“Your Boss Is Insane”

On the site Learn Stuff, Sarah Wenger has produced an infographic with a strong ethics message, aimed at the vast number of people in management and supervisory positions in business who abuse their position and power, making those they lead miserable, unproductive, and insane themselves. How many horrible bosses inflict themselves on the nation? That is a mystery, though we know it’s a lot. Incompetent, unfair and irresponsible supervisors at all levels,  as the feature states,

“cost their employees their health and the U.S. economy some serious cash. Employees with bad bosses can lose their hair, gain weight and up their chances of heart disease by a whopping 25%. And to top it all off, poorly managed workplaces are less profitable and have lower levels of productivity. Psychopathic bosses: bad for you, bad for the economy.”

The problem is that management is hard, leadership is harder, formal training in either cannot cure personality defects that make being successful in these two endeavors unlikely, and because truly talented managers and leaders are so rare, most people rise to positions of power without ever experiencing what effective leadership is. A good starting point for any boss is a commitment to fairness and respect, as well as an understanding of what responsibility and accountability mean. That, of course, means ethics.

Here is Sarah Wenger’s infographic, “Your Boss is Insane,” re-published with her permission:

7 thoughts on ““Your Boss Is Insane”

  1. Having had bonkers bosses – and having been a boss myself – I wonder if Ms. Wenger would be willing to take a hard look at today’s workplace and come up with an equivalent infographic: Your subordinates are a bunch of whiny slackers.

    Certainly, good bosses are those who can motivate, teach, guide and develop junior staff members; those things have always been my greatest joy when supervising people. Even so, I’ve interviewed enough youngsters for potential job openings to be concerned about our educational system; too many simply don’t realize that their college degree prepared them for the opportunity to start learning, and that the early stages of a new job are essentially drinking from a fire hose – usually at comparatively low pay. Where some of these kids got the idea that a C-suite title and salary comes with the diploma is beyond me.

    Oh, and as regards those without a college degree..? Dunno about you, but it’s been quite some time since I’ve been to a fast food joint and thought ‘that kid could be running this place some day’ (though I do recall a video of one… that red-headed young woman in the chick-fil-a drive-through video).

  2. I have had bosses who are crazy, and bosses who are evil, but the worst are bosses who are crazy and evil. Crazy CAN be manageable, although not always. But when you add it to a fundamentally evil personality, all bets are off. You, Jack, were certainly not an evil boss. Crazy? Well…

  3. I had a terribly abusive boss. Controlling, mean, a screamer. When my most recent HR manager was having a bad day, he would call me in and ask me to tell him a true story of work there, because it always improved his current situation. Absolutely, I physically suffered during the 18 months I held the position. I became jumpy, had a hard time sleeping, cried easily, and would feel my heart racing. And I rarely took the brunt of the attacks, I just witnessed them on other employees. Yes, there are slacker employees. But yes, absolutely, without a doubt, there are bosses from hell. And when it’s a small company owned by the boss … good luck. Just get out.

  4. My one job I spent so much effort on trying to figure out what my boss wanted and trying to document everything to protect myself. Effort that would have been better on the job, especially as what the boss said they wanted wasn’t what they really wanted. I lost 20 pounds when I left the job. I’ve been a boss too and the slacks railed against can be weeded out at interviews or in fair standards that apply to all.

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