Gee, I’ve Turned My Harvard Diploma To The Wall And Lowered It To Floor Level…What’s Left?

And the unethical hits just keep on coming in Cambridge…

Harvard Law School’s journal “Civil Rights and Civil Liberties” requires that applicants reveal their sexual orientation, gender identity and race for their article submissions to be considered, as well as including their preferred pronouns (mine are “Bite me!”) and whether he or she is blessed with a disability. These are the very same people who would scream if an employer required the same information. To be fair, that’s because the journal wants to practice good discrimination—you know, penalizing white, straight men, the source of all evil, strife and injustice.

Naturally, a presumably white, straight male has objected to these required disclosures. Wisconsin-based attorney Michael Cicchini, who submitted articles in the past, has blown the whistle on the journal. While the form includes the option “prefer not to say,” the application also announces in bold, “This form is mandatory. CR-CL will not review submissions from authors who have not completed this form,” thus making it clear that one will not curry favor by insisting on privacy. “Harvard should not be judging article submissions based on identity politics,” Cicchini says. He’s obviously some kind of a crypto- fascist MAGA nut. The lawyer adds, “As a criminal defense lawyer, I’ve often consulted law reviews when advocating for my clients. I don’t care about the author’s sexual orientation, gender, or race. My only question is this: ‘Would the article be helpful in defending my client?’”

Clearly, he’s on the wrong side of history.

According to The College Fix, the three faculty advisors to the journal who have permitted this policy to go forward are Randall Kennedy, Martha Minow, and Mark Tushnet, good Democrats all.

Cicchini  told The College Fix that requiring sexual and ethnic identity information “seems to directly contradict a strategy of publishing the best articles…Whether ‘best’ is measured by the groundbreaking nature of the work, the work’s usefulness to practitioners, or the author’s quality of writing. It looks like it’s another race to the bottom, or at least to mediocrity, in the name of equity.”

Ya think?

3 thoughts on “Gee, I’ve Turned My Harvard Diploma To The Wall And Lowered It To Floor Level…What’s Left?

  1. Similarly, here’s something that’s grating me. There’s evidently a “minority” professional golf association, open, I presume, only to “minorities,” in order to diversify college and professional golf. From its website:

    The Advocates Professional Golf Association was established in 2010 as a non-profit organization with the mission to bring greater diversity to the game of golf. The APGA Tour Board of Directors work to accomplish this by hosting and operating professional golf tournaments, player development programs, mentoring programs and by introducing the game to inner city young people.

    The APGA Tour consists of up to eighteen tournaments nationwide with over $800,000 in prize money. The Lexus Cup Bonus Pool provides an additional $30,000 for APGA Tour members. In addition to a professional division, each APGA event features an amateur division for players with handicaps of 5 or less.

    To develop the next generation of minority college and professional golfers the APGA Tour Player Development Program provides free clinics, mentors, equipment and complimentary entries fees to young golfers.

    To bring greater diversity to the game of golf the APGA Tour has partnered with inner city youth organizations to introduce both boys and girls to the game. APGA also sponsors Diversity Symposiums where leaders of the minority golf community gather to discuss ways to best diversify the sport.”

    The PGA Tour tournament a few weeks ago in San Diego provided two exemptions to black guys from the APGA Tour. The PGA Tour tournament this week in LA is doing the same. And crowing about the whole thing. Unbelievable. How’d you like to be a struggling white pro golfer who’s looking for any paying tournament to enter to pay for his rent and car payment? “Sorry, fella. Whites need not apply. Don’t you see the sign?”

    When is the NBA going to start a league to bring greater diversity to the game of basketball? Why isn’t there a white guys’ league, or maybe an American white guys’ league to bring even a smidgen of diversity to the game of basketball. The only white guys on NBA (mostly benches) are typically foreign born.

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