The Curse of Michael Steele Lives On

Past-DueDuring the deplorable reign of Michael Steele as chair of the Republican National Committee, the RNC set new lows for deceptive fundraising practices, bordering on mail fraud. Replacing Steele with the superficially less ridiculous Reince Priebus has failed to dispel Steele’s lingering curse, and here is the latest example.

Yesterday, a brown envelope arrived at Chez Marshall with a block red message “Past Due” on it. We get a number of such envelopes—fewer now than a while back—but they are always a cause for alarm. This one, however, was a fake. Back in 2012 when, if you remember, there was a campaign going on, my wife, for the first time in her life, sent a small contribution to the Romney camp. As a result of that wasted gesture, we have received an average of ten phone calls a week from the RNC seeking funds, prompting my wife to tell every caller, futilely, of course, that any party that could not defeat Barack Obama wasn’t worthy for her money or anyone else’s, and to stop with the calls already. Naturally, this has had no effect, leading me to remind her, as when she imprudently ordered some kind of miracle anti-aging cream from Madagascar over the internet, “I warned you!”

It turned out that this urgent letter was also from the RNC, using the “Past Due” stamp to fool us into opening it rather than sending it directly into the trash. Nothing was past due, of course, though the enclosed donor card was falsely labelled a “statement,” and we were asked to “renew” a “membership” we never agreed to, and had no benefits, other than the pleasure of being harassed for money.

This is nothing less than a scam. A political party that would scam its donors is capable of anything, except trustworthiness. I would have thought that getting rid of the ludicrous and ethically challenged Mr. Steele (who, you may recall, told the examining panel when he ran against Priebus for another term as head scamster that his favorite book was “War and Peace”…“You know,” the literate Steele said, as Tucker Carson planted his face in his palm, “‘It was the best of times; it was the worst of times…'”) would be a step forward for the GOP, but clearly not. What can you expect from an organization that thinks tricks like this are appropriate? Lies. I guess.

Not much else.

7 thoughts on “The Curse of Michael Steele Lives On

    • I’m sorry, Jack. I should know better than to post knee-jerk cheap shots like that. I probably would not have commented like that, if my wife was still in town; she would keep me in line – I can hear her saying to me: “Don’t use another man’s wife against him; she would be more sensible not to appreciate your using her like that; what happened to YOU?”

      Yep: Now you can bounce my 1:26 pm back at me with a “ditto,” and I’m sure my wife wouldn’t mind.

      So you can delete all these comments, if you prefer.
      (If you don’t want to also “delete” me.)
      But I still think your wife said exactly the right thing to the Republicans.

  1. The worst I have seen is from the DSCC saying that a membership payment is “pending” but they have never (to my recollection at least) said that a payment is past due to them.

    Most fundraising attempts are amazingly annoying and as we can see here sometimes unethical to boot. It is probably why I am not good at fundraising.

  2. If they included a pre-paid envelope be sure to stuff it with as much detritus as possible and send it back to them. They will have to pay the postage.

  3. Yes it’s unethical and both parties do it and it’s disgusting. Some of the Democrat tactics are near criminal as well. But, to be fair charities and even tacky law firms use similar tactics.
    Doesn’t make it ethical, but it’s not unusual.

  4. I got a bunch of RNC mail after I initially donated to McCain in ’08 (look, he was the only viable option to Obama)…

    I started writing “FUCK YOU” on the inserts for those envelopes they wanted me to used to send my further donation in…

    They fairly quickly stopped sending me anything.

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