Forgetting Farrah

The film montage of significant Hollywood figures who have died since the last Oscars broadcast is always an emotional and evocative feature of the Academy Awards, as well as a time to bid a final  farewell to various faces that became affectionately remembered parts of our past. Except for fanatic film buffs, there is always the occasional “who the heck is that?” moment, as a the image of a”famous” make-up artist or key grip passes by. But they were all important, in their own ways, and deserve their final salute.

Farrah Fawcett,  who died of cancer last year, deserved her final salute too. Yet she was missing.

There is no rationale reason to leave the iconic “Charlie’s Angel” out of the list. She wasn’t in many movies, but she was a star (and certainly more of a movie star than Michael Jackson, who made the cut.) More to the point, she was the last of the four great pin-up girls whose posters are enshrined in the pop history and sex symbol Halls of Fame. There was Betty Grable, there was Rita Hayworth, there was Raquel Welch, and there was Farrah. Everyone who saw the Oscars would have recognized her immediately. Especially the men.

Leaving her out was incompetent and unfair, nothing less. Infuriatingly, an Academy spokesperson who was queried about the omission replied, “Every year it’s an unfortunate reality that we can’t include everybody.”

Really? He’s implying that there wasn’t time? In a nearly four hour Oscar show, a respectful acknowledgement of a memorable cultural figure that would take a couple of seconds at most was impossible?


Why can’t officials ever just confess that they blew it? Why try to cover with ridiculous statements like that? Just say, “You know, somehow we missed her. It’s too bad; of course she belonged in the segment. We’re very sorry for the mistake, and apologize to her family and fans.” Step up; be accountable, be candid, be honest. Don’t be a weasel, and don’t treat us like fools.

Shame on the Academy. But don’t worry, Farrah. We remember you.

3 thoughts on “Forgetting Farrah

    • Well thank you for recognizing this shameful act of the Academy..Put that alongside all of these “so-called STARS” who just put together another version of “We Are The World” to bring awareness to those in need and just stepped onto the red carpet in designer clothes and DRIPPING in jewels worth millions! I’m glad I got to see this industry from the inside out for what they really are, but even so, to forget someone like Farrah is just unforgiving.

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