Welcome September Ethics Warm-Up, Sept. 1, 2022: Developing Stories For The Fall…

Haven’t heard from Jimmy for a while…my late father’s favorite performer. (I liked him a lot too; still do.)

August 2022 was a rotten month ethically, for the nation, business-wise, for my family, for the Red Sox. I’m glad to see it go.

The opinion of national security law expert Bradley Moss after analyzing the DOJ’s filing in the Mar-a-Lago documents case is that Trump illegally retained classified documents, delayed, obstructed and resisted government efforts to recover them, and concealed the records from investigators, or at least there is enough evidence of that to support an indictment. Yet unnamed sources are telling reporters that “under DOJ policy, no investigative steps will be taken 60 days before an election,” which would be September 10 this year, so if they are going to indict, they better hustle.

Of course, they won’t. They didn’t even hustle in raiding Trump’s abode, though supposedly doing so was a matter of national security. But Donald Trump is not a public official, nor is he a political candidate in the 2018 election for any office. That alleged policy shouldn’t be a factor at all, unless the Biden Justice Department thinks that indicting Trump will mean more Republican votes. A policy directive issued in 2012 states, “[l]aw enforcement officers and prosecutors may never select the timing of investigative steps or criminal charges for the purpose of affecting any election, or for the purpose of giving an advantage or disadvantage to any candidate or political party.” Well, delaying indicting him or indicting him would both violate this guideline. It is how Obama’s Justice Department managed to look like it was gaming the election regarding Hillary Clinton, not that it would ever do such a thing intentionally.

If Justice has the goods and the guts, then the ethical thing is to indict the former President now. Imagine if John Roberts had announced that the Supreme Court would hold off on its Dobbs decision until after the November elections.

1. Following this story: Indiana University Northwest in Gary fired Mark McPhail, a tenured professor of communication who was the institution’s chief academic officer, in 2021. An administrator accused McPhail of having said “the solution to racism is to kill all white people.” Yes, McPhail is black. The American Association of University Professors announced this week that it is investigating Indiana University because the school “terminated his appointment based on allegations of misconduct that Prof. McPhail sharply denies, contending that the administration acted in retaliation for his outspoken criticism of the institution, including formal and informal complaints about discrimination and racial inequity on campus.” AAUP standards on tenure require that dismissal for cause must be preceded by an adjudicative hearing before an elected faculty body. McPhail was allegedly terminated without such due process.

Then another metaphorical shoe dropped: the ex-professor was appointed interim provost of Linfield University in McMinnville, Oregon, which is passing strange when the new hire is battling claims that he wants to kill white people. But this is Oregon, so there’s that. Linfield has its own problems. Its administration has been fighting with its faculty after the school abruptly terminated a tenured Jewish professor last year following his tweets calling out the university’s handing of sexual-misconduct allegations against several members of the board. About that: after sexual abuse charges were made by students against a former trustee in 2020, faculty members voted 88 to 18 on a motion of no confidence in David C. Baca, the chair of the college’s board of trustees.The board continued to support Baca. An outside agency is investigating another claim , this one by a faculty member, of “inappropriate touching” by two trustees.

But wait! There’s more! In April 2021, president Miles K. Davis was accused by several faculty members of making anti-Semitic remarks. Davis denied the allegations in a letter to the Anti-Defamation League.

Linfield justifies another appearance by the great Charles Addams:

Thanks to Curmie for flagging this story. Stay tuned…

2. In fun news of condign justice, Texas Governor Greg Abbot announced that his state is now be busing illegal immigrants welcomed across the border by the Biden administration to yet another large, Democrat-run sanctuary city, Chicago. Such gifts have already caused the woke mayors of D.C. and New York City to wallow in hypocrisy, and Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot might—might—just be the worst of the three. “Popcorn popped!” as the saying goes….

3. Good! The ridiculous Bandy Lee, a Yale psychiatrist who made the rounds of the Trump Deranged radio and TV shows arguing that he was mentally unfit to serve despite her having never met or examined him (that’s unethical!), has lost her court challenge to Yale’s decision to send her packing. She also publicly suggested that Trump, Rudolph Giuliani and Alan Dershowitz had a ‘shared psychosis’.”—anything for that proverbial fifteen minutes of fame on MSNBC and the like.

Here’s something I learned from the report on the case: Lee, who was always called a “Yale professor” by sources that wanted to rely on her authority to justify a 25th Amendment coup, was just a “volunteer.”

4. What exactly did they expect would happen? The Times reports:

This year, for the first time since the National Assessment of Educational Progress tests began tracking student achievement in the 1970s, 9-year-olds lost ground in math, and scores in reading fell by the largest margin in more than 30 years. The declines spanned almost all races and income levels and were markedly worse for the lowest-performing students. While top performers in the 90th percentile showed a modest drop — three points in math — students in the bottom 10th percentile dropped by 12 points in math, four times the impact.

And all because the teachers unions, the CDC and the media insisted that we had to close the schools, causing a chain reaction of disastrous consequences that are only beginning to come to light. But, to be fair, we were following the science; it just happened to be the case that the scientists didn’t know what the heck they were doing, but pretending they did.

To be fair, it was important to wreck the economy so Trump could be defeated. I’m sure they think it was worth it.

5. Watch out! Those Trump supporters are fascists! Conservative sources are reporting:

Dozens of federal officials across multiple agencies within the Biden administration communicated extensively with social media companies to coordinate censorship of information, according to internal documents released by Republican Attorneys General Eric Schmitt of Missouri and Jeff Landry of Louisiana.

Officials within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sent emails to employees at Facebook and Twitter to flag instances of alleged misinformation and provide talking points to counter allegedly false narratives spreading on the platforms. Government officials would occasionally initiate this activity, with one message from a CDC official requesting monthly meetings with Facebook to plan “debunking” strategies

When, if at all, will the mainstream media deem this newsworthy? The story itself shouldn’t surprise anyone, but let’s see how committed the state propagandists in the media are to hiding their favorite party’s participation in censoring and manipulating opposing views and inconvenient facts.

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