Ethics Dunce: Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.)

I know that Ethics Alarms has been a bit relentless regarding the accusations and the innuendos against Sarah Palin and others in the wake of the Arizona shooting, but it is an unusually widespread out-break of unfair conduct, and the Ethics Dunces are coming in waves, and from all sides and sectors.

We have a sheriff on the scene, Clarence Dupnik, who seems determined to create the assassin’s defense for him, by claiming, in the face of much evidence to the contrary, that he was driven to violence by inflammatory political rhetoric. Watch Loughner’s crack criminal defense team run with that. We have the nation’s supposedly premiere news source, the New York Times, running a revolting editorial describing Loughner’s attack as political, when this is clearly not true. (An excellent condemnation of the Times piece by James Taranto can and should be read here). Not to be outdone, Rep. James Clyburn (S.C.), the third-ranking House Democrat, took the same low road. Referencing defeated G.O.P. Senate candidate Sharron Angle’s justly criticized “Second Amendment solution” statement from the campaign (it probably, and justly, lost her the election), Clyburn tied it to Jared Loughner’s attack.

“He saw a Second Amendment remedy and that’s what occurred here and there is no way not to make that connection,” Clyburn told the Charleston Post and Courier.

Yes, there is a way, you shameless, irresponsible, foolish man—because there was no connection!!!!

There is no more reason to think Angle’s idiotic statement drove Loughner to start killing than there is cause to believe that he was inspired by pollster Mark Penn’s comment to Chris Matthews that Obama needed an Oklahoma City bombing-type event to turn the tables on anti-government opponents. Rep. Clyburn is engaging in one of the classic logical fallacies: post hoc ergo propter hoc (After this, therefore because of this).

Throwing around accusations in the aftermath of a murder based on a vile combination of partisan finger-pointing, cheap political point-scoring and brain-dead reasoning is about as low as politics can go. And that’s where Clyburn is: irresponsible, unfair, and dumb.

5 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.)

  1. Several of my more liberal friends have been going on and on about how this shooting is the greatest thing that could have happened for Obama and the Democratic party, while gleefully cackling about how this is finally the end for Sarah Palin. Those trying to pin the tragedy on the Right seem to be succeeding rather well so far.

    • The only thing that keeps Sarah Palin in the spotlight is the amount of time the Liberal media devotes to hating on her. If we compared the positive references to Palin to the negative references, I think we’d come out with a 1:5 ratio or higher. Probably 1:20. You can’t tell me that they want her to go away because they want to convince the independents that the only thing that waits for them on the right is Palin, so you might as well vote Left. If people in the center knew that Palin wasn’t important to the Republicans, they might be tempted with reason and logic.

    • They only succeed if the public lets them succeed. Dirty politics is dirty, no matter who it’s directed against. I won’t be unhappy to see Palin buried as a presidential contender, but only on the merits. This is miserably wrong, and I, for one, will do my best to make sure every fair-minded person understands how and why.

  2. Interesting to hear that from the “left”, the comments are how good the shootings are for the Democrats and Obama, while from the “right” and from people who have retained their capacity for reason and compassion, you hear their expression of sympathy for those whose families and whose lives have been affected by the tragedy that has occurred at the hands of a deranged individual (whose possessions, incidentally, were found to contain the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kempf). If it isn’t obvious that this tragedy has been commandeered for political purposes, then I don’t know what is.

  3. Jack: If every one of Clyburn’s previous ethics violations were a dollar, we’d be able to retire the national debt with a neat profit besides. Clyburn is one of those race politicians from a ethnically gerrymandered district who can say anything and do anything- no matter how slanderous, fatuous or downright stupid… and get away with it forever. Until his constituents emerge from their stupor or until gerrymandering becomes unlawful, he and his ilk will continue to infest the halls of Congress.

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