Unexpectedly, The Biden Administration Policy Of Using Diversity/Equity/Inclusion And Hyper-Partisanship As Criteria For Law Enforcement Appointments Results In An Unethical US Attorney

Who couldn’t see this coming? The bipartisan effort to politicize the justice system, recently brought into focus by Durham Report, resulted in a spectacularly unethical and corrupt U.S. Attorney, Rachael S. Rollins, the Biden selection for the job in Massachusetts. A 161-page report issued by Justice’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, found that Rollins has been a whirlwind of unethical conduct, misusing her office to help a political ally, defying ethics rules to get free tickets to Boston Celtics games, her acceptance of flights and a resort stay paid for by a sports and entertainment company, and lying under oath to investigators, among other misdeed. The New York Times calls the IG’s work “one of the most extraordinary public denunciations of a sitting federal prosecutor in recent memory.” The U.S. Office of Special Counsel released its own findings on Rollins’ sleaziness, concluding that she had violated the Hatch Act, which restricts political activity by federal officials.

The damning reports were released a day after Rollins, realizing the jig was up, announced that she was resigning. The woman apparently has no ethics alarms at all, but she had a law degree, was a Democrat, and is the right gender and color, so she was spectacularly qualified in the eyes of the President and Merrick Garland. Inspector General Horowitz opened the investigation into Rollins last year after she had attended a July 2022 Democratic National Committee fund-raiser headlined by Jill Biden, a violation of of policies and laws against electioneering. Then all sorts of other violations were uncovered.

What are the odds that Rollins was squeaky clean and a paragon of ethics until she took the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney job? I’d say a million to one against. She wasn’t competently or thoroughly vetted, because her appointment was based on politics and group identity, with merit and qualifications finishing far behind in priority.

The rest was the predictable result.

15 thoughts on “Unexpectedly, The Biden Administration Policy Of Using Diversity/Equity/Inclusion And Hyper-Partisanship As Criteria For Law Enforcement Appointments Results In An Unethical US Attorney

  1. I’m surprised she resigned, rather than squawk about racist and sexist attempts to attack a successful woman of color. I’m also surprised DOJ didn’t circle the wagons. The only conclusion I can draw is that this person had outlived her usefulness and was seen as a potential distraction or drag by the party, so they won’t defend her.

    • At the risk of sounding cynical, I expect the grandstanding to commence after an appropriate amount of time has passed. See Hilary Clinton for reference. Enough time must pass to soften the edges of the bad conduct in the mind hive, then accusations of racism and gender biases will be tossed out with wild abandon.

      That sounds exactly as cynical as I expected it would.

    • Oh, trust me, Steve-O – she will. She just hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

      Rollins has been a hack’s hack for a very long time. And the only reason she got the appointment was that the deciding vote to confirm her appointment was provided by…. wait for it…. Kamala Harris.

  2. Her father is second generation Irish American! Her mother is from Barbados. But she’s “of color!” The one drop rule lives.

  3. If you search her in the local Boston media, you will find examples of her excellence. Of the top of my head, I remember a scandal with that happened in the South Bay shopping center in Dorchester, that had something to do with a parking incident, her using a police siren/flasher, and some sort of “Do you know who I am?”. I fault the voters of Suffolk county for electing her to County DA way back when, that raised her profile. She was a Soros style DA, who campaigned on making shoplifting below $900 a misdemeanor and other similar policies. She must have been really egregious, if the Biden DOJ had to come down hard on her. Though, for whatever reason, Boston did not degrade into San Fran style shoplifting. It surprises me, that even though Massachusetts is True Blue, it is relatively well run in comparison to some other states with de facto one party rule.

    • Just read a Boston Globe article about her, an op-ed column. She got a real nice tongue bath. Rollins’ only fault was for being a fierce black woman who wanted to reform the system, so the system shut her down. Yeah, ok.

    • Mass culture is complicated. There has always been a strong conservative streak that does not translate into GOP strength, and we native Bostonians acknowledged that the state was not like other “true blue” regions. One reason is the Catholic/ethnic factor. Italians, Armenians, Greek and Irish have some built-in resistance to reflex wokism.

  4. Of course, the worst thing she did was use her position to send letters to the press that the feds were investigating the political opponent of her friend. They weren’t. Her friend, Mr. Arroyo, asked her to leak the suggestion that the DOJ was going to open an investigation on his opponent. She told reporters from the Boston Globe and contacted the Boston Herald as well that there was a possible investigation of the man happening . When her friend didn’t win the primary, she released a statement that her office was recusing itself from investigating the man, despite the fact that there was no investigation.

    She needs to work for Hillary Clinton.

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