate children”

Fire them all. Fire the people who hired anyone responsible for this fiasco. In fact, level the school and sow the grounds with salt. Clean house in the school district and start from scratch, maybe with one-room schools  like in “Little House on the Prairie.” Anything would be an improvement.

Our public schools are a national disaster because the educational establishment spawns far too many employees who do things like this.

So far, with the exception of CBS News, none of the non-conservative, non-local news outlets have deemed this episode newsworthy. The super-woke Denver South high school (it’s big on “diversity,” “antracism” and “gender identity”) has been cheered on by the Washington Post repeatedly since 2018, yet somehow, the Post missed this story.

Democracy dies in darkness, you know.


Source: NY Post

7 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: The Denver Public School System

  1. “in our current political moment, White supremacists and White nationalists have been emboldened, and as a result, public attacks are on the rise.

    This sets off my bullshit alarm.

    From twenty-seven years of online interactions, I know they are abject cowards.

    They are still afraid of one Black man who lived in Ohio!

  2. I was going crazy thinking I’ve already read this article by you, because I don’t read the NY Post. Turns out Turley has a similar one. Even has the same picture. I think he would agree with your concern.

  3. They didn’t watch the video before they showed it?!?!?
    To be fair, I made a similar mistake once. Once. 43 years ago.
    It was my first semester of teaching (I hadn’t even been a TA in grad school), and I was teaching four different courses and directing a musical. The musical director was my boss, and he wanted me to go to about half of the band’s rehearsals, as well as my own. And the closest thing I had to a mentor, an English professor, was chair of the student publications committee and asked me to take over as school newspaper advisor; after all, I’d done a fair bit of writing and some editing for my undergrad paper, which made me more qualified than most of my colleagues.
    I was a busy lad. 100-hour weeks were standard, and even though I was young and healthy, the workload was taking its toll. One of my classes was a beginning acting course. I had one day when I just didn’t have the energy to prepare a lesson. I’d bought a series of cassette tapes by the well-known acting theorist Sonia Moore, thinking there might be days like this. I’d read a lot of Moore’s writing on the Stanislavsky “method,” and liked what I’d seen. So, in desperation, I played one of her tapes for the class, although I’d never listened to it.
    Indeed, I’d never heard her speak, at all. She was born in the Russian Empire (in present-day Belarus), and moved to the US when she was almost 40. I wasn’t surprised that she still had a Russian accent in the late 1970s, but I was taken aback by how thick it was: not at all dissimilar to the music-hall dialect adopted by Nita Talbot as the Russian spy Marya on the old “Hogan’s Heroes” TV show. Still, everything was fine. Moore was unquestionably one of the leading authorities on Stanislavsky, she was still comprehensible, and I’d been able to go to bed before 2:00 a.m. the night before. All good, right?
    And then it happened. In her heavy Russian dialect, she launched into a diatribe about how important it is for actors to eliminate local accents. I don’t remember what my immediate response was, other than being profoundly embarrassed, but I do know I never again brought something I should have vetted, but hadn’t, into the classroom.
    These are different circumstances, however. There’s no excuse, or even reasonable explanation. But there is another possibility: the school district may have known exactly what was on that video, and now they’re lying about it because they got busted. I’m not sure which scenario casts them in a worse light.

  4. Perhaps the most shameful part is that the video in question isn’t even four minutes long! One might possibly have an excuse if the offending remarks were at hour 17 of a 28-hour series of videos. It would still be incredibly irresponsible and incompetent, but at least comprehensible.

    But these school officials couldn’t be bothered to spend three minutes and fifty-three seconds reviewing this video before showing it to the kids. Actually, they would have only had to spend about half that before rejecting the video as inappropriate, because the anti-police portion comes at around the two-minute mark. That’s got to be a new low for “minimum effort”.

    I’m inclined to think they did watch it, and didn’t think there was anything wrong with it until there was an uproar. A disturbing number of the people running public schools and teaching your kids have fully bought in to the radical agenda of groups like BLM. Steeped in that ideology, one wouldn’t even stumble for a second over the assertions made about police in this video. “We didn’t watch it beforehand” is probably a lie, because the truth is even more damning.

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