When Ethics Alarms Don’t Ring:

Josselyn Berry, Arizona governor Katie Hobbs’s press secretary, was somehow moved to tweet this…

…just days after a transgender former student went into a Christian school and shot six people dead, including three nine-year-olds. But hey, that should teach anyone who criticizes pro-trans mania to watch what they say, right?

First Berry shuttered her Twitter account, then she resigned.

A few observations:

  • I continue to find it fascinating that the same party that flogs the talking point that conservatives peddle hate and incite violence constantly does things like this. Here, for example, is Minnesota’s Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan:

Nice! Funny, I would argue that kids need to be protected from adults trying to convince them that they need puberty blockers and other life-altering treatments that should be hidden from their parents, but I wouldn’t use a knife to do it.

  • In addition to the other things wrong with Berry’s tweet, it’s spectacularly bad timing to condemn “transphobia” after a trans individual has gone on a killing spree.
  • This is exactly the kind of tweet Twitter should just leave out there. It’s useful to know what such tweeters are really like, especially when an elected official employs them.

12 thoughts on “When Ethics Alarms Don’t Ring:

  1. They’d just say there’s good violence and bad violence. It’s perfectly ok for left-approved groups to get violent in any way, even killing children. Other groups, not so much, and that includes the police and military if they are trying to stop or curb violence by left approved groups.

    Are you SURE we on the right shouldn’t start getting preemptively violent ourselves?

    • That would only give the left what they so desperately want. They want to be victims. Victimhood is currency in their psychotic death cult, and right now they are pretty bankrupt. That is why they go around antagonizing everyone else. They are trying to provoke people into giving them what they want – martyrdom. Meanwhile, they are making martyrs out of the other side with increasing frequency.

      • The question is always, what’s wrong with these people? I have to guess the answer is they’re angry with how things have or haven’t worked out for them in some area: their sexuality, their position in life, their future prospects, how their parents treated them, their lack of parents, their inability to find a suitable partner or friends? This behavior reminds me of gay icon Judy Garland belting out the gay anthem, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and getting to “birds fly over the rainbow, why, oh-oh why can’t I?” I always want to answer, “Because you’re not a bird?”

    • Steve, I’m afraid the response to The Insurrection (even that bogus term) is what happens when the right even demonstrates. There’s just no upside to the right’s acting like the left. January 6 people get thrown into solitary without bail. Lefties don’t even get arrested. Total double standard. As you say, there’s good violence and bad violence.

      • You know, way back in 1882, after the famous gunfight at the OK Corral that killed Billy Clanton and the McClowry brothers, their friends took a brutal revenge on the Earp family, maiming Virgil and shooting Morgan dead. No one was ever brought to justice for those attacks, partly because the faction they had come from, known simply as the Cowboys, had the local sheriff and judges in their pocket.

        Wyatt Earp finally decided he wasn’t going to stand for this anymore, got himself commissioned as deputy US Marshal for the Arizona territory, and rounded up his own gang, including two more brothers named James and Warren, who you don’t hear very much about, Georgia dentist turned gambler and gunfighter Doc Holliday, Sherman McMaster, a former member of the Cowboys gang, gambler Turkey Creek Jack Johnson, Confederate veteran Texas Jack Vermillion, and a few others. The federal government essentially gave them carte blanche to decide how they were going to discharge their duties, but couldn’t give them much more help, because, in the wake of Reconstruction, federal involvement in state affairs on a large scale was politically impossible.

        It wasn’t as dramatic as in the movies, but by the time Wyatt and his posse were done, they had killed Frank Stillwell, Indian Charlie Cruz, another Cowboy named Barnes, and gang leader Curly Bill Brocius. This broke the back of the Cowboys gang, and they dispersed, never to be a major problem in the Arizona territory again. Ike Clanton, last survivor of the famous gunfight, was later killed while resisting arrest, and the sociopathic gunfighter Johnny Ringo was later found dead with a bullet hole in the side of his head, which was almost certainly a suicide.

        It would be interesting if someone put together a small force of gunmen who could strike and disappear as needed, and turned them loose against the Left in this country.

        Writers can’t write if they are shot dead going to the corner store. Loudmouth activists get awfully quiet when they’re face down in a dish with a bullet hole in the back of their heads. Rioters can’t riot if they’ve been blown away. Yet somehow after the killings have been done, the shooters seem to always vanish, and no one knows where they went. Maybe there might be a quick glimpse of a black SUV with tinted windows departing the scene, but that’s about it. Somehow, the local police are always going to be too busy to deal with this problem. After a while, the word gets out that these people are seriously coming for you if you are a member of the Left, and maybe you decide to zip it, or get the hell out of town, or retire from being a full-time obnoxious activist and get the hell off George Soros’ payroll.

        Crazy? Yep. Terrifying? Oh yes. Illegal? Almost certainly. However, when the system is stacking the deck against you and you can’t get justice the way you’re supposed to be able to get justice, sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands.

        It’s not supposed to be like this. Citizens are not supposed to have to feel that they need to take up arms to get their rights. Neighbors are not supposed to settle their differences by shooting one another. Students aren’t supposed to feel like they need to punch out their classmates to stop bullying. Yet, revolutions happen and have happened, my down the road neighbor in Pennsylvania turned a gun on the Karen on the next plot who wouldn’t respect the property line, and I threw a harassing classmate down on the ground and smashed his head against the curb four times.

        When someone can use violence on you with impunity, eventually you use violence yourself.

        • 1. You NEVER hear about Warren. James is in “Gunfight at the OK Corral,” but the film has him being shot and killed before the gunfight. I always wondered what happened that made parents who named their first three sons Virgil, Morgan and Wyatt suddenly switch to boring names for the last two.
          2. I think Johnny Ringo was murdered.
          3.”Almost” certainly illegal?
          4. Yikes.

          • I think James appears in the Kevin Costner version of the Wyatt Earp story, to aid in the vendetta. It’s actually not a bad movie on its own merits, but it was overwhelmed by Kurt Russell’s Tombstone.

            Of course something like this would be illegal. So is rioting, so is tearing public art apart, so is assaulting the White House, so is throwing fire bombs, so is secession enforced by armed thugs. However, the punishment for those things from 2020 was very light. Just how much more of this double standard are we supposed to tolerate before we take action? Yikes indeed.

            What’s your factual basis for believing that Johnny Ringo was murdered and didn’t commit suicide? I don’t recall there being any clear evidence that showed he was murdered. If he was murdered, who do you think did it? Was there a known enemy of him in the area, or do you think it was just a “murder hobo” or someone like a Jack McCall who just wanted to kill someone famous?

            • This article includes the two theories I had heard. I know suicide was extra common in the Old West, but there’s never been any explanation that I’ve seen why a gun-fighter like Ringo would suddenly shoot himself. It does make sense, though, that someone wanting to kill him would shoot him by sneaking up on him or while he was dead drunk, just as Wild Bill was shot from behind.

  2. Worse yet, this woman’s boss, the governor, is a social worker. What electorate installs a woman trained to drain every available dollar from every imaginable government handout program as the person responsible for its state’s treasury?

  3. Also – guess which party and which party’s media is completely aghast that Ron Desantis is visiting a gun shop as part of a series of campaign stops?

    Here’s a hint: It’s the same party that isn’t saying one single thing about the “trans community” choosing to continue its “Trans Day of Vengeance” rally.

    Not that they should stop their protest. Just it’s pretty clear that one party screams its head off about what it thinks the other party is doing…but really it’s just the screaming party that actually does the bad things.

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