Ferguson Ethics Train Wreck Update: The Mayor of Atlanta Tells “Meet The Press” That “Justice” Means Prosecuting Officer Wilson


There should be no question about it any more. The nearly unanimous position, stated or unstated, by elected Democratic and African American officials is that Officer Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who shot the unarmed, 18-year-old Michael Brown, should be charged with murder. That position represents a triumph of group identification, political expediency and bias over the rule of law and, yes, in defiance of that cynically wielded term “justice,” and it needs to be rejected and condemned at the highest levels of our society. Who is going to have the courage to do it?

Certainly not the news media. This morning on the David Gregory-less “Meet the Press,” the stand-in for the fired host interviewed Democratic Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, who talked exclusively in code about “justice” and “transparency.” Nixon, you will recall, has already stated his view that Wilson should be prosecuted, so his mouthing platitudes now about “transparency” ring like the sly plotting of the villains in old Westerns. You know the type: the cattle baron who owns the town and the sheriff devises a way to remove an obstreperous opponent who won’t toe the line by framing him and convicting him of murder. “Make it look niiice and fair, right by the book!” he snickers to his henchman. That was Nixon today.

Then the questioning turned to NBC round-table guest Kasim Reed, the African-American Mayor of Atlanta, who was asked about how to ensure a just result in the case. His answer was frank, if jaw-dropping: everyone, including jurors and officials, should see the incident “through the eyes” of Brown’s parents, “whose son was shot six times in front of four witnesses and left lying in the street for hours.”

This is no less than a declaration that a decision not to prosecute Wilson should not be permitted and is not acceptable, made by Reed in complete and utter ignorance of what happened. Brown’s parents, in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN and in public statements elsewhere have made it abundantly clear what they will regard as justice: Wilson must go to jail for the murder of their son. If that is how everyone involved in the investigation and justice system
“view” the case, as Reed insisted, then that will be the result. By evoking “four witnesses,” Reed was asserting that only the versions of the witnesses who have said that Brown was gunned down without provocation should have weight, even though they have not been examined under oath, and despite the reported versions of other witnesses contradicting their accounts.

Mayor Reed didn’t stop there, however. He concluded by saying that if there was an “adverse” decision, then “other” measures would have to be  pursued. (I’ll post the video of this exchange as soon as it becomes available. If you see it, send me the link.)

Why is the Mayor of Atlanta declaring Wilson guilty? How dare he presume to do so? How can he believe it is just, fair, or responsible for any elected leader, of any race, to make a public statement that a participant in an incident he did not witness must be prosecuted for murder before an investigation is completed or all the evidence has come to light?  How dare he describe a hypothetical grand jury decision, made after reviewing the evidence that Reed had no knowledge of, that Officer Wilson was innocent of wrongdoing, as “adverse”? How dare a Mayor from another state take sides in this matter? There is only one “side” he, or anyone, should be taking: the side of color-blind, transparent, fair fact-finding, deliberation and resolution, and nothing else.

Mayor Kasim Reed, on national television, declared allegiance to the most biased point of view possible, that of the deceased young man’s parents. He declared the police officer, in effect, his adversary because he is white, while Reed and the victim are black. He made it clear that the system’s objective should be to declare the shooting murder, not because of the facts, which he does not know, but because of the color of the parties involved. The Constitution itself is irrelevant in his eyes.

Naturally, nobody on the NBC panel, nor the moderator, had the integrity or courage to protest to Reed that his statements were a rejection of any known definition of justice under the law, and frankly racist.

It is not just Mayor Reed who has this attitude; he was merely unusually blunt in expressing it. His message is the same that underlies Attorney General Holder’s involvement in Ferguson, exemplified by his meeting with the Brown’ parents, which was an open declaration of bias and inherently prejudicial. Officer Wilson’s rights as a citizen are being stripped from him in broad daylight for the benefit of racial politics.

If police around the country now do not organize a mass protest, and if Americans who do not feel citizens  like them should be pre-judged as guilty because of their race or occupation do not make their objections known loudly, forcefully and fast, America will be headed for an ugly racial conflict on a national scale, seeded by Mayor Reed, his supporters, and his party.


17 thoughts on “Ferguson Ethics Train Wreck Update: The Mayor of Atlanta Tells “Meet The Press” That “Justice” Means Prosecuting Officer Wilson

  1. I really wonder what is in the mind of those “journalists” on the panel? Is their world view so distorted that they think the same way? Or is it the fear of being labeled a racist for standing up to Nixon? After all, that is the fear of so many liberal white folk: To be thought a racist is one of the worst things that could happen to them in their minds.

  2. I really wonder what is in the mind of those “journalists” on the panel? Is their world view so distorted that they think the same way? Or is it the fear of being labeled a racist for standing up to Nixon?
    I think it’s a little of both.
    Today in our country the only thing worse than being a racist is being a child molester.

    • Not even a child molester anymore, Findlay. Pedophiles are on they way to gaining political acceptance and recognition as another link in the Gay Lib power structure. Everything here is geared toward gaining power for the Left by establishing a protected status for all who vote leftist- no matter how vile by nature- and by concurrently demonizing all who resist this. Mayor Kasim knows this as well as any and was does his “duty” when he commented as he did.

  3. To be fair, Nixon 1 may actually have fired Eric Holder. Perhaps not for good reasons – Nixon 1 broke laws, and Holder’s broken tons of laws while maintaining completely unethical and often immoral stances on almost any issue.

    (Why wouldn’t any person in Holder’s position know that you “Sympathize with the parents’ loss” while also acknowledging that the US is governed by due process? That’s Political Science 090. Oh wait. Eric Holder. Wouldn’t save drowning kittens if he couldn’t get some laws passed against his political enemies.)

    Mayor Reed and Holder, we must admit, are not just incorrect, they are plain bad people.

  4. The FOP should suggest strongly that every police officer should fail to report for duty if they are to not permitted to receive due process. The American people need a wake up call to what is transpiring. Because the majority of Americans only act when something affects them then having no police protection might just scare the crap out of them and get them to voice the appropriate outrage.

    • I agree with this, and I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet, or at least hints of it being in the works. If I were the Altlanta police chief, I would register a public protest, and resign. Every officer in Mo. should condemn Nixon, and now, before anything else is decided. Whether or not Wilson is guilty is irrelevant. The effort to railroad him is a threat to all police and the rule of law.

      • In support of the many honest, caring and unbiased police officers out there, I would say they are not hopping on this band wagon because of their commitment to “Serve and Protect”. In short, they will continue to do their duty even when reviled, lied about and unsupported by local politicians.

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