Comment of the Day: “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Unethical…”

Buck, a professional firefighter, has some wry observations on the Camden County, Georgia plan, discussed in a recent post here, to save money by letting prison inmates fight fires. Here is his Comment of the Day on When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Unethical, Chapter I: Camden County, Georgia has a Terrible Idea to Save Money:

“Oh! This is a wonderful idea, for a variety of reasons:

“1. This puts obviously unemployed workers back to work.

“2. Since public safety personnel are our best and brightest in our community, we would put fewer of them in harm’s way. We have to save their lives to be available for the next parade to represent how trustworthy and respectable they are. If we replace them with convicted felons. and one of them loses their life, there is no loss, truly. True firefighters are much too valuable to risk doing such a dangerous job. On a truly dangerous emergency, the convicts could be sent in to do the dirty work. This would work!

“3. Who better to save innocent people from a disaster than someone who has had their freedom taken away? These inmates would work extra hard to make sure that someone else’ss safety and security is taken care of because they know what it is to lose everything. We all know inmates are all selfless this way.

“4. Because of their real world experience with the law, they would be excellent at the one profession in the United States that is permitted by law to enter into anyone’s home without being invited and without a warrant. They know the law inside and out. This is really starting to make sense to me now.

“5. Also, since we don’t want to put any really valuable people in harm’s way or cause good people discomfort, let’s sign the inmates up to be parking enforcement officers. Writing parking tickets isn’t fun and no one likes to be yelled at, so let’s make the inmates do it. It’s not like they will be carrying a gun. Man, we are really getting to the meat of some cost cutting now!

“But wait a minute! There are some trained people in the prison system already. Yes! All those firefighters that have been arrested for DUI or failed to pay child support and have gone to jail!  They are already in the system. We can utilize them. It doesn’t matter that the Fire Department fired them for their indiscretions. Now we can use their training without paying them.

“It really doesn’t matter that the two firefighters that they replace have to fight for the refrigerator boxes in the dumpster at BestBuy. They are skilled and resourceful. They will get back on their feet eventually.

“After all, what could be so difficult about spraying water on a fire or putting someone on a cot for a ride to the hospital?

“I have to go look for a cliff to jump off of now.”

One thought on “Comment of the Day: “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Unethical…”

  1. The underlying fact in this matter is that the fastest growing industry in the United States is the prison labor system. The fastest growing company in that trend has been Wackenhut, a Swedish corporation. That compounds the ethical violations, putting people under foreign control. By legal; edict, U.S. citizens are delivered into foreign bondage. So is property. But, that would be redundant. U. S. citizens are property of the Federal corporation.

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