Vote For The 2011 Curmie…and Education’s Shame!

Help Rick choose the most embarrassing educator of 2011

This is clearly Rick Jones Day. First he scores the Comment of the Day, and then I discover that over at his blog, Curmudgeon Central, he is holding a reader poll for the Curmie, his award that will go to the educator who most embarrassed the profession in 2011.

Among his list are several miscreants who were topics of Ethics Alarms posts, some warranting more than one. What is remarkable and depressing is how many of Rick’s nominees never were noted here for their unethical conduct, and also how many of the cases featured by Ethics Alarms didn’t make the cut for the Curmie finals. This is because the education profession had a truly wretched year. As I prepare the year end Ethics Alarms Best and Worst, there is really a chance that education may nose out the perennial winner in the “Least Ethical Profession” category, journalism. I wouldn’t believe any profession could sink that low

You can vote at Rick’s site, and follow the links to his commentary on the nominees. Here are Rick’s nominees (the following text is his):

  • Dean Linda Ammons and Widener Law School, “for threatening the job of law professor Lawrence Connell because he had constructed an obviously hypothetical story about killing the dean, accusing him of racism and sexism because the dean happens to be black and female.”
  • Jeffrey Wiesenfeld and the rest of the Trustees of New York University, “for overstepping the largely ceremonial function of Trustees in such matters and overturning the selection of Tony Kushner for an honorary degree on the grounds that the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright was insufficiently supportive of Israel.”
  • David W. Rasmussen of Florida State University,for allowing Charles Koch’s foundation to have veto power over faculty hires in exchange for a grant, then claiming there are no repercussions to his program’s academic integrity as a result.”
  • Dwight Probasco, Principal of Wasilla (AK) High School, “for caving to pressure “from at least one parent” and (initially) suppressing the Symphonic Jazz Choir’s rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” because it was written by a gay man. He… erm… changed his tune when the ACLU got involved.”
  • The administration of the University of Missouri “for censuring two faculty members and pressuring one into writing a letter of resignation based solely on an obviously edited video compiled by serial prevaricator Andrew Breitbart: a tape which was (of course) subsequently proven to have been maliciously edited to show something quite the opposite of what actually happened. (By the way, even if the tape were accurate, the administration should have backed the faculty.)”
  • Thomas Fleming, Superintendent of Schools in the Richland School District in Pennsylvania, “for shutting down an upcoming high school production of Kismet (of all things!) because the characters are Muslims.”
  • Police Chief Lisa A. Walter, Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen, and the rest of the gang at the University of Wisconsin-Stout “for threatening to arrest (!) theatre professor James Miller for having an utterly inoffensive poster on his door, then lying about whether they’d censored him or not.”
  • The unnamed teacher at Mercer County (KY) Intermediate Schoolwho thought that cramming an autistic 9-year-old into a bag intended for gym balls was an appropriate form of punishment.”

2 thoughts on “Vote For The 2011 Curmie…and Education’s Shame!

  1. I won’t vote for the Curmie Award… the choices presented are far too few in the world of education. Unless he takes write-in votes: like the New York City School System which caved to the Union and warehouses New York City teachers every day — because they have been deemed unfit for the classroom — doing absolutely nothing at full pay because they can’t be fired?

    Besides, Rick Jones looks and writes by someone who should be a nominee for his own award.

  2. I’m sure there were many worse examples than that! However, that would require delving into the ongoing outrages of leftist educators, who are not only the worst by far, but well the most prevalent. If I could insert an entry, it would be the entire leadership of the teachers’ unions; not just for criminal behavior in the streets, but for sabotaging every value that American teachers once represented back when American public schools were the envy of the world. Their’s is a crime of mammoth proportions in that alone.

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